Gran Turismo 5’s Car Pack 3, Route X DLC Full Details

January 12th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The new GT5 downloadable content that leaked a few days ago was confirmed earlier today by the North American and European PlayStation Blogs, who provided a few more details and pricing information.

As expected, “Car Pack 3” will include the following vehicles and will be available in the PlayStation Store for $5.99 (USD) / €5.99 / £4.79.

  • Nissan Leaf G 2011
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2010
  • Volkswagen [Beetle] 1200 1966
  • Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar 1988
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2011
  • Mini Mini Cooper S Countryman (R60) 2011

The “Speed Test Course Pack” will also become available at that time for $3.99 (USD) / €3.99 / £3.19, which includes the Route X test course and an apparent new “Speed Test” mode that allows you to exactly measure “things like your mile, quarter-mile, acceleration, and g-force”.

The blogs also confirm you’ll be able to use Route X online, though it’s still not clear if this will enable formal online drag races as desired by many fans.

Polyphony Digital has also posted an online maintenance notice for 03:00 GMT on January 17th, so expect the 2.03 update to go live shortly thereafter.

As for the DLC’s availability, the North American PlayStation Blog confirms it will be available next Tuesday, January 17. However, the European blog re-iterates the original release date of Wednesday, January 18. As always, stay tuned to GTPlanet and our forums for specific, local availability information.

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  1. Jan. 13, 6:39am

    sgllocal are you serious? the worst DLC yet? its the best DLC so far as far as i’m concerned, if you can’t afford a couple of quid then you need to give up your paper round and get a proper job, you proberbly don’t even have GT5, go back to your Xbox idiot boy.

  2. Jan. 13, 6:38am

    @ sgllocal are you serious? the worst DLC yet? its the best DLC so far as far as i’m concerned, if you can’t afford a couple of quid then you need to give up your paper round and get a proper job, you proberbly don’t even have GT5, go back to your Xbox idiot boy.

    • Jan. 13, 1:41pm

      well @kollosson its not the BEST yet, we haven’t seen if they made a classic track pack, or a track pack with technical cars in it like for example Montreal, or Bathurst, or my local track (which is on Iracing) Summit Point Raceway.

  3. Jan. 13, 6:34am

    DLC total about 10 euro wtf

    USD so lower price WTF!

    • Jan. 13, 8:24am

      Yeah! Thats a shame! At such prices, I feel worse than others…

  4. Jan. 13, 6:32am

    Why are people still complaining, now its about pricing ??? ….seeing as the premium cars in GT are better than any other game on console then 4 quid for me is nothing and your complaining about paying just over 3 quid for a track pack? i think its cheap as chips for what we are getting, Forza fanboys go home !

  5. Jan. 13, 6:15am

    how poor. probably the worst dlc yet. and i wont be buying it. we in uk are getting ripped of with the pricing. $3.99 does not = £3.19. one track which is a oval and more crap cars. jeez way to go pd

    • Jan. 13, 6:29am

      Are you, ugh. It’s NOT PD who’s putting up the prices like that, and quit hating on the DLC big baby. Don’t buy then, simple as that…

  6. Jan. 13, 6:13am
    Lazy Liquid

    I still waiting for a DLC with content for drifters. Specialy a real touge.

  7. Jan. 13, 4:46am

    GT5 Japanese site: “Special Stage Route X Oval” a 12km straight on one side alone, boasts a total length 30km, is ideal for validating the performance of machines with a maximum speed limit, such as Red Bull X2010.

    • Jan. 13, 8:44pm


  8. Jan. 13, 4:34am

    6$ =/= 6€ …

  9. Jan. 13, 4:22am

    Nice even though it makes me mad that once again the price in Europe is higher than elsewhere. Given it’s purely digital content that is simply a question of greed and nothing else (€5.99 = $7.69).

  10. Jan. 13, 4:11am

    Looks photoshoped to me LOL LOL

  11. Jan. 13, 3:41am

    the bad thing is that the same day that my ps3 broke i bought batman arkham city and two day before i had bought battlefield 3………

  12. Jan. 13, 3:36am

    hi guys for those who dont know i had post a comment about my ps3 320gb that couldnot read my discs dvds and blu rays and i told you to give me some advice anyway i have to thank you all for your advises but unfortunately my ps3 bluray player haws been burnt and cannot be fixed… i can send it to sony but 130 euros are much so i m gonna buy a new 1. thank you again guys.for the record my ps3 stop read my ps3 discs the first monday of christmas and i have to play gt5 for about 3 weeks and i have bought all the dlcs.

  13. Jan. 13, 3:36am

    I’m curious about that Jaguar Xjr-9. I hope that PDI puts the NON- le mans version in it, with smaller headlights.

    • Jan. 13, 4:53am

      I personally would prefer the Silkcut still. That livery on that car is an icon. The one your on about is probably the GTP car. Group 44 raced it in Castrol colours. TWR raced the Silkcuts. But both teams entered the cars for Le Mans in 88. I think the smaller lighted one was one of the modified cars. 6 new XJR-9’s were built. 2 others were built using the older XJR-6 and XJR-8 Chassis.

    • Jan. 16, 7:12pm

      @Bom15 There is a Silk Cut livery XJR-9 with smaller headlights. It’s the second image that shows up whenever I do a Google image search.

  14. Jan. 13, 3:34am

    They could’ve made a premium Veyron or a Veyron SS not a crappy Beetle for gods sake Polyphony move with logic just for once!!!

    Although I love that new Aventador and the Countryman. The Leaf is ok too.

    • Jan. 13, 5:01am

      everyone has different opinions. I for one don’t really care for veyrons

    • Jan. 13, 9:08am

      This doesn’t have to do anything about opinions, you need to be dead stupid to do so.

      Veyron is one of the most expensive and fastest cars on earth, how can that be a non-premium? It can when you have 0 logic. Cause it doesn’t make sense.

    • Jan. 13, 2:20pm

      It is about opinions u fool. You voiced yours and i’m saying mine.

    • Jan. 13, 5:05pm

      @Komojojo Okay, the veyron is “the most expensive and fastest cars on earth”. Yet it lacks it’s cornering ability, it’s better for straightaways. AND it’s the fastest car to “burnout gas, melt it’s tires quickly at high speed, this car will cost you so much money. There was more my auto body Teacher told me and the class. From that day, I just laughed at the car. How sad, hahaha.

    • Jan. 14, 3:40am
      SZRT Ice

      Lol, if you took some time to put some thought into it, you’d realize that PD/Sony put a lot of thought into it. The cost/licensing for an Aventador, Buggatti, or any other super/hyper car for that matter will likely be higher than that of a standard street car. Many people are buying the DLC solely for the Aventador and Aston. Some just for the Aventador. Most wouldn’t pay $6 for the Aventador alone, yet bundled with some other cars it psychologically seems more worth it. It’s a selling point, sell one or 2 highly desired cars with a few less desired ones, appeal to a bigger audience, bring in the bucks. if they sold a ALL “Highly Demanded Vehicles” DLC, and followed it with a DLC of all classic cars, then all GT cars, etc., everyone would only get exactly what they like and nothing more. This model helps them snag more customers, getting people to buy DLC they may not fully like, and justify their pricing. They know if you want it, you’ll buy it. So blend them to better “inspire” you to buy them all…

  15. Jan. 13, 3:28am

    Awesome DLC packs this time that PDI put together.

    A shame that Sony is still shafting the EU customers by asking more money from them (again). It’s only a relative small difference of course, but if they do that with every DLC, it quickly adds up.

  16. Jan. 13, 2:50am

    PD has nothing to do with pricing…that is Sony right there. PD is owned by Sony so Sony sets the prices and to keep it from being looked at as being too cheap it follows the general law of never being priced low. You will get bundle deals but that’s it. This isn’t that expensive, 10 dollars total not bad. I don’t care for the cars as much as I do a new course. But they seriously need to start upping the amount of courses available for DLC. I would love more tracks, I have so many cars right now I didn’t buy the last car pack because I still haven’t driven a single car from the first car pack as yet, lol. I am having way too much fun in my standard cars with their new wheels. Go figure, I love the less detailed cars in the game, premiums look awesome but to me they are soulless compared to the standards which have been constantly been worked on :). Sure my reasoning is odd but I don’t care, i love me some standard cars. Hey PD how about a better paint shop at least for the premium cars…or something that allows us to apply those interesting liveries that PD somehow always has for any car they send out as DLC.

    • Jan. 13, 6:19am

      No no no you are right. I have lots of fun with the standards aswell. :)

  17. Jan. 13, 1:47am

    AUD$7 or $8 (depending on exchange rate) for 5 reasonable cars and one crappy one is not too bad from my perspective. AUD$5 or so for a single track that on the other hand. The biggest thing to take out of all of it is; if you don’t want to pay the money for it, no one is forcing you to :)

  18. Jan. 13, 1:33am

    Price of DLC will always be tens of times more expensive compared to the content delivered in full game.
    To me these prices are like nothing. I mean that is couple of bear cans!!!
    Of course it does add up in total , but that is DLC if you want it. Also do not cry for DLC pricing if you bought collector or signature edition :D

    What PD does wrong is selling us too little packets. Also they might need to reduce prices to get even more money. They already made over 1M$ with fist pack. In simple calculation that is about 56 person months of work time. (used corporate cost factor 3.0 and average coder salary of 5833 $. )

  19. Jan. 13, 12:40am

    My most wanted car for this game is a Ferrari F50 now

    • Jan. 13, 1:13am

      That would be amazing.


    • Jan. 13, 1:45am

      Amazingly flawed and ugly. F1 car for the Road LMFAO

    • Jan. 13, 4:07am

      I would much rather have a Ferrari 250 GTO or Ferrari Dino 246 GT than an F50 please! F50 is the poor cousin of the F40 and Enzo.

    • Jan. 14, 3:19am
      SZRT Ice

      I like the F50 very much, as well as the FXX. Ascari’s would be cool, as well as The Gumpert Apollo, Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR, Zonda’s, and Ultimate Areo.

      But honestly, GT needs more TRACKS. Rally, Classic, Drag, City, Landscape, Fantasy, W/e… We need like a 10 track DLC to give us some variation!!!

