GTP Photomode Competitions: Week 44 Round-up!

September 27th, 2011 by SlipZtrEm

Two months away from the big one-year anniversary of GT5′s official release, the Photomode sub-forum continues to draw new members each week, as more players begin to explore the in-game mode, and even more excitingly, share their works with the community. The competitions heated up too, seeing old veterans bumped by new members in the polls. The Tournament continues, so coverage of that comes first, followed by our usual weekly competitions. Let’s see here…

PMC Division Round 1 Winners (top to bottom, left to right):
Soloracer3, Murcie_LP640, Jason_B, tonilleshusband,
GOTMAXPOWER, sar593, 725, Gtuned  

(click here for the full-size images)

We said goodbye to summer this week, as autumn took hold. We also said goodbye to 8 users in the PMC division, leaving the 8 above paired off in four matches, and there’s a day left to vote on them! Soloracer3 and Murcie_LP640 have two Pink cars battling it out, Jason_B and tonilleshusband look back at the cars on offer from The 60′s, GOTMAXPOWER and sar593 hang out with Xzibit for Pimp Your Ride, while 725 and Gtuned explore twins in Copy Cat. Remember, these are multi-choice polls – vote for one image per matchup! Cast your vote now!

2.0 Advanced Division Round 1 Winners (top to bottom, left to right):
SlipZtrEm, Moglet, Klaus_PSU, Raphaele,
bmxmitch, TheDrummingKING, Revolution., CCShaft7

(click here for the full-size images)

2.0 saw hard fought battles as well,  with the remaining four pairings saddled with some difficult themes this round. Raphaele and I took our race cars to La Sarthe and the Nordschleife for 24H, TheDrummingKING and Revolution. needed some tire changes with Pit Stop, bmxmitch and Moglet ditched their cars to go on Sightseeing tours, while Klaus_PSU and CCShaft7 put their wipers to good effect in Let It Rain. With 24 hours left to vote, there are some close matches here, so… you know what I’m going to ask. Cast your vote now!

Last Week’s Winner: Nads

This Week’s Theme: That new member grabbing a win I mentioned earlier? Say hello to Nads. With only 3 posts to his name when the polls went up, he held onto a lead through all of last week with his GT-R, and this week, provides us with the Tuner vs Muscle theme. Straight-forward enough – pick either a Japanese tuned car, or a good old-fashioned American muscle car, and snap some images. Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: A fair amount of movie influence in last week’s History Lessons theme, along with important real-life milestones celebrated in GT form. There’s a wide spread here, everything from WWII to the Viper’s recent ‘Ring record time, but which one deserves the win? Jump to the thread now!

Last Week’s Winner: SlipZtrEm

This Week’s Theme: Oh, it’s me! I’m sitting out this week, instead overlooking the theme of Heart Ties. A favourite from GT4 days, this theme requires at least two cars in the image, both of which must share the same number and configuration of cylinders, and aspiration. Engine size and location in the vehicle isn’t important! Want to show off some turbo straight-sixes, or some big melodious naturally-aspirated V12s? Well, pair them off in game, and then… Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: chromatic9′s second win in a row provided us with the Retro Rally theme, highlighting purpose-built rally machines built before the 90′s. A large chunk of the images that made the poll are cars from the golden era of Group B (five of the fiteen being the Delta S4), though there’s also a trio of Stratoses (Stratii?), an old 70′s Lancer, and a Pajero Rally Raid to balance it all out. Vote for your personal favourite! Jump to the thread now!

Last Week’s Winner: jakku

This Week’s Theme: …and look, another! Jakku is a relative new-comer to the Photomode community, but he won last week’s poll with the gorgeous shot you see above. His provided theme for this week? Ricer Roni! Take a Civic Type-R to Tokyo R246, and get shooting, as this week is a PMC Edit week, so no fussing with any post-game editing. Jump to the thread now!

This Week’s Poll: Want to feel the wealth? Bask in it, even? Well, this week’s poll certainly is the place to do it, as 20 MP4-12C’s have descended on Monaco, producing all sorts of amazing shots for McLovely in Monaco. Good luck picking who gets your vote – I know it isn’t easy. Jump to the thread now!

Last Week’s Winner: skylinefx

This Week’s Theme: Woops! At the time this is being published, there isn’t yet a new Photoshop competition theme up, so for those who love editing, sit tight!

This Week’s Poll: Last week’s theme was Brand Sponsorship. Not automobile companies though, the theme was meant to include other sorts of sponsors, and the poll entries see to that, with Apple, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and others showing up. Jump to the thread now!


All sound a bit complicated? Read this thread for an explanation on how to get your images off your PS3 and onto a computer, and read over the individual rules in each competition’s thread. If you’re further stuck, feel free to Private Message me (click here). Start snapping those digital shutters!

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  1. ” Two months away from the big one-year anniversary of GT5′s official release…. ” and yet still no news from PD about future plans……

  2. anthaliscious

    Never did this before, how can I enter the next competition?

    • SlipZtrEm

      Just click on one of the links for this week’s new threads, and read the first post once you’re there. That should explain everything!

  3. Volvo C30 photo comp please!

  4. 07_HSV_GTS

    Ummm…what’s with the horse??

    • obi_one

      horse power :D

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    • 07_HSV_GTS

      I just don’t get why there is a horse in the ground that is about to be run over by a Mercedes C 63 doesn’t make much sense, why not put a pot in the ground and call it a pothole? Makes more sense to me.

    • It’s art man so theres no need to make sense :)

    • geoffrey

      Stop a-head?

    • Don’t tell me you newer heard of sewer horse..

  5. Soloracer3

    Seriously proud to have my shot up here :D

  6. some seriously sick pictures!!! and new names!! :O

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