Lamborghini Gallardo Takes Damage on the Nurburgring

September 13th, 2010 by Jordan

Here’s an interesting new video from some type of GT5 demonstration session in Russia, which appears to show off a unique build of the game we haven’t seen before. While it does not have the skidmarks revealed at Gamescom 2010, it does have an updated damage model similar – though not necessarily identical to – the one found in the GT5 Kiosk Demo that’s been popping up at retail stores around the United States.

Nevertheless, we should get a very revealing look at the game as Polyphony Digital gears up for the Tokyo Game Show 2010, which kicks off this Thursday in Japan! Thanks to all who sent this video in.

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Video Documents Kazunori Yamauchi’s Nurburgring 24H Accident
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‘Rise After Falling’ highlights the drama experienced by Kazunori Yamauchi and Schulze Motorsport at the Nurburgring 24 Hours.


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  1. Афигено !

  2. I think everyone that is whining about the damage should shut up and go make a better game than GT5, what ya think? Damage is not an easy feature to implement, especially with over 1000 cars. There are so many people here that are greedy as hell, and just can’t be satisfied.

    On topic, Toscana, that Citroen with its doors flinging around is a bit odd. Alot of recent games I’ve played, where car doors swing open, close again when you’d expect them to. These are not. Kind of an odd thing, but easy fix that I would expect them to add.

  3. Jesus you guys all have the mentality of five year olds; “the damage sucks, taek it oot!! I DON’T LIEK THIS ANYMOAR.”

    that’s what I’m seeing.

  4. puzyaka

    Hmm… aren’t the mirrors supposed to be broken off on first contact with the wall? They just dig in and come out like nothing happened.

  5. I just pray that when I crash my F2007 I’ll have to buy a new one!

  6. iPodlip

    that’s quite impressive, shadows in cockpit look a lot better now, no terrible jaggies seen in previous demos. hope this is going to apply to all the cars :)

  7. Has anyone seen a car turned over or totalled in these GT5 videos? I really think PD should doing much more on damage issues coz the current damages are just like what it looks like in forza2 or even worse, that’s out of date and fake. Give me a surprise, PD!!

    • Why don’t you go and play forza2 then?

    • Cmon FG, the man is right, the damage is good but not to the level expected from PD, to match that level it got to be 10 times better than burnout’s damage system, it just lacks seriousness, 200mph and cars collide like toys.

    • viejaloca

      Yeah, he’s right, BUT, I’m optimistic for the full game. Kaz never shows the whole game before it’s released so yeah, he probably will surprise us.

  8. brainfade

    you can hear them laughing at the damage :/ …Polyphony please remove the damage

  9. I don’t care about damage, but it’s still looking good.

  10. superb16

    F*** damage! I’m more concerned with how crappy the Gallardo sounds. Realistic sounds should have taken priority over damage IMO.

    • Man this is how it sounds when you got helmet on… understand?

  11. lone_racer

    i don’t really know what more do u people want in reality yamauchi doesn’t need you to buy the game theres enough gt5 fans and japenese people thats are going to buy it we really don’t need allll you cry babies this game has 1000+ cars who knows they might add cockpits to all of those so plese stop commenting like oh the car doesn’t tottally stop or the metal bumper is bumpery enough stfu

  12. GT_Prologue5

    I just wanted to say that that damage is getting better day by day as PD improves before November 2nd. Even with all the gripes, you can’t complain, because it will be THE best racing game on the market. Absolutely no question.

  13. So what if it doesn’t include skid marks? Even in games like Burnout I never paid attention to the skid marks I made. And who cares what build is which? You’ll be buying the final game, not these demos, so it shouldn’t matter what demo build includes what.

    If you guys want your precious fully realistic damage, go ram your car into a telly pole in real life.

  14. terminator363

    I noticed the shadows in the cockpit are really smooth, not as jagged as other demos, but it could just be the car driven.

  15. Still lots of clipping problems in the damage. :S

  16. viejaloca

    The damage is ok, but the REAL thing that pissed me off was the camera guy!!! Close up (out of focus), far (can’t see anything), close up, far!

  17. got tired of watching this damage videos, it should now be named gt5 the real crash simulator or what

  18. How to ruin every single presentation of Gran turismo 5. Some lame arse Journo hack who cant drive has to bang the car into every dam wall / car going. Can we have some videos of the racing for once not demolition derby. I personally do not care one monkeys left testicle about the damage model in GT5. I dont. I never did in the previous versions and do not bother about it as part of the sellng point of the game. The damage model looks Ok to me but that does not mean I am going to get all excited over it. To me as long as the game has lastability, excellent aftersales support such as bug fixes , updates and great DLC then i will be as happy as when Harry met Sally. Honestly some of you people that want specific types of damage as much as a legless person wants his legs back, please its beginning to bore the hell outta me. I cant wait to see all the negative posts being posted around the web when it does get released because peoples “expectations” were more than what Yamauchi San’s were.
    Come on grow up a bit here people.

    • moltoveloce

      don’t forget this isn’ t destruction derby, this is Gran Turismo!

    • Super_Colossal

      Hentis, I broke up with my girlfriend because I’ve fallen for your comment.