  20. Jan. 13, 12:18am

    Drag racing, like the nascar-nonsense is strictly for americans and does note make any sense in a video game. I hope they will sell those stupid Drag-cars in single dlc’s and not with real cars.

    • Jan. 13, 12:22am

      Not a big fan of either Drag or NASCAR. But GT5 is all about giving a taste of everything, so why not?

    • Jan. 13, 12:23am

      Oh, and i’m American as well ;)

    • Jan. 13, 2:38am

      @larsh Stop your ignorant garbage, if you don’t like it fine. Don’t pour your ignorance all over this community, drag racing I assure you isn’t simple takes just as much focus even more so than circuit racing, same with NASCAR(stock car) racing. I have this feeling that you can’t handle anything with more than 255hp in this game…real cars pfft. Please list what you consider a real car…perhaps I would be able to sympathize with your cause.

  21. Jan. 12, 11:59pm

    love this DLC!
    will PD hav plan for Satria Neo S2000?? they did well in rally tho

  22. Jan. 12, 11:35pm

    So people rather pay for something that gets put into the game already and make it DLC? WOW, are they ever sad… QUIT WHINING IF THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU… I really do feel bad for Kaz and PD of what they’re doing for us is something special. So VERY sad complainers, for just money. Jeez…

  23. Jan. 12, 11:27pm

    BooHoo, why whinge so much. PD is supplying us with further reason to continue to plat this game and they are making constant improvments. Yet some of the comments are so negative. If you cannot afford to spens $10.00 on such a good
    package, get a paper run or something. I know of few other developers who actually listen and respond to their product users
    requests and wishes.

    The new track looks good, new cars are always welcome additions to the game even if the Nissan Leaf is a little not my style.
    But all the same I will purchase both packs and have a hoot both with the new cars and the new track.

    This game is meant to be enjoyed for a long time, not like some others that are over and done with in 8 hours or less. Make the most and stop your complaning. If you don’t want to pay than don’t. No one is forcing you to purchase the packs, are they?

    Unfortenatly we live in a world where things cost money. Someone somewhere has to produce this content. I’m sure that none of us would like to work for free just to satisfy some kid who has no intention of getting of his/hers butt and earn a bit of coin to feed their hobby. Life is tough get used to it.

    Pd, thank you for keeping the game fresh and interesting. I will continue to purchase content and if you ever see fit to include some Australian v8supercars as primiums and maybe the iconic track known as Barthurst I will be very ready to part with more coin. Just let me know how much!

  24. Jan. 12, 11:24pm


  25. Jan. 12, 11:18pm

    Really annoying to see the 5 percent of people that post here that depend on welfare. I don’t think they understand that the employees at PD don’t work for free. There is something called supply and demand going on here, feel free to google it so you understand how a business works. If you think what PD is doing is BS then don’t buy the DLC, it’s pretty simple. The rest of us that want DLC and have jobs/or other means of getting money to buy it will do so. If you had any clue the amount of work that goes into bringing these cars to the console then you would know your not getting ripped off.

    • Jan. 12, 11:35pm

      Agreed my friend. No one works for free. Longer rant just below.

  26. Jan. 12, 11:13pm

    The nsx concept is probaly going to be free like the 86’12

    • Jan. 12, 11:14pm


    • Jan. 13, 6:29pm

      Sure it will. But another question, what about the Scion FR-S? And the Subaru version?

  27. Jan. 12, 11:11pm

    Hey, guys, newsflash.

    GT5 will never get the Reventon. They made 20 of the damn things, it’s not coming to GT5 lol.

    • Jan. 12, 11:14pm

      they can still get the Reventon, Forza and EA has Reventons, same goes for zonda cinques!!!

    • Jan. 13, 1:44am

      @ PS3LUV3R.

      Why do say it will never come to GT5? I’m nobody special. But i’ve seen the Reventon roadster running in all its glory. Theres rarer cars in GT5 than a reventon. Like chaparall 2J, Jaguar XJ13 for example. Both cars only 1 was made. My point is he gets around abit. SEMA, Pebble Beach & Goodwood Festival of Speed are the ones i know he’s been to. In fact i saw him driving the Jaguar at Goodwood. Going to these kind of places and being the man he is. You gonna make alot of contacts. If he wants in the game and Lamborghini let it. It’ll be in the game.

  28. Jan. 12, 10:45pm

    I hope PD releases a trailer that showcases the new track. The last track DLC was easier to sell; Kart Space is so exciting and original, while Spa is one of the world’s greatest racetracks.

    The car pack lives up to my expectations: a deal clincher (Aventador), two solid additions (V12 Vantage and Mini Countryman), a few worthless cars which only appeal to a few people (Beetle and Leaf) and a random race car (XJR-9).

    I will definitely buy the car pack. Honestly, if you can’t afford a $6 car pack, then how the hell could you afford the game in the first place? Just be thankful that you aren’t paying for another damn GT-R.

    Here are a few cars for PD to include in the future:

    2011 Ferrari FF
    2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302
    2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
    2011 BMW 1M Coupe
    2012 BMW M5
    2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series
    2011 Ariel Atom Mugen
    2011 Mazda RX-8 R3
    2012 Lotus Exige S (V6)
    And how ’bout that Acura NSX concept from the movie trailer? Hmmmmmm?

    • Jan. 12, 10:48pm

      well i’m not much for standard to premium i rather have more new fresher models that we’re missed like idk a Bugatti super sport, camaro zl1, NASCAR Dodge Charger, Dodge charger from this year, the Lamborghini Reventon, and hell even the BMW M3 pickup.

    • Jan. 13, 12:49am

      The Acura NSX will probably be added for free in an update sometime. They did that with the FT-86 Concept II.

    • Jan. 13, 9:13am

      That list + the new charger would be totally super awesome.

    • Jan. 13, 10:48am

      Yes that would be great, would love to see the new Camaro zl1 and the new dodge charger, also the new bmw m5!

    • Jan. 13, 11:28am

      2011 Ferrari FF – not for me, but in general why not.
      2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Mustangs competitive to Camaro / Challenger is needed! plus a 70 Boss RM
      2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor – I don´t see it, only cos Forza has it?
      2011 BMW 1M Coupe – Awesome Car
      2012 BMW M5 – awesome too
      2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series – Alongside w a CTS-V Coupe def. (And Sedan and StationW all missing)
      2011 Ariel Atom Mugen – ?
      2011 Mazda RX-8 R3 – ok
      2012 Lotus Exige S (V6) – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    • Jan. 13, 2:16pm

      2011 Ferrari FF – not for me either. ugly & a 4wd in a Ferrari is a no no. Classics please like a 60’s GTO
      2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Yep thats fine
      2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor – Car Town has it. So it possibly could be in it
      2011 BMW 1M Coupe – Agreed
      2012 BMW M5 – Ugly, Don’t like the computer rubbish. I’d prefer an E28 or an M1
      2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series – Don’t like Mercedes personally either. Unless its a 1955 300SLR
      2011 Ariel Atom Mugen – Aeriel Atom V8 plz. Might as well go mental
      2011 Mazda RX-8 R3 – probably in the future anyway.
      2012 Lotus Exige S (V6) – Agreed. Or the old Elise GT1

  29. Jan. 12, 10:43pm

    I think that the ∞, on the screen graph suggest that we can do laps as well, so maybe its the GT5 equivalent of the driving park?

  30. Jan. 12, 10:37pm


    Is this Activision? Feels like i’m playing Call of Duty (4 maps/$15).

    Some good things in the DLC, but it’s way to much for what it is.

    Some of you may say it’s only $10, but in total (for now) this game cost about $90.. Great thing I didn’t get the collector with the small car and that book, which must have cost ­$2 for the car to make and about $1,50 to print the book (china is that cheap when it comes to printing (and quality is A1)).

    this is plain stupid. Just work on GT6, and this time, please release a complete game, not something you’re still working on after more than a year it’s been released. jeez

    • Jan. 12, 10:42pm

      Ur paying for the name m8 and the Gaming companies make this money to pay car companies to allow these vehicles cause you need 1. licensing, 2. the money to pay the company a certain amount 3. dlc gets paid for your company is still running 4. car companies are paid their amount for the use, 5. the time it took to digitize the cars and tracks, and 6. its just 5 for the cars I don’t care much for the track but with a 20 buck psn i could get both and some

  31. Jan. 12, 10:37pm

    The price don’t bother me really cause if its $5 its ok cause i know dlc that cost more just for a car in some other games, or a map, but its the companies name and the car companies your buying, its to get PD and Sony more money so they can pay car companies such as Aston, Lamborghini, and other who make money off game companies to get their cars into a game, and the more money going to these companies help fund the next game or dlc, so why complain!

  32. Jan. 12, 10:06pm

    Mine, mine, mine!!!

  33. Jan. 12, 10:05pm

    Seriouslly people, are you complaining about the price when the Two DLC cost 10bucks? really people, i think even for a 5yrs old kid is easy to get 10 bucks…

    • Jan. 12, 10:30pm

      Thats true, if the kid knows where mama tends to leave her purse!

    • Jan. 12, 10:39pm

      I can get 20 easily but I have to get a 3months xbox live first so i can talk to friends who have XBL, then get the 20 bucks later for the psn card for this dlc and some extra dlc like Rock Band see how easily 20 bucks is spent on DLC, and plus its just awsome to see a Adventador coming to GT5!!

    • Jan. 12, 11:17pm

      Got me an xbox too. I wanted to test out forza. I had to pay the xbox-live in order to race online I even got that season-pass where I get all dlc till April or something. With all the wasted money I would’ve been better off buyin another PS3 plus XL Ed. and future dlc GT5 at least until “End of Word” ;) in december. lol. xbox wrks now as decoration only pickin up dust, only usefull about it were livery editor and shooting pics of cars that arent in GT5.

    • Jan. 13, 1:09pm

      @Flaco13 same for the game but Forza is good but the handling just BLOWS, but other then that its a fun game I only got xbox for its creation and the Halo games!

    • Jan. 13, 5:04pm

      Jah i totaly agree, if it wasn’t for that miserable handling i would probably love the game or at least play it more often. Can’t think of any other game exclusively for xbox that i would see worth buyin tho, exept 4 when gtaV will still come to PS3 without letting me listen 2 my own music.

