Gran Turismo 5’s Car Pack 3, Route X DLC Full Details

Gran Turismo 5 401 January 12, 2012 by

The new GT5 downloadable content that leaked a few days ago was confirmed earlier today by the North American and European PlayStation Blogs, who provided a few more details and pricing information.

As expected, “Car Pack 3” will include the following vehicles and will be available in the PlayStation Store for $5.99 (USD) / €5.99 / £4.79.

  • Nissan Leaf G 2011
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2010
  • Volkswagen [Beetle] 1200 1966
  • Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar 1988
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2011
  • Mini Mini Cooper S Countryman (R60) 2011

The “Speed Test Course Pack” will also become available at that time for $3.99 (USD) / €3.99 / £3.19, which includes the Route X test course and an apparent new “Speed Test” mode that allows you to exactly measure “things like your mile, quarter-mile, acceleration, and g-force”.

The blogs also confirm you’ll be able to use Route X online, though it’s still not clear if this will enable formal online drag races as desired by many fans.

Polyphony Digital has also posted an online maintenance notice for 03:00 GMT on January 17th, so expect the 2.03 update to go live shortly thereafter.

As for the DLC’s availability, the North American PlayStation Blog confirms it will be available next Tuesday, January 17. However, the European blog re-iterates the original release date of Wednesday, January 18. As always, stay tuned to GTPlanet and our forums for specific, local availability information.

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