GTPlanet GT6 Photomode Competitions Celebrate 100 Weeks


As GT6’s two year anniversary approaches, our community has hit a slightly shorter milestone of its own. GTPlanet’s weekly Photomode competitions are now in the triple digits, a number that deserves celebration. Like all good celebrations, prizes are up for grabs too, with two Premium memberships available.

Never entered one of the competitions before? We’ll cover how to, as well as a brief summary of the four main competitions, below.

Submitting An Entry

Entering in three of the competitions is simple; host your eligible shot on Flickr, Photobucket, or even GTPlanet’s own Media section, post a preview-sized image linking to the full-sizer in the appropriate Week 100 thread (no bigger than 500 pixels on any side), and wait for the poll on the weekend. You’re welcome to vote in the polls, so long as you’re not voting for your own image, as that will result in disqualification.

For the Secret Santa competition, users are required to keep their images secret, and to send them privately to the judge instead of posting them in the thread. This secrecy continues through the polling as well, with the winner only made known once voting has ended.


The Photomode Competition (PMC)

This is the grand-daddy. The Marlon Brando-sized head of the table. The inventively-named Photomode Competition is the longest-running of our main quartet, dating back to the early days of GT4 and the inclusion of Photomode itself. There is no post-GT6 editing allowed on pictures in the PMC, balancing the playing field.

This week’s theme revolves around the Vision GT cars, with A Vision Of The Future. Take any number of them to any track or location in the game, and snap your best shot.

Looking to enter? Here’s the Week 100 thread.


2.0 Advanced Competition (2.0)

Another long-time competition, the 2.0 was started to satisfy the demands of the tinkerers. Touching up a photo has been an option since the days of dark rooms, and the tradition continues in the digital realm. The rules allow for moderate changes to the stock image, without completely transforming it.

The theme for 2.0’s centennial is Car & Driver. No, you won’t be recreating cover images from that magazine. You’ll be heading to one of the few Photo Travel locations in GT6, popping your avatar out of the car, and having him pose beside your vehicle of choice.

If that sounds up your alley, head on over to the 2.0 Week 100 thread.


Certain Car, Certain Location (CCCL)

This particular brand of competition promotes creativity through limitations. An on-again, off-again affair in GT4, it picked up steam during GT5’s reign, and has been hosted by incomparable community regular Nato_777 ever since. As the name implies, each week the theme revolves around one particular car, and one particular location. As a testament to the endless possibilities of Photomode, the community always provides a wide variety of shots, week after week.

This week’s theme is All About That Base. Member Giulietta73 has requested all entries focus on the Nissan GT-R GT500 Base Model ’08, flying around the full circuit at Motegi.

Can’t wait to get started? Check out the full CCCL 100 thread.


Secret Santa Competition (SS)

Despite the name, this competition runs the whole year. The goal of this competition is to ensure every entry is anonymous, as mentioned earlier in the article. The Secret Santa competition alternates its rules set each week, going between the classic, no-editing PMC rules, and the 2.0 set (something it shares with the CCCL). With CCCL following the former this week, Secret Santa is operating under the Photoshop-friendly 2.0 rules for Week 100.

The theme for this week is A Look To The City. TaSiMa – also the judge for the PMC this week – has asked that members take their favourite car to a stand-out section of any city track, bring it to a stop, and snap the picture. That’s right, static shots only!

The full Secret Santa Week 100 thread is here.

GTP Premium Memberships

You didn’t think I forgot about these, did you?!

The details are simple: there is one gift for both PMC/2.0, as well as one for CCCL/SS. When the polls go up, the winner with the smallest margin of victory in each pairing will win the 1-year membership. If the winner is already Premium, they will have the option to either use it for a renewal when their own membership expires, or gift it to any member they deem appropriate.

But you can’t win if you don’t enter, so get those shutters snapping!

Check out the rest of the Photomode Competition section here. If you’re looking for inspiration, the GT6 general Photomode section is a great place to start, as well as the dedicated User Galleries section.

GT6 Photomode image by TaSiMa.

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    Despite being terrible at taking picture, I might just enter this to help celebrate the 100 weeks and maybe win a GTPremium!

    Faculty/Staff here at GTP is awesome. Sweet prize!

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