  34. Jan. 12, 9:52pm

    Guys I don’t have enough money for both so which is better, the track or the cars?

    • Jan. 12, 9:55pm

      Track IMO will be a better experience

    • Jan. 12, 10:13pm

      yep get the track 1st, thers so much u can do with it, comparing your cars set em up and so on, cars u can still get later

  35. Jan. 12, 9:45pm

    a Leaf but no premium Toyota Supra? WTF!!!

    • Jan. 12, 9:49pm

      shut up

    • Jan. 12, 9:52pm

      trust me, if Kaz listened to us and gave us an Aventador, There’ll definitely be a Premium Supra in the future!

    • Jan. 12, 10:10pm

      Your a Supra fan? Lucky you, i dont understand you even worried, since Toyota is japanese and works close w PD, and plus there’s the ’88 Supra thats Premium in game. You’ll have your Supra premiumed up soon.

      As for me i’m fans of Opel, wich are totally underrepresented. U can imagine how i feel? am i complaining tho? no

    • Jan. 12, 11:00pm

      rather see Holdens and Vauxhalls more v8 supercars, but we do have a premium supra the Toyota supra 88 and the Toms Supra, both premium, but if u want the 90s model or a new model but knowing new models look worse then originals, except Dodge Challengers and camaros they look nice new and refreshed but the 2000 Camaro is just ugly!!

    • Jan. 12, 11:22pm

      already mentioned the 88 Supra, but dint think of the castrol, your right Jah24.

      I agree about the 2000 camaro, so does the CLK AMG maybe PD should start with those cars that came out ugliest!

    • Jan. 12, 11:29pm

      more Holdens and Vauxhalls exactly. I dont care they only bring them as Vauxhal like Forza has. To me Opel or Vauxhal is the same. They are actually exept 4 small differences and right hand drive instead of lert hand

    • Jan. 13, 2:42am

      you forgot the yellowhat supra to. Another premium. The supra RZ/SZ-R’s will be premium. anyone’s guess whether it’ll be GT5 or 6 though.

    • Jan. 13, 1:08pm

      Flaco13 the Opels are german they aren’t like Vauxhalls at all!

    • Jan. 13, 2:04pm

      Many opels are vauxhalls. Mostly after the 70’s i think. Opel Kadetts ended up being Vauxhall Astras. Early opel Mantas were Vauxhall Firenza’s and later it was a vauxhall cavalier. Opel Calibra and vauxhall Calibra are the same. 1980’s opel corsa was a vauxhall Nova. then Vauxhall started using the Corsa name. The OPC Version was tuned by VXR (Vauxhall Racing). Opel Reckord is a Vauxhall Carlton. Opel Omega was also a carlton. Then vauxhall used the Omega name. You get my drift.
      Most opels are rebadged Vauxhalls. For the UK market. Australia they were rebadged as Holdens. In America some were called Saturns. Others were called Buicks.

    • Jan. 13, 4:53pm

      Jah you can’t quite say “they aren’t like Vauxhalls at all!” Because most models are, i believe ur refering to those Vauxhalls that are rebadged Holden Monaro’s and Commodore’s, its sad but true those great Holdens never made it to the rest of europe. Yet you can have a peace of Aussie Spirit by purchasing a Bitter. Its a Opel tuner, they took a Commodore HSV w427 and run em under Bitter in Germany. also tuned an Insignia using the 427′ s engine might be wrong bout that tho but i think i’ve read it.

      Bom u say “Most opels are rebadged Vauxhalls” can’t agree here, i’d say its the other way around for they all been designed and assembled in Ruesselsheim wich is the Opel headquarter, tho i’m sure the british designers and all bring in their ideas as well. No matter Opel Vauxhall or Holden they are all sister brands under General Motors.

      Glad we mentioned them tho… PD you see us??? lets hope

      Manta 400 ;) jus wanted to mention again, just in case lol

    • Jan. 13, 11:12pm

      ok. whichever way round it is u know my point. There GM’s. there we go. But you are wrong when u say all are built in Ruesselsheim. Vauxhall has 2 manufacturing plants in the UK. One in Luton (Vauxhalls HQ) & another in cheshire. Luton now concentrates in Commercial vehicles. Cheshire the car side. But Lutons had problems over the past few decades with job cuts etc. And chesires nearly been closed recently to. So nowadays yes a high proportion of Opels/Vauxhalls are built in Ruesselsheim also Spain and Poland. But Luton has a long history of making Vauxhalls.

    • Jan. 15, 2:06am

      Bom sure i got your point.

      I never said they were all built in Russelsheim, but the designes and plans on how they will look b4 put on the market was made there. Of course Vauxhall builts their cars in britan since it’s for the british market. Well some parts might be shipped from one place to another to finish them where the rest is built, dunno.

      In germany they have more than one fabric, Bochum, Kaiserslautern and in the east (forgot the name). They were facing similar problems at that time (Antwerp in Belgium was closed shortly after) btw the yellow banner we all see in gt5 when passing the Karousel was placed there by the fabric workers (it is not an advertisement) it states ‘We are Opel’ as they were protesting against possible shut down of the Kaiserslautern fabric back then.

  36. Jan. 12, 9:44pm

    Aston & Lambo!

  37. Jan. 12, 9:01pm

    ah goody…$3.99 for something that’s supposed to be in the game to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s play Gran Turismo 1-4 so we can play on a test track for FREE!!

    • Jan. 12, 9:20pm

      Was it? I didnt see it in the manual or any press release…why is everyone conplaining about havening to pay for it? You obviously agreed the game was acceptable by paying for it originally…so if you want to expand it, prepare to pay for it.

    • Jan. 12, 10:44pm

      DLC makes games stay fresh cause i’m rarely on GT5 due to the lack of freshness but i get on for new racing seasonals, friends, race nights on facebook, and the dlc whatever is new I MUST GET so why complain the first few gts was alright 2 was my fav but still u don’t have lambos in 1-4 and u don’t have NASCAR, or the 2010 F1 car in 1-4 or the x1 or x2011

  38. Jan. 12, 8:54pm

    OK- cool, I’ll buy the DLC… now, will there be any A-SPEC races/championships DLC in the near future? Kaz, I’ll give you $20 for an extended A-Spec mode, more if it’s longer than what we have now.

    • Jan. 12, 9:51pm

      An Event creator is what i need! If anything like that would come it’d be rather in an update than dlc tho. Seasonal events frequently udpadet alongside wouldn’t even become less intresting imo.

    • Jan. 12, 10:58pm

      I want to see a Spec-C or a free roam so I can take x1s and x2011s around cities XD, but I agree like in the next dlc Night-Day transitions of daytona roadcourse with a 24hr of DAYTONA race in a-spec, and hopefully a NASCAR ENDURANCE race at a new track like if they add Infenion back in from GT4 with a endurance race for it too the Toyota Save Mart 350 xD it be nice.

    • Jan. 13, 10:53am

      Yeah 24h Daytona would be fantastic, thinking of it now PD could give us an event creator where it was easily possible to create a 24h Daytona Race! And they could call the event creator SpecC!!!

  39. Jan. 12, 8:28pm

    If they end up in the Premium Car Dealer, I’m buying a fleet of those Beetles! ^_^

    • Jan. 13, 1:38pm

      You’re not alone! I’ve have 8 standard beetles. Look like I’ll need double the premiums. =)

  40. Jan. 12, 8:22pm

    Do we not already have the XJR-9 LM and an old beetle? other than that, i would love an aventador, a leaf, and a new version of the test track.

    • Jan. 12, 8:30pm

      Premium Uprgade/Possible Livery Change for the XJR-9
      Beetle- Newer, faster and Better looking than the one in the game

    • Jan. 12, 10:54pm

      the beetle is the 60s model not the 49 from germany’s post war problems. the new version of that old jag well hopefully livery change but I won’t pay 3,000,000cr for it in game now if its going to be new!!! and the adventador is fresh, but the track don’t appeal to me, hopefully next track is a Canadian favorite known as Montreal cause i want to run the X2011 there so bad, and THE GLEN be a nice touch too get some laps there and beat real nascar driver laps there and then take that sports car portion for a fun drive in a f1!

  41. Jan. 12, 8:20pm

    PD must have known this route X test track is an essential part of the game and should be included since ver 1.0. They included test track in the previous GT series and knew that gamers love it. But what can we say, its 2012 now when gaming world are capable of downloading DLC to extend the contents of games. So why bother releasing full version of GT when PD can wait until they make millions of sale then BOOM! make extra profit from the DLC.

    Now we have just to wait for Car pack 3,4,5,10 … and DLC 3, 4, 20.. LOL

    you say you love GT5?, now go buy those endless DLC to enjoy the game to the fullest.

    • Jan. 12, 9:44pm

      If i may speak out 4 many others. Yes we will Thank You and have a nice day

  42. Jan. 12, 8:09pm

    WOOHOO I hope those aero kits on the Vantage make it look like a real racecar!! >:)

  43. Jan. 12, 8:04pm

    As much as I like GT5, it’s becoming a bit pricey and since it’s a huge success, they will keep selling small car packs like that for 4-5 dollars.

    I’ve already paid 110$ Canadian for the Collector’s edition, I bought Spa and I’m close to buying car pack #2, I’ll buy #3 because of the Beetle and I’ll buy for sure Route X.

    Fast rate DLC is good and bad at the same time. As I think of it, maybe I’ll just buy Route X and that’s it.

    • Jan. 12, 9:40pm

      Ben. We work in order to become money and that money we spend on things that make us happy, wether its a game or sports u need equipment for or wutever else it might be. Beeing greedy and see how the amount of money rises each pay day might make those happy… lol well good for them, too. If you simply can’t afford it, i feel sorry for you but u can still play GT5 without dlc. I cannot aford a Bentley either still i like to look at one! And ever came the day i can afford it i might freeggin buy the darn thing. simpel as that!

    • Jan. 12, 11:04pm

      its the only way to keep the game fresh they couldn’t add it in when they was working on it cause then it would of been delayed till december(2010) or jan of 2011, its called promotional or whatever it helps the companies stay in business incase their games don’t sell cause they got most sold, but still its good to see PD work hard to keep up and staying modern.

