GTP Photomode Tournament Season 2: Win a Copy of GTPEDIA!


A month into 2015, one of the most anticipated events in GTPlanet’s GT6 Photomode section has returned: the Tournament.

Run as a knockout-style, head-to-head event, members of the community submit their best unedited, straight-from-the-game shots, and then vote on their favourites to advance to the next round. It isn’t just for kudos either (not that those are unwelcome): the tournament’s organizer, Nato_777, is putting up a prize of GTPlanet’s own GTPEDIA.

If you’d like to join the fray, head on over to the community thread, read the rules, and submit your entry to Nato via Private Conversation. You don’t have long, however: on Feb 2, the qualifying round will close, and all submitted entries will be put up for polling to determine who makes it to the first round. Of course, you can (and should) vote, regardless of participation!

Keep up with the event in our GT6 Photomode Competitions sub-forum, where we also have four weekly competitions up for the community to share their best images. If that isn’t your speed, take a stroll through the general Photomode section, or follow your favourite game-photographers in the Members Galleries sub-section.

GT6 Photomode image by Fyshokid.

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  1. youtimestwo

    Nice “exposure” @SlipZtrEm, in game photos are an easy challenge given the camera equipment provided but are quite difficult, though not impossible, to craft into stunning images.

    Competition is quite rewarding when ones entry gains voter approval and thanks to @Nato_777 tangible rewards are also at hand! Tournament time is fun and exciting and open to all.

    If you haven’t tried it, give an entry a go, the photo community is accepting and supportive.

    Also, be sure to head over to the Tournament Polls when they are posted and vote for the images/photographers you think are the most impressive! Participation is so welcomed! :)

  2. kolio123

    Ha, that is cool! Love browsing the Photomode forums sometimes. Some guys on here have aome serious talent. Good luck to all participating!

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