GTP Photomode Competitions: Pre-2.03 Update Round-up!

January 13th, 2012 by SlipZtrEm

It’s the calm before the storm: after the surprise leak of 2.03′s updates, and more specifically, the details of the new DLC were confirmed, excitement in the community is running high. The Photomode competitions area is no exception – you can expect lots of images of the new cars next week, undoubtedly! But for now, what themes are there for you to take part in? Let’s take a look!

As always, make sure to click on the theme link in the description to be taken to the competition thread’s first post in the forums. Make sure to read all the submission rules there before entering your image!

(Click to view full-size of headhorse’s winning shot)

The 2.02 update brought some undocumented updates (back) to the Photomode portion of the game – lens flare was previously only available in the Warm and Cool filters, but is now available in any mode, and is the focus of this week’s Ghost’s ‘n’ Flares ‘n’ Stuff theme. Headhorse would like to see images that utilize this feature, as well as ghosting – for some examples of these effects, check this thread out, and for a handy explanation brought to you by our member Gtuned on how to recreate this feature, check here!

This Week’s Poll: The Best GT5 Has To Offer brought out, well… just that! Our community sure do love their Ferraris on Toscana, but there’s plenty of other cars mixed in there, fighting for the win. You can help, simply cast your vote before the poll closes tonight to help decide the true winner!

(Click to view full-size of FishyJuice’s winning shot)

We’re on the road to art again this week with Fishy’s Surrealism theme. While realism is great and all, and readily available in GT5, he wants to see images as far from that as possible – things that are strange and dream-like, actually. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so check out some of the current entries in the thread to get an idea of what he’s looking for!

This Week’s Poll: Last week, the theme was a Head2Head Warm Filter vs Cool Filter. The winners of both polls were determined this morning, so you now just have to choose which you prefer – the warm Lamborghini, or the cool SLS. Hop to the poll and cast your vote!

(Click to view full-size of DarkR’s winning shot)

Sport Leicht Rennsport is the theme this week, pairing the big, bruising SLR McLaren with GT staple High Speed Ring. You may use any variation of HSR you want – but hurry up, as there’s already a lot of quality entries!

This Week’s Poll: Last week’s PMC no-editing theme for Certain Car Certain Location was A Big Cat In The Capital. There’s only about 10 hours left to vote for a winner, so take a swing through London and help determine which of these XKR’s most deserves a win!

(Click to view full-size of chromatic9′s winning shot)

We’re doing something new and exciting this week for the Photoshop competition – there has been discussion amongst the community for a new level of editing freedom, something more open than what our current Advanced Competition (2.0) offers. Things like HDR (High Dynamic Range) images and panorama shots, that professional photographers regularly utilize. Well, that time has come with the Photomode 3.0 Trial – Head Turners theme! You are limited to using exclusively GT5 images this week, but have more freedom for editing than 2.0 allows, and the goal is to keep “3.0″ more photography-oriented, instead of the manipulation or graphic design slants of typical Photoshop weeks. Chromatic’s Head Turners theme asks for you to bring your best-looking car to the shoot – all the better to take advantage of these new rules!

This Week’s Poll: This sort of theme is always a fan favourite – The Car Is The Star focused on movie cars, and our community recreated some pretty iconic rides to fill out the poll. As ever though, the rest is up to you – vote now to determine the winner!

(Click to view full-size of kaede’s winning shot)

A different sort of theme (and one ripe for creativity), Logos & Wordings is brought to us by forum veteran kaede, who’s looking for either of those as the primary focus for your shot. Remember – when you’ve got a shot you’re happy with, PM kaede the image, and keep it secret, keep it safe.

This Week’s Poll: Due to some very unfortunate circumstances (though fortunate, for some people), this week’s poll contains every single submission for Godzilla. You’ll find a lot of the new ’12 GT-R in here, as well as a nice spread of every one of the modern GT-R’s. You’ve only got a handful of hours left, so vote to help determine the winner!

Lastly, while not an official GTP competition – if you’re looking to spice up your PS3′s theme, or have been cooking up themes of your own, keep an eye on this new experimental competition, specifically for just that!

All sound a bit complicated? Read this thread for an explanation on how to get your images off your PS3 and onto a computer, and read over the individual rules in each competition’s thread. If you’re further stuck, feel free to Private Message me (click here). Start snapping those digital shutters!

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  1. Can somebody tell me how and where we can upload photos for the competition? Thank you :)

  2. budlightbeer

    crappy pics

  3. Nice to see the theme competition in there!

  4. lilmann73

    Not sure what to think about 3.0. Everything has to be from GT5 and Photoshop generated i.e. clouds, brushes etc? Seems less convenient if that’s the case.

    • Revolution.

      It’s supposed to be like an extension of the 2.0 comp rather than a traditional Photoshop week – don’t worry, regular PS comps aren’t going anywhere though!

  5. Magzire

    what bmw is that?

  6. TheyViper

    really nice

  7. LR-MR-Cole

    How do people get standard cars to look so good in Photomode? Everytime I take a pic of a standard they always look like crap like the standard cars normally do. I also wish that the BMW M1 Pro Car was actually in GT5, that would be nice. And whos excited for Car Pack 3. I bet everyone but I dont care for the LP700 I car for the Aston Martin V12 Vantage finally another proper Aston Martin GT car for GT5. Also very excited for the Jaguar XJR 9 Race Car or just XK not sure but its good to see standards getting the premium treatment.

  8. Primus Ortus

    Great job on the primer as always Slipz. ;)

  9. ive noticed no one comments as much on these pictures anymore as soon as they started putting “themes” surrounding the actual pictures. I think they did that for people dont steal pictures or use them as wallpaper. smh. imo

    • SlipZtrEm

      Actually, I use the new image style as it’s identical to the thread, but now I include the link to the full-size image of each winning image so that people can get the highest-quality version possible.

  10. GT HP Nut


  11. seanchump

    Photomode competitions may not generate a lot of comments but there is much appreciation and anticipation for them. Love it

    • spikeyhairdude

      sir that is very true

    • TokoTurismo

      I so agree with your comment.

    • CrackedTrigger

      Agreed, I’d always view the photomode competions post on here, but I’d rarely post in it, I appretiate the pictures none the less!

  12. When i saw the 1M i was like O_o…then i was like O_O…then i was like -_-…Yup we need this car in the game.
    Beautiful pictures as usually.

  13. spikeyhairdude

    i like the bmw race car

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