  44. Jan. 12, 8:04pm


    6 Dollars for 6 cars?! thennnnnn 4 Dollars for an oval Course!!!

    ARe you freaking kidding me? I mean sorry for my reaction… You know what, I LOVE GranTurismo since the beggining of it and I’m a fan of GT for like 13 years now…. How come this DLC SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    to be not worth the cost? I’m sad…. Yeah whatever you say that I’m whining, yeah I do… All I want to say is the price isn’t reasonable.

    I’m happy that I’m taking a break in GT5 for like a week now and I’m glad I have Battlefield 3 for backup in times of disappointments. :)

    Aight guys, for those who think DLC Car pach 3 and new course is reasonable, I can’t do anything with that cause that’s your interpretation of it…

    Hopefully next DLC would be worth the cost…

    I won’t pay 6 Dollars to get an old Volkswagen and Nissan Leaf.

    • Jan. 12, 9:27pm

      Who says u had to? Don’t buy it – its your opinion – its all good then, right? Both your comment and my reply are nothing other than a waiste of time if you think about it.

    • Jan. 12, 9:29pm

      i don’t think the car pack is THAT over priced because of the time and effort that goes into making those cars. the track i do think is overpriced. i mean 4 bucks for 1 track is a little extreme.

    • Jan. 12, 10:35pm

      @Flaco13; Yeah my post isn’t a waste of time if it came from your heart. LOL Btw, if you think your comment is a waste of time, why did you still respond here in my post? :p Yeah I won’t buy it cause it’s my decision. But using this forum to express what’s on your mind helps too.

      @gt5fanatec: Yeah I mean 6 bucks isn’t too much IF the cars are more reasonable.. I mean, something that could be used everytime to race in lobbies yknow not something that could run 20kph topspeed… But I guess it’s my personal preference too. Yeah that 1 track for 4 bucks is overpriced and i’m surprised. If it was atleast 2 technical tracks, I would pay for it.

    • Jan. 12, 11:08pm

      hey bro whats more reasonable then a Beetle, truth is I rather seen a Morris Marina or a Reliant Robin i’d still buy it cause its Top Gear related and so i would, and the Adventador oh the Top Gear Test track and my lap times be squashed because of me zipping and beating my Zonda R, its a game for cars and car lovers, simple as that could use more real circuits but that takes time, could us more cars well yea new models, but some really old ones aren’t even in this game like the marina or opel kadputt or whatever its called, its reasonable, and smart to release something you can’t before release or it’d be delayed again and again and we’d be complaining my 119 bucks was well spent (collectors edition) and 20 bucks for a psn card well i can get both and whatevers left over LOOK MORE DLC FOR GAMES I GOT!!!

    • Jan. 12, 11:48pm

      @ lol its Opel Kadett 4 kaputt means broke in german, but yeah Kadett would be awesome

    • Jan. 12, 11:53pm

      it should say @Jah24 up there, sorry m8

    • Jan. 13, 1:10pm

      Yea @Flaco13 I forgot what the name was xD

  45. Jan. 12, 8:02pm

    Nobody never said this: “I´d love to see one Smart For One and a Smart for Two”
    (one more non-sense comment lol)

    • Jan. 12, 8:03pm

      Correcting myself: Smart For Two and Smart For Four…

      -well done idiot (^.^)-

  46. Jan. 12, 7:49pm

    Wow nothing for the drifters! Lame. I’m glad they still support the game but the last 2 dlc are a let down. I want to buy stuff…wheel packs..body kits.. give us something decent to buy! My fingers are crossed for some more rwd cars..

    • Jan. 12, 8:06pm

      I agree with you mate! I think that the COST isn;t worth the cars and come on…. 6 dollars for 6 cars… 2 cars there are useless plus 4 bucks for the OVAL track!? No way.

      Yeah I agree that they MUST start making different DLC’s like decent bodykits, spoilers, high end rims…

    • Jan. 12, 8:09pm

      not everybody bothers with drifting….

    • Jan. 12, 11:13pm

      Drifting is awful i’m a take a car around the turns guy and getting the line right and all passing places not everyone like ttfn said bothers with drifting, its awful on certain cars, this gives us NASCAR fans a new oval and our speed freaks to top out our Adventadors or Veyrons, so I have no problem with this, and hopefully the next dlc has 3 good tracks that are real or 1 specail gt made up road course and 2 real world tracks!

  47. Jan. 12, 7:34pm

    cant wait
    all looks awesome

  48. Jan. 12, 7:34pm

    yeah I hope PSN+ users get a discount cuz I only have 7 bucks :(

    • Jan. 12, 9:19pm

      I could borrow u those 3 bucks. Ah effin borrow??? I ‘ d gladly just give it 2 u! Supporting this great Developer? Any time!

    • Jan. 13, 12:42am

      Haha if you are serious then you are a great man. It’s not everyday that I come up and meet people like you. But unfortunitely I don’t think you can gift any money through PSN. I’ll have to run by walmart or something tomorrow and grab myself a PSN card… I refuse to put my credit card on my PSN lol

    • Jan. 13, 6:33pm

      Sure dude, what’s 3 bucks? Western Union was an option, idk if they transfer 3$ though, lol. Guess not. And yeah credit cards are a def risk. I don’t messwith that either.

  49. Jan. 12, 7:32pm

    all we need now is a premium veyron or even better, a veyron supersport, PERSONALLY i’d want some premium trucks and the BUICK GNX PREMIUM too.

    • Jan. 12, 10:47pm

      Buick GNX would be wonderful. I have a Buick Century which is basically the same vehicle, minus the turbo V6. Would love to get as close as possible to driving my car in the game.

  50. Jan. 12, 7:24pm

    Now we need the Diablo SV, Murciealago Le Man car, Ferrari 430 Grand Am or TC car, Gallardo SL, Ford Mustang Grand Am or TC car, and the Vector Aeromotives M12, M12 Le Man, and Weigert Twinturbo.

    If those cars eventually make it into the game…My Gran Turismo car wish list would be complete.

  51. Jan. 12, 7:22pm

    GT and Forza fanboys fight
    But fanboism aside, in Forza something is not quite right
    Though on GT, at start, premium cars were little
    Old Beetle, old Beetle, OLD BEETLE!

  52. Jan. 12, 7:19pm

    Great DLC.

  53. Jan. 12, 7:18pm

    Finally :D still wanting a drifters pack though

  54. Jan. 12, 7:18pm
    Dominic Toretto

    a leaf? another mini? a vwb beetle?… i really like the lambo thou

    • Jan. 12, 7:28pm

      The Mini Countryman is awesome! It is the first 4wd Mini and they are going to use that Vehicle to enter in the WRC. If a Mini WRC Countryman comes up in the future I would be even more stoked.

  55. Jan. 12, 7:14pm

    Come on gimme pics of the XJR!

  56. Jan. 12, 7:13pm
    MidNight HP

    The price shouldnt matter. Whats 10 bucks?

    • Jan. 12, 8:08pm

      Price SHOULDN’T matter?

      well maybe you’re just ignorant.

    • Jan. 12, 8:26pm

      seriously people are going nuts over 10 bucks?! that’s less than a pizza delivery and you can use it over and over again, the pizza ends up in the toilet…does this put things in perspective?

    • Jan. 13, 5:39am

      lol well said

    • Jan. 14, 4:42am

      Well I guess it all depends where you get those 10 bucks from. Usually kids’ allowances are pretty limited whereas older people just don’t mind…

  57. Jan. 12, 7:07pm

    I wonder if this will come wither the spec 2 version of the disc?

  58. Jan. 12, 7:06pm

    I remember putting up a post in a relevant thread about why you are dissapointed wit GT5, and it was exactly coz of this, there was no quarter mile features where you can measure your cars speed after mods etc, and WOW they brang it out, havent touched GT5 for months now i will be back in action when this is released caaaant wait!!!!!

  59. Jan. 12, 7:00pm

    @bom15 Top history lesson, nice one.

    What a result this dlc is! I love it – now be good everyone and pay up so the Kaz crew can hire some more staff to knock out some premium RUFs. You know it makes sense.

  60. Jan. 12, 6:45pm

    OMFG I have exactly ten bucks left in my pen wallet. Yes!

  61. Jan. 12, 6:39pm

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! AN ASTON V12 VANTAGE!! YES!!!!!!

  62. Jan. 12, 6:36pm

    Is there some kind of complete pack? Something like Car Pack 3 + Speed Test Course Pack for 8.99€/$? It’s a bit pricey, and also, why isn’t the NSX mentioned?

    • Jan. 12, 6:39pm

      The NSX probably will be free. Kind of like the GT86. It was shown the way, the NSX is shown now.

  63. Jan. 12, 6:36pm

    me want :D

  64. Jan. 12, 6:27pm

    This is the best DLC for $10 period.

  65. Jan. 12, 6:24pm

    Plus I think we can all agree that the GT has one of the best trailer videos and intro videos. Its very “in your face” and upbeat, and energetic. When watching it, you just want go and play! I think the up coming updates, GT will finally make their replay videos more interactive or more “in your face”. Other than, I’m looking forward to this awesome update.

    • Jan. 12, 8:03pm

      Only thing i would change is the music but im not going to moan about the new track

    • Jan. 12, 8:29pm


      If you don’t like the music, just install your own to the system, then in Main Menu>Options>Audio (I think)>select BGM. You can set the volume and playlist for Menu and Race separately.

    • Jan. 14, 11:11am

      Tell me about it i saw the intro (i have it deactivated from the start but i use to go to GT TV to see it) like 10 times by now. I love it. PD is a god to make trailers.

  66. Jan. 12, 6:19pm

    My eyes started to bleed when I read the previous thread about this DLC. People think this is the second coming of Jesus, seriously get real. I see people typing responses like, “You’ve got my money PD! :)” So you prefer to pay for something that’s in the game? I go under the car dealership and I don’t have any of this DLC and I see the Golf R sitting there, oh man I would like it but I have to buy it even though it was in the previous patch? People think you get these cars from the PSN store. Yeah, sure they come in the patches. You’re paying for a code to unlock it by the way.

    • Jan. 12, 6:42pm

      So what you’re saying is that you prefer to download the car? What’s the difference with buying the code to unlock the car and downloading the car? Nothing. What’s the big deal?

    • Jan. 12, 6:56pm

      The deal with this is purchasing content that should be in the game. This game cost 60 dollars new right? there’s been 3 of these packages. The first one costing around 10 dollars the second 5 dollar and this upcoming one costing 10 dollars. That is 85 dollars that you blind people have invested into this game. By the end of this game’s life you’ve probably invested well over 200 dollars. That is what I have the problem with these days with video game developers. Everyone is trying to follow Call of Duty’s way of extorting money out of their customers. I give Kaz kudos for not coming out with DLC right on the spot like that horrible racing game you call Forza 4.

    • Jan. 12, 7:05pm

      honestly i prefer how PD uses the patches to sneak the DLC into our consoles unlike other producers that ALREADY had the DLC hidden within the disk since release
      when i buy Forza DLC i find waiting for the DLC to install was quite a bit irritating
      by putting it in our game files with a patch they can give the contents of the DLC to us RIGHT AFTER we purchase it

    • Jan. 12, 7:08pm

      XNeroZero. Your point is pretty stupid imo. PD’s DLC is NEW content. They are not in the game already as you have stated. It makes sense to me if there going to release a patch/update for the game anyway, to add the new content along with it. Otherwise the downloads from the store would take a lot longer. This is stuff we have asked for after the games was released. What would you prefer EA, for example, releasing NFS and DLC on the same day? Charging for content that is in the game to start with. Not listen you to your feedback. Ignoring bugs within there games. Or PD? Who do listen, create/add new content we asked for and try to fix bugs?

    • Jan. 12, 8:02pm

      Not sure what your problem with buying DLC is but ive only just got the first 2 packs and i love them… say the cars shouldve been in there in the first place but having over a 1000 cars to play with in the beginning is more than enough. People make requests on here and PD listen and release new cars tracks etc and still people moan….if you dont like the packs simply dont buy them and miss out on stuff that other people want rather than bloody moan about it. I wanted more Astons and Lambo’s but im perfectly happy with what they put in from day 1

    • Jan. 12, 8:27pm

      They release the DLC cars in the patches for more efficiency – If the cars weren’t in the patches, it would take a VERY long time to download them. Also, it allows you to preview the cars, basically advertising them – seriously, if I didn’t know about GTPlanet and GT5 didn’t have the cars in the dealership, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them; PSN hasn’t advertised the GT5 DLC in the “Whats New” section as far as I’ve seen, and I almost never look at the “News” section in the GT home. Also, PD wanted 2 more years to complete the game, but Sony forced the release after so many delays. If they HAD finished the game, MOST LIKELY the game would have NO standard-model cars, maybe a better damage system, probably more tuning options (Including visuals/aero packs), and most tracks would have weather and day/night functions, and with this, probably better leader boards and drifting/drag/rally functionality. And they didn’t release the DLC so late because of the “not following CoD” crap, its partly because of the giant earthquake in Japan, and just trying to get as much content and fixes as possible after the release, to make up for the unfinished game. They gave us a CRAP load of free cars a while back, like those 2011 NASCARS, and the GT-R Kaz drove in the Nurburg 24 HR, then update 2.02 gave us a free Toyota FT-86, we may get a free NSX Concept, but I have no idea whats going on with that car.

      I’ve just said a bunch of what you said, but I TOTALLY agree with your statement about EA vs. PD; “What would you prefer EA, for example, releasing NFS and DLC on the same day? Charging for content that is in the game to start with. Not listen you to your feedback. Ignoring bugs within there games. Or PD? Who do listen, create/add new content we asked for and try to fix bugs?”. I don’t think you, xNeroZero, have had GT5 for very long, based on your statements. But its just how you come off, I’m not saying you haven’t.

    • Jan. 12, 8:34pm

      People like this guy. Oy. So annoying. Are you really wondering why we have to pay for DLC? This dude is really ignorant. He didn’t even know we get a free update with every DLC we get to choose to pay for or not.

    • Jan. 12, 9:19pm

      Also, how could the 2012 Scirocco and Golf have been in the game since release? thats about 2 years future insight.

    • Jan. 14, 4:41am

      @ Quack:
      As far as I can tell… The DLC is included in the updates and you can only unlock it via paying for it. (I came to this conclusion because you dont actually download anything when click on the “downloadable content”…. and people who didnt pay for SPA can still use it if the lobby leader has it)
      I would agree with the long wait for DLC is because they had to finish the game first and wanted to sort out all the bugs and add the most wanted features first.

      They still have a huge amount of people downloading the DLC – so I doubt this has hurt them much at all.

  67. Jan. 12, 6:17pm

    When 2.0 came out… there was a new introduction video. If you pay close attention, you will see this new speed test track in the video. Im sure there are a few more hidden things in that video. Check it out. Its from 0:26 to 0:30

    • Jan. 12, 8:29pm

      That’s been pointed out before, just so you know.

  68. Jan. 12, 6:14pm

    Damn, I had bought a 20euro card for the first DLC. I didn’t get the 2nd one as I waited(pretty correctly) for a better DLC. Now it’s come I must choose one of the two packs. Which one?

    • Jan. 12, 6:31pm

      Ανάλογα τι προτιμάς. Εγώ θα πάρω και τα 2….

    • Jan. 12, 6:40pm

      Σίγουρα κόλπο marketing, θα μας κάνει να αγοράσουμε και άλλη κάρτα… Κλίνω προς την πίστα..

    • Jan. 12, 6:43pm


    • Jan. 12, 6:48pm

      Ευτιχώς έχω 12 ευρώ μέσα……και άλλη μια κλειστή 20άρα κάρτα. Ό,τι μου δίνει το GT5 το παίρνω.

  69. Jan. 12, 6:10pm

    Great stuff. Count me in; for both :) Beetle Lobbies ;) I have recently pimp’ed the Samba Bus to ~400pp and easily won the Online A-Spec 400pp Seasonal lol …

  70. Jan. 12, 5:58pm

    Awww. I can only buy the Tracks for now after buying the other DLCs ;)

  71. Jan. 12, 5:57pm

    I knew this track was coming at some point but the aventador got me :P such an amazing car. but i agree PD should release the cars in packs, lambo pack: Aventador, Gallardo SL. Reventon, Lamborghini LP640 roadsteer.
    Pagani pack: Zonda F, Zonda Cinque, Zonda tricolore, huayra.

    xD that would have been awesome. but im glad getting the aventador and the track, now the problem is…last time a big update came avaible. it messed up my game…and i had to redownload all the updates again… hope it doesnt weight more than 100mb…but i doubt it :( gotta check my PSN acount too. i just hope i have enough for the cars at least :D PD KEEP THE GOOD WORK!

    • Jan. 12, 6:06pm

      Don’t forget to back up your game save files everybody. That wasn’t your problem last time, but it’s a good reminder.

  72. Jan. 12, 5:55pm

    Yeah seriously why Beetle and Nissan Leaf? I want the Charger SRT8 and the Koenigsegg CCX in it

    • Jan. 12, 5:58pm

      Many people have a problem with the Leaf. I dont see why since it’s a fairly good-looking electric car, you havent even driven it yet, why accuse it? Also the Beetle… a classic beauty, i’d like to see more of those classic cars being put in the game. However, I’d take the Koenigsegg CCX over the Aston Martin or the Aventador any day.

    • Jan. 12, 6:05pm

      Also, the Leaf was Japan’s Car of the Year for 2011. I think it’s awesome how this has turned out. It’s a popular vehicle, and that’s that.

    • Jan. 12, 6:05pm

      They have to give us some of the Kingsballs yes :P the Agera and the CCXR for a start

    • Jan. 12, 9:04pm

      @ jakhole, I heard the Leaf was also voted European Car of the Year as well….

    • Jan. 13, 10:58am

      The leaf is pointless! Everyone knows it is! Can anyone give a good reason why it was picked from the thousands of other cars to make it into this dlc?

    • Jan. 14, 5:01am

      The Leaf was Japan’s Car of the Year for 2011 (Said by another_jakhole) You dummy. HAPPY NOW!?

  73. Jan. 12, 5:55pm

    $10? Not bad, I’d easily pay a lot more just to get my hands on that beetle!

    • Jan. 12, 6:03pm

      $10? Not bad, I’d easily pay a lot more just to get my hands on that beetle!

      Yeah seriously why Beetle and Nissan Leaf? I want the Charger SRT8 and the Koenigsegg CCX in it

      The story of GT5 players. Completely opposite point-of-views, but in the end, GT started off as a way to let people drive family cars on a race track. maxpontiac’s first car was a Beetle. He said that somewhere and I found it FAN-tastic. I’m thinking it was even the same year because he was pretty ecstatic. Gotta remember to ask him.

    • Jan. 12, 8:25pm

      That’w why i love the Beetle as well… My first car and I still own it!

    • Jan. 12, 8:26pm

      Same year, too, just need to paint it Orange and i’ll have my car. ^_^

  74. Jan. 12, 5:53pm

    Hopefully an option to choose your screen. They [B] BETTER [/B] not ignore that.

  75. Jan. 12, 5:53pm

    Aventador, XJR-9, Aston Martin is all i’m interested in!

  76. Jan. 12, 5:53pm

    I wonder if those windmills are strong enough to blow the Leafs off the track, I’m just sayin!

    • Jan. 12, 5:58pm

      Good lord, that’s priceless. hahaha

    • Jan. 12, 7:16pm

      I think the high-banked corners can tip them over… I will test this theory as soon as I get it.

    • Jan. 13, 7:38am

      They’re wind turbines. Not windmills.

  77. Jan. 12, 5:45pm

    A bit pricey? I’d be willing to pay more!

  78. Jan. 12, 5:45pm

    Now I want official info from PD. Details about update, more info about Route X, more picture etc…

  79. Jan. 12, 5:43pm

    So, after buying this packs, I’ll have spent 26€ in DLC. You can buy a new game for that price. I love GT5, but please, PD, give us finished games…

    • Jan. 12, 5:48pm

      Yup. All those updates passed. All those FREE updates.

      Do you think PD is the only one to make people pay for DLC?

    • Jan. 12, 5:48pm

      @pauloSandar great way of looking at it.

    • Jan. 12, 5:48pm

      Not possible. You should be happy…….at least they’re not using the ULTIMATE RIP-OFF. The “Online Pass”, which is being used in popular games like NFS, Fifa etc. EA -_-

    • Jan. 12, 5:49pm

      make people HAVE TO pay TO PLAY the DLC? I should have said, instead.

    • Jan. 12, 5:54pm

      Um….yes. It’s common logic to have to pay for a DLC from my perspective. Few DLC packs are being given for free. dont forget that PD is a company and they’re doing already more than enough updating the game. Have you ever thought of this?:
      1) Seasonals could be regular DLC challenges available for download with more XP and cr than normal races
      2) We could have an Online Pass, thus preventing potential buys of used GT5 copies.
      3) Daily bonus 200% could be a feature unlocked to those who have purchased DLC packs only.

      ;) See?

    • Jan. 12, 5:56pm

      lol I was editing my comment from before. When I clicked Submit Comment, your comments popped up after I made that 2nd comment.

    • Jan. 12, 5:57pm

      @greek your thinking like in the ancient times…and youre right…all those updates…i mean seriously GT5 is the only game that i know that has SO MANY UPDATES! Even some F2P online FPS’s dont have that many updates :O

    • Jan. 12, 6:04pm

      @userme5 I was afraid I was gonna be laughted at. But thats what I think, for instance:

      DiRT3: Immediately after game is released, new car packs. Also, you cannot complete the game without getting the X games challenge in Asia -> rediculous
      NFS games (in general): Releasing A TON of cars after the game is released, plus the Online Pass

      Thats the two most extravaggant examples I can think of. On the other hand, PD:

      Releases regular updates, fixing errors.
      Releases DLC packs only improving the game, not just adding.

      I dont need many reasons to decide whether to buy the DLC or not, or why I like GT5.

    • Jan. 12, 6:08pm

      That’s the spirit.

    • Jan. 12, 6:08pm

      well played

    • Jan. 12, 7:15pm

      It seems all of your comments have been explained, except for the last one. I will gladly explain it; PD wanted two more years of development for GT5, but Sony forced the release after all of the delays. If PD didn’t announce a release date so early, they might have gotten more chances for delays, and more time to finish the game. (Although, they might have been less active towards all of the updates and DLC…)

    • Jan. 12, 7:50pm

      I’m a bit mixed on the DLC. I have no real issue paying for it (us Aussies get SHAFTED with the exchange rate, even though our dollar is higher than the greenback). I pay to support PD, I think they are the FIRST PS3 developer to actually put serious effort into updates, a lot like PC-developers do (numerous patches over the life of the game). But DLC content is now approaching $40 in total for me and that’s a bit high, considering the game itself can be bought for $30.

      I paid $300 quid for the Signature Edition and that’s a heck of a lot of money, I would have hoped that such a commitment would have entitled me to some free DLC content, but as it turns out, you can buy an XL edition of the game for about 50 bucks and get $20 worth of free DLC.

      PD’s pricing and marketing needs to be looked at for GT6, because I won’t be buying a Signature Edition again. A little model, a couple of books and 5 cars wasn’t really worth it.

    • Jan. 12, 8:25pm


      If you live in Australia and you buy a special edition of anything, you better know exactly what you’re getting so you don’t regret it. I see what you mean about GT5 XL being released at a cheap price while including everything that’s happened in the past year. But, it’s not like someone said, “I’ll wait over a year for the XL edition of GT5, because I know it’s value is worth more of my money.” If someone knew about that and did that, I don’t think they can be considered even remotely a fan of GT. Buying GT5’s Signature Edition WHILE living in Australia means you must be a huge fan, but if you regret getting it, I think it’s more your fault than anyone else’s. Personally, I would have paid for the Signature Edition for the books and game alone. If it were simple enough, I’d buy the books separately, right now.

    • Jan. 12, 8:48pm

      @ AERO_HDT

      5 cars? Don’t you mean 11? 6 Stealth and 5 chromelines? Only issue i had was giving the stealth’s out for free cos of PD Americas mess up (1st DLC i believe?). And the fact that my GT5 USB Sticks write protected itself. But I am still pleased with my signature edition overall. I didn’t just buy mine for the extra cars. The main book, wallet & USB (Until its protection issue) are all very handy. And the models a nice addition to my collection. The other problem with your proposal of free DLC to Signature Edition buyers is. How they gonna know who bought which version? Also why haven’t PD made the SLS Model in game? They did the R35 and gave that out twice. Twice for europeans anyway.

    • Jan. 12, 9:14pm

      If you compare the prices of the DLC for some of the NFS games, (Which are REALLY sucking now…) the prices aren’t so bad; and PD has given us a bunch of free stuff which could have been DLC, so that, in a sense, makes up for a little bit of the DLC prices. Here; NFS Hot Pursuit 2010; DLC packs in total (not including time savers) adds up to around 30 – 40 USD. (There’s 4 packs total)

    • Jan. 14, 2:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      $10 is currently 1/4 the price of the entire game. Also, take into account that Kaz would have liked 2 more years to “work on” GT5, you realize most of this DLC would have made it in the game for free. Thus, it’s not really DLC, but them finishing GT5 and getting paid extra for it. (W/e, still new content, so I don’t mind spending a lil’ extra cash for it) But to pay 1/4 the price of the game currently (Mind you, with XL, you’ll getta voucher for 20 in DLC), The GT loyal are kinda getting jipped with thes prices.

  80. Jan. 12, 5:43pm

    Am I the only one who is excited for the Nissan Leaf?

    • Jan. 12, 5:43pm


    • Jan. 12, 5:47pm

      Excited? No. Im interested in it though. I’d like to drive it around and see how it goes. Races with electric cars can be fun in online, also maybe similar seasonals at some point?

    • Jan. 13, 10:06am

      @ doodlemonoply, I am excited too, curious to see how a total electric car compares to the acceleration of a Honda Civic for example…. also curious about how much you can tune it…..!

  81. Jan. 12, 5:41pm

    car pack price is reasonable, imo the course pack is abit pricey

  82. Jan. 12, 5:39pm

    The only thing missing in GT5 now, in my humble opinion, is a REAL drag aspect, with a fully-featured tree and supporting elements, like charts and tweaks, etc.
    It’s nice to have the new test track, but if it’s only TESTING for drag – it’s still not drag racing.

    I’m going to snatch it as it comes up in store, but I hope we will ultimately have a Complete drag racing aspect in GT5.

    • Jan. 12, 5:51pm

      Fingers crossed. Considering this test track is a lot more visually pleasing than the old test tracks, I think this just might be used for legitimate drag races.

    • Jan. 12, 5:55pm

      than the old test course(). singular and it wasn’t exactly a track back then.

      Oh and it has day-night transitions it appears. Why would a sole test track/course have that? I think its a bit wasteful if people aren’t able to drag race on it. Maybe it’s be a freedom thing, because people will for sure use it to drag race. The time change really just might be there to make it all feel like a meet.

  83. Jan. 12, 5:36pm


    • Jan. 12, 5:46pm

      Is that code for something? hmmmmmmm?

    • Jan. 12, 6:51pm

      Please, try to be more precise about your feelings :D

  84. Jan. 12, 5:34pm

    I will enjoy the addition. But why do you think they chose the Jag from the other Group C cars to go premium?

    • Jan. 12, 5:36pm

      cus it won in 1988? :P i have no idea…its weird that they didnt premium the toyota one(since its japanese :D )

    • Jan. 12, 6:36pm

      Because the Jaguar won at le mans and dominated the IMSA GTP and world championship. They beat Porsche who had at that point won the 81, 82 ,83 ,84 ,85 ,86 & 87 Le mans races with 956’s and 962’s. Also it completed the most of amount of laps along with the Porsche 917k until the Audi R15 came along 20 years later. And i think it was a non-turbo during the time when turbo’s where used everywhere. I don’t think Toyota have won Le Mans. 1988 with the 88CV they came 12th and 24th. 1989 all 3 failed to finish. They got 9th in 1998 and 2nd in 1999 in the GT-one.

    • Jan. 17, 8:46am

      Ah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks Bom15.

  85. Jan. 12, 5:32pm

    Could do with some new muscles. but this is good. cant wait

  86. Jan. 12, 5:32pm

    I want the new M5!
    Who drives the old beetle -.-
    They should provide more popular cars which could be usable more in online racings >500 PP….. old beetle -.-

    • Jan. 12, 5:40pm

      just thought about it…a premium Nissan R390 GT1 road car would be plain awesome…

    • Jan. 12, 8:43pm

      Popular cars… Def! But then saying “who drives the old beetle? Dude, I can’t possibly think of a car more popular then the Beetle! Even I myself like this car and I do not love Volkswagen at all. But a ’66 Beetle? C’mon thats just awesome, Ima paint me orange cos I had a gf once who had 1. ( Not a ’66 but yet a beetle). Lots of good memorys almost every1 has seeing this car.

    • Jan. 12, 8:45pm

      I mean I m gonna paint mine orange, not me. lol

    • Jan. 13, 1:19pm

      The old beetle is a classic like a Morris Marina, Opel Kadett, Chevelle 440, Dodge Charger 69′, Aston Martin from 64 (don’t know a name), and well a great car like the willys jeep!!! cause its a classic car I hate the way M5 is set up Flappy paddled most of the m3s on GT5 aren’t flappy paddled they are stick thats what ruins the M5!!!

    • Jan. 13, 1:43pm

      What ruins the BMW M5 F10. 1 the way it looks and 2 all of the computer rubbish. I want a real car lke A TVR Sagaris. No TC, ABS or anything. Purely down to the driver. If they did put a new M5. Then i would prefer the first Gen E28. An M1 of any description, 3.0CSL Batmobile, 507, 328 would also be my choice before an F10. A morris Marina isn’t a good car. Its only a classic cos of its age. Nothing special. The Kadett though. I would love to have The Kadett C rally car and a Manta 400. The Aston your talking about. DB5 maybe? I’m sure GT5 had either a DB5 or DB6 in the past. Hopefully it’ll make its return. Just like The Cobra Daytona Coupe should make a return.

  87. Jan. 12, 5:31pm

    more stuff like this, they should really realease a premium race/track/rally car pack that would have alot of the standard race/touring/rally cars converted to premium

    • Jan. 12, 6:10pm

      Definitely. The premium rally cars we have are too new for my liking. I’ve probably driven more in a few old standard rally cars than the newer premium rally cars AND I’m a cockpit guy.

      cockpit guy, eww.

    • Jan. 12, 6:12pm

      haha i get it! :D yeah, theres only one standard car where i dont mind driving in the “inside view” :P and thats teh Nissan R390, for some reason the inside is very satisfying

    • Jan. 12, 6:17pm

      I’ve been waiting for almost a year for that car!!!!!!! Well, I became aware that I wanted it about half a year ago, but I saw it a year ago. DAMN!, the UCD.

    • Jan. 12, 6:48pm

      That should be free considering that is how it should have been in the first place.

    • Jan. 12, 8:12pm

      Good point. Not.

  88. Jan. 12, 5:30pm

    this will kill the competitiveness of drag racing, now that you can test quarter mile against an actual clock everyone’s cars will be pretty damn close if they spend enough time tweaking against real numbers, in the real world there’s a lot of variables but in GT5 everyone has the same parts and HP output, it all comes down to the numbers.

    • Jan. 12, 5:37pm

      not that much…there are people that just plain cant drag :P

    • Jan. 12, 6:07pm

      Well isnt that more fun and down to the driver then and not the machine… it will go down to whos got the quickest reactions like in proper drag racing

      You could have a much quicker car but if you get treed you’ll lose

    • Jan. 12, 6:29pm

      reaction time in GT though is always up in the air for drag racers, one person will always complain of ghost lag if they don’t get the jump

    • Jan. 12, 9:14pm

      yes but if your testing cars and they get close times, doesn’t this just mean really close and exciting racing?

  89. Jan. 12, 5:30pm

    I just want it to be Tuesday already.

  90. Jan. 12, 5:27pm

    I’m excited for this, other than the Leaf and the Beetle. Why would I want to race either of those cars? There’s 100 other cars I’d pick before those – like how about a new Mustang Boss 302, Charger SRT-8, Aston DBS, etc.

    • Jan. 12, 5:29pm

      yeah i really see no logic there…the beetle ok, its a classic…but the leaf? i mean come on…we allrdy have a prius, and thats one too many(unfortunately we have 3: the premium, the tc and a standard one, so that makes 3 too much)

    • Jan. 12, 5:40pm

      the leaf is a major step in the automotive world, as i believe its the first production car to run entirely on electricity thats affordable to everyone (unlike the tesla). the leaf is a pretty cool car imo. so, theres the reason as to why it made its way into the game.

    • Jan. 12, 5:42pm

      @userme5: actually there are 4 of them, Prius 02 Prius 03 Prius 09 and Prius TC

    • Jan. 12, 5:43pm

      partnership with nissan is the reason…i dont mind it being in the game…i just think that theres TONS of other cars the have priority of being on the game over the Leaf

    • Jan. 12, 5:44pm

      @doodlemonoply EVEN WORSE :P

    • Jan. 12, 5:44pm

      The Nissan Leaf received the “Car Of The Year” award in Japan. PD works with NIssan, so im guessing something like “….yes, we are interested in your upcoming DLC for Gran Turismo 5, but you should include one of our cars, prefferably the Leaf for being car of the year”, or something like that. Maybe Kaz picked it himself, I dunno.

    • Jan. 12, 5:48pm

      being picked “car of the yearr” doesnt mean its DLC of the year thats what im saying :D seriously there are thousands of cars id rather have put in the game than the Leaf

    • Jan. 12, 5:50pm

      I think the Leaf is a great leap forward into the electric car era of cars. (my opinion, respect it)

    • Jan. 12, 5:50pm

      Im just trying to find possible reasons so as to not look so bad. It’s not like im buying the Car Pack 3 for the Leaf, I would like to have some electric car races online though. We dont even know what kind of modifications the Leaf has available (if it has any).

    • Jan. 12, 5:52pm

      true, however the electric cars at this time are far from being fast and practical, they dont have alot of range and in most places you cant use it for longer trips because no gas stations have plug ins for electric cars yet…not saying its a bad car, just far from the ideal sports car dlc you would like to see in a game :P

    • Jan. 12, 6:06pm

      The answer to why the Leaf is in is in the replys here, if you put them together:

      – Nissan and PD have a close relationship.
      – There is 4 different Pruises, plus at least 2 Insights and 3 CR-Zs, and the Tesla.

      That’s at least 10 hybrids or electrics that I can think of. If I were Nissan, I’d say “That’s enough GT-Rs for now. Toyota, Honda and Tesla have all their hybrids and electrics in GT. We’ve spent a ton of time and money developing the Leaf, let’s get it in the game”.

    • Jan. 12, 6:09pm

      don’t forget the 6-700hp GT by Citroen. Electric also.

    • Jan. 12, 6:14pm

      “The Nissan Leaf received the “Car Of The Year” award in Japan. PD works with NIssan, so im guessing something like “….yes, we are interested in your upcoming DLC for Gran Turismo 5, but you should include one of our cars, prefferably the Leaf for being car of the year”, or something like that. Maybe Kaz picked it himself, I dunno.”


      People are forgetting the roots of GT. Family/everyday cars are what made and makes Gran Turismo the game that millions of people buy.

    • Jan. 12, 7:31pm

      @another_jakhole: I think this generation of players were never aware of GT’s roots to begin with.

    • Jan. 12, 8:11pm

      That’s a good point. I would say that there are more people that KNOW GT and have stuck with it, than there are new GT players, though. The huge amount of early sales helps prove that point, I would hope.

    • Jan. 13, 10:04am

      @fourliter… you are right, they are other electric/hybrids car out there, but none of them are zero-emissions vehicle, the Nissan Leaf is the first of its kind….. unfortunately to drive one of these you need to have an electric charging station (at least one in the city where you leave)…. I am anxious to see how the pitstop will be with the Leaf, maybe PD have included an electric charging station…. that will be interesting?

    • Jan. 14, 4:39am

      Spot on, man. I guess PD does not mind putting in some funky choices for cars….think about what you can already find inside the used car lot. For example…Honda Odyssey!? Or the Prius? Seriously… Maybe they think it’s funny.
      I used to own a 2010 Charger SRT 8 and I am honestly surprised it did not make it in GT5. It would make a fun car to mod and drive.
      I would only get excited about the Leaf if there was a mod that would let me swap the engine with anything that would fit in it…can you imagine? lol

  91. Jan. 12, 5:24pm

    Well…im amazed…best update/dlc till now imo

    • Jan. 12, 5:27pm

      Well… now we know. I think I’ll try to keep mindlessly buying whatever PD releases so far if the gradual increase of quality continues.

  92. Jan. 12, 5:23pm

    I… I am lost for words. This is awesome.

    • Jan. 13, 1:20pm

      I was too when I heard the news of the Adventador I KNEW IT I KNEW IT is all I could say, but theres some good cars I’d pick that should be in the game but still, a 66 Beetle i’m pimping that mofo out!!!

  93. Jan. 12, 5:23pm

    “…formal online drag races as desired by many fans” … I hope! :)

  94. Jan. 12, 5:23pm
    tomo 427 S/C

    No pics of the premium Jaaaaaag? :(

    • Jan. 12, 5:25pm

      was hoping for that too…however there really is no loss if the beetle stays standard

    • Jan. 12, 5:56pm

      The beetle was one of the most important cars in history. It deserves to be premium in my opinion. GT is about cars in general and there history. If it was up to me i’d have the Ford Model T, 1886 Benz’s back in the game. Not because of there amazing performance (yes i’m joking). But because of the significance in the history of the automobile.

    • Jan. 12, 5:58pm

      id like that to really….the model T is great and the two carriages…i mean come on…whats more boss than that? :D

    • Jan. 12, 10:50pm

      Guys the Beetle isn’t the 49 its the 60s love bug!!! its premium yes but its not the 49 one

    • Jan. 13, 12:31am

      i know. i can read. I was making a point.

  95. Jan. 12, 5:22pm

    a lot more expensive comparing to the 1st DLC.. bad move imo

    • Jan. 12, 7:19pm

      How? How is the current $5.99 for the car pack more expensive then the $7.99 from the First one? Likewise, the price on the Speed Test Pack is exactly the same as the first track pack at $3.99

    • Jan. 12, 8:48pm

      @RACECAR the $7.99 car pack contained about 15 cars, thus making it much better value as you got more cars for your money. The track pack contained 2 tracks for the same price as this one, also doubling the value over this DLC. So they’ve increased the price of their DLC’s by twice as much. Not only that, you got a discount if you bought the DLC packs in one bundle edition – here you get no discount.

      With that said, I LOVE this DLC and thank you PD for bringing us some amazing cars. As excited as I am for the Aventador and the Jag, what I really love is the inclusion of another premium Aston, which hasn’t gotten the love it deserves here. The DB9 is a bit too slow, the V12 Vantage should be amazing, thanks so much PD. I think this is a step in the right direction for the DLC. But please, if you’re going to charge $10 US could we at least get another track or a couple more cars? I’m not made of money!! But i’m not complaining, I’ll still buy this pack, thank you thank you PD

    • Jan. 13, 3:30am

      Don’t forget that it says this track contains a lot of testing features that other tracks don’t have. That’s where the difference is mode up.

  96. Jan. 12, 5:21pm

    I am speechless…this is amazing…

  97. Jan. 12, 5:20pm

    Yup, that is awesome. Im not very much into drag, so this course might make me become one. Also im very excited for both the Aventador (they could have picked a better supercar, but it’s ok) and the premium VW Beetle!

    • Jan. 12, 5:26pm

      Why the premium beetle? :P i dont get why people like that car :D the aventador is really good…however id preffer the superleggera just cus i like it more :P and the speed test thing is good because now you can actually measure your 0-100kp/h/0-60mp/h times :D

    • Jan. 12, 5:41pm

      @userme5 Just like the SambaBus, the Beetle will be fun to customize. It’s also not a direct replacement for the existing standard ’49 Beetle, the new one’s a ’66. The ’49 was only really ever seen in post-war Germany, the ’66 was on every street in America. The ’49 Beetle is fun to drive fully tuned, the ’66 should be even more so.

      It’s still one of the most-produced cars in history, so it’s very familiar to many people. The Aventador is cool and all, but what makes GT great is the mix of exotics and “everyday” cars that we all know and love.

    • Jan. 12, 5:46pm

      oh yeah didnt even notice that :O must be getting old :P yeah i tuned it, but i preffer the 2CV cus that has a better sound :P got the beetle up to 180kph :D and about the everyday cars, id like to see cars like the new vw(they did that:scirocco and new golf), opels(like the astra b&w the GT), cars like that…

    • Jan. 12, 8:18pm

      +100 userme5 I´m an Opel fan so sure I´d die for having them in GT5.

      But I guess you don´t actually have to Love them or any Brand in particular to agree on there´s still alot of every day cars missing, and we´re looking forward to get some of them in dlc soon.

      For me I just hope Opel / GM and PD come together to modell new and old Opels to implement. Seeing myself someday in the future taking on the Nordshleife in a Manta i400. Oh boy, I´m close to tears!

    • Jan. 12, 10:02pm

      you should check out some vids before you talk like that on that car especially if your excited about the new VW beetle,

    • Jan. 12, 10:22pm

      @ ultraman, you don’t make sense dude. lol

    • Jan. 14, 6:35pm

      @Flaco13 What I was refering to was that if you read some reviews or look at some videos online about the Aventador you`d see how awesome the car is. Even over at Evo one of the test drivers touted it as the best supercar to date not just a Lamborghini. It posted an number 3 spot on Topgears race track out pacing even the mighty Bugatti Super sport. So when I saw the post of “they could of picked a better supercar’. I just found it amusing because after he wrote “VW Beetle” he used an exclamation point. So this is what makes this game so appealing because it seems there is a car for everyone`s tastes. BTW i’m not trying to be smart just wanted you to understand what i meant and that I respect GReeK_W1ZaRd’s opinion because my post was to him. hope this clears it up, Btw can u put picks of your personal car on your profile?

    • Jan. 15, 1:31am

      @ ultraman, hey now your making sense dude, lol

  98. Jan. 12, 5:20pm

    great news! a bite pricy :S but its all good ;)

    • Jan. 12, 5:23pm

      @bypo agree totally. Some cool cars – Aventador especially, but I don’t think £10 for 6 cars and 1 test track is particularly good value.

    • Jan. 12, 5:25pm

      *correction – it’s only £8, but still a bit much for little content

    • Jan. 12, 5:27pm

      Speed test, aventador and xjr-9 plus the track is worth that much

    • Jan. 12, 5:51pm

      Its new content at the end of day. Unlike say EA, Codemasters etc etc. Selling you content in game already for extra cash. I don’t think its that bad. The track is a bit high. For another circle. Yay :(. I bought Ace Combat a little while back and had a look at there DLC. They charged £3-4 for one plane.

    • Jan. 12, 6:28pm

      I don’t really see how this is too pricey. I think $1 per car is quite good value really. For me in NZ it’ll be more like $2 per car though but I’m still happy with that.

    • Jan. 12, 8:27pm

      If this continues like it is, 4€, 5€ for 4 to 6 cars and some more € for tracks, in a few months we will spend the same a amount that we paid for the game with 1000 cars, and a lot of tracks. They should keep them coming, but for example: IF WE BOUGHT THE WHOLE CAR PACK, MAKE IT A BIT CHEAPER THAN BUY 1 CAR EACH TIME. HOWEVER, the person who just likes 2 cars from that pack can bought them individually and doesnt need to spend some more money on cars that they will never use..
      I bought the last car pack i havent yet tried the new mini. I think this is common sense guys.. Not everybody has so much money to spend as they want us to. Look at codemasters DLC.

      Just for those who think i am complaining, i agree that this DLC is very good indeed. I will buy the whole thing… But the last 2, i wouldn’t.. :/

    • Jan. 13, 5:53am
      Big Ron

      Totally agree with you.

  99. Jan. 12, 5:17pm

    Very Very thankfull for updates like these! This & the last one with Standard wheels have me in awe…

  100. Jan. 12, 5:16pm


    • Jan. 12, 5:16pm

      Minute one buy for me! ;)

    • Jan. 12, 6:11pm

      I really hope they re-make “COMPLEX STRING” from gt3, should look amazing if what they have done with the old test track is anything to go by.

    • Jan. 12, 6:34pm

      I love you Polyphony Digital.

      Finally a proper place to test my cars!

    • Jan. 13, 5:42am
      Big Ron

      Don´t you guys think, that those prices are far too expensive? 4 for a track? What do wee need to pay, if all the remastered tracks from GT4 are coming? 60€ again? And 1€ for a car is too expensive, too? After a year or so you guys spend more money for DLC than for the game itself (and for the game you got more content for the price).

    • Jan. 13, 5:46am
      Big Ron

      As exited I am for every new content….but those prices are smelling like rip off.

    • Jan. 13, 6:24am

      @Big Ron you should what SavageEvil said about who’s in charge with the pricings. All I can tell you, it ain’t PD that’s for sure…

    • Jan. 13, 6:25am

      Down at the bottom…

    • Jan. 13, 6:39am
      Big Ron

      I know, that Sony defines prices. That´s the bad thing, if you have a giant publisher above you.

    • Jan. 13, 6:42am

      Oh, I thought you knew. lol

    • Jan. 13, 7:21am

      Good news about Aventador and Aston Martin (great GT cars). Finally they are listen what clients want. The VW it’s ok because it’s an icon. That Mini…I don’t get it – not attractive car (They could pick VW beetle 2012). Why Nissan Leaf?? Probably because the GT-Rs complains and propaganda to help sell that Leafs. Next DLC we might get the UGLY Nissan Juke (It’s so painful to see that car on streets LOLOL – Juke’s owners will be mad at me =)) Sorry.

      PD – create a more flexible DLC such one that we can select and pay want we want instead buying a pack with 50% content that we’ll never use.

    • Jan. 13, 7:50am


      actually i wouldn’t mind if they put the Juke in the game, but only if it’s the Juke-R!!!

    • Jan. 13, 8:57am
      Eric W

      Christmas in January! I can’t wait to drive the Aventador!

    • Jan. 13, 10:00am

      @madracer: The Nissan Leaf is part of the DLC because it received the “Car of the Year Japan 2011-2012” award. The award was announced at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show on December 3rd.

      The Nissan Leaf sold an amazing 20,000 units in 2011. Deliveries for USA and Canada will start early 2012. Some limited trial test are currently undergoing in Quebec (By Hydroquebec) and Ontario to review the car performance under wintery conditions as well as electric charging stations tested by some cities. European countries that have taken deliveries of their cars include: UK, Spain, Norway, Netherlands. Japan is at full scale deployment. The Nissan Leaf marketing has been so far limited to countries whose government offer tax credits on electric car purchases as well as development of charging stations. For that reason, Nissan explains that it will take probably until 2013 to reach deployment at full global scale.

      The Leaf is a unique zero-emission vehicle and it includes a sophisticated IT system that can be accessed by remote control via mobile phones. By 2020, the FIA will start to support electric car races in some of their GT categories.

    • Jan. 13, 10:46am

      The Nissan Juke R might be the next DLC! Got to you tube, type in Juke R video 11, and go to 55 seconds in. Looks like hes driving a Juke R in Gt5

    • Jan. 13, 11:54am

      I agree, 1$ for a car and 4$ for a track is way too much, If I buy new GT5 I get 250+ premium cars, and 25+ tracks , and 10 000 great features and gameplay! and then millions of gamers and fans buy the game giving PD and SONY alot of cash…

      But when DLC arrives, its like 4$ for a track then it seems like its only10 tracks for 40$ (thats the full game price you know)
      not very good and does look like rip off, just like COD is doing selling 2 old and 3 new multyplayer maps for 15$, that is the reason why I stopped playing it and start to hate…

      anyway GT isnt something I will hate ever, GT series is the main reason why I buyed PS3, and I will respect PD forever for what they have done.. but those DLC… at least 5 new tracks and 20 cars for 15$ is ok…. but 1 track for 4$ is not ok. and 6 cars for 6$ is even bigger not ok.. from my point of view tracks are way more important since GT does not have much, but cars 1000+…. my opinion..

    • Jan. 13, 6:39pm

      Guys I know they seem expensive, but just think of all the man hours went into making all this content and think of how few people actually buy the DLC… they have a company to run and staff to pay. Im quite happy to support PD with what is really 20 minutes worth of pay.

    • Jan. 13, 6:45pm

      in the uk the hole thing will cost £7.98, oh yar, go the uk

    • Jan. 14, 6:00am
      Big Ron

      You can´t expect me to believe, that those prices are for all the manwork invested in this DLC? Haha…come on. They just need 100000 peolpe to earn anther million. And I dont believe, that the manwork for this DLC is worth a million. If we need to pay 10€/$ every to month, we spend 120€/$ over the whole year. Do you think, that it is worth this much? It´s double the game price but just a peanut of content in comparison.

    • Jan. 14, 6:03am
      Big Ron

      Ups, calculation mistake…..would be 60€/$ over the whole year…but still far too much. As some others mentioned: they shuld make the DLC open to choose, which cars we want to buy.Two cars in this DLC are useless, but Ineed to buy the whole package to get them. That isn´t fair.

    • Jan. 14, 6:58am
      lancashire lad

      I wonder if they will all sound like hoovers?

    • Jan. 14, 10:22am

      @lancashire lad If they sound like Hoovers in real life, they’ll sound like Hoovers. If they don’t, they won’t. Simple.

    • Jan. 14, 12:44pm

      @Big Ron Ahem. Only your opinion…

    • Jan. 14, 12:47pm

      That’s a nice idea too and I respect that. But pleassssse don’t go and say it’s unfair. Maybe that idea maybe for GT6 or something.

    • Jan. 14, 2:57pm

      :bow: KAZ :bow:

      Aventador, so good…

    • Jan. 14, 5:40pm

      Hey does anybody know how to put the the cars in neutral because when I was watching a video on YOUTUBE hey puts the car in neutral????

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