    • FlareKR

      How many more damage models are we gonna be forced to see, it’s not that good in my opinion, and I don’t care for damage, I just want to see the premium car list!

    • viejaloca

      Maybe (and i’m not speaking for myself), they’re just sharing their OPINIONS and CRITIQUING it CONSTRUCTIVELY. Honestly, if a person is saying “oh the damage looks like crap”, SCREW THEM! Who gives a rats butt what that person thinks, it’s just personal opinion. No one thinks the same way as others so learn to respect it.

    • Belph3gor

      Don’t care much about damage.. ok.. its nice to have it but i hope they don’t focus too much on it and forgot about car sound ¬¬

    • @ Super_Colossal

      LOL :)

  19. Why do people continue to focus on the visual fluff of a damage system when the most important aspect is the affects to a car’s performance after an incident and NOT the graphics?! 5th to 2nd braking should result in a damaged motor/tranny, bumps affecting aero should affect top speed or handling, crashes to a wall should affect the car as if it crashed into a wall, i.e suspension damage…

    • I agree with you. It’s just ridiculous. I’m sure PD didn’t implement damage so that people would start driving cars the wrong way around circuits. It’s actually very sad that all their hard work in building a new physics engine and AI are going completely unnoticed because all people car about is how much damage they can do to their cars.

      I don’t care one bit about damage. Why? Because while you morons try and cause damage to each others cars, I’ll be out front winning races.

  20. Renostarr

    The damage looks really interesting all around I would say. I’m so excited for the final build!!!!

  21. I bet on Tokyo game show we will see weather and closer look course maker!

    • Maxiboy

      All I want is rrraaaiiinnnn…. well that and the ability to make an awesome point to point mountain pass.

  22. Belph3gor

    Can’t wait to see news about tuning, simulation mode, drift, drag?, car & track list, CAR SOUND! or online mode.. Everyday is about a Lambo crashing =/

  23. general of the army

    very nice
    i’ll be hunting rank 50 in bc2 until the big game comes

  24. I’m hoping damage can be turned off. It will never meet everyones expectations and I don’t really care about it being in there.

  25. Craigles

    Slow news day

  26. I’m liking the new demo build. Damage looks better but we all expected that.

    The BEST bit is the new shadows and crash effects.

  27. 50 days left (Europe)

  28. Royalstuff

    Again some fruitcake who doesn’t know how to drive. Keep the car on track man!

    I wish PD had left the damage out of GT5, because everyone is nagging about good or bad it looks… When you try to reach a goal in a race, do you look behind to see how your car or your opponents car looks? NO, you don’t, you’re focused on driving and winning!

    • well, actually u do look at graphics when watch the replay of a the race, and u do want the track and car look great while driving. Go and try to play 10 year game, i think you wont be able to tolerate visuals for a long time.

    • Royalstuff

      @ddl8: I never said I don’t want the graphics to look good. I said the damage doesn’t matter… Sure I want the best looking game ever, but damage just isn’t worth nagging about… It’s the new menu, the way the cars feel, the gameplay, the new AI. Those are the things that matter and are so much more important than damage….

  29. Cobolt60

    The damage is good, but what I feel is lost here is that this movie, I think is to show the guy controlling the car with the MOVE controller, Check out the Playstation eye…..

    • yes u r absolutly right they control the car with ps move!

  30. Ibrahim

    Looking forward to see drifting mode in TKS

  31. Those who claim that “this is a racing sim, thus it doesn’t need damage” are beyond silly, you can’t have a proper DRIVING experience if your car is indestructable.

    You have to FEEL that going too far on that curve at 150 Km/h MIGHT get your car totalled and out of the race, otherwise it breaks the suspension of disbelief.

  32. My best friend’s brother in law works for PD. Current rumors going around PD is that there will be a big announcement towards the end of this month about the GT5 release date…and it isn’t good news (likely to be pushed back). End of the year is more likely now.

    • lucakine

      Are you joking ??!!

    • My best friend’s sister in law works for PD. Current rumors going around PD is that there will be no big announcement towards the end of this month about the GT5 release date.

    • Maxiboy

      I swear to god if that statement turns out to be unfounded and a lie, then it should easily be a ban-able offence. Who agrees?

    • My best friends sisters brothers aunties cousins uncles dog looks out the window at the PD office and says ‘woof’

    • Yes agree – Can we not log GT’ireland’s IP address contact thier ISP find thier address, knock down thier door and confiscate thier PS3! :)

    • oops, I meant F.G! Don’t woory GT’ireland you are safe from us! ;)

    • Mr Frappy

      My best friends uncle has a daughter. Her boyfriends father knows a guy who is going out with a woman whose best friend knows a guy that knows Kaz personally. Kaz just told them that the game is not delayed.

      F.G., I think you spelled your name wrong – there should be an “A” in the middle…

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      LOL @ MrFrappy F.G. is always on here saying negative things & insulting people constantly. he should be banned regardless but especially if this statement is a lie. troll

    • He’s a witch! burn him!

    • Laugh all you want, but you’re all in for a big surprise at the end of the month.

      Today’s update is “likely to be released before January”, although they’re working overtime to try and meet the current release date.

  33. GT’ireland

    well its better than no news at all.any GT5 news is good news unless of course its delayed again,november is getting closer.really excited about this.

  34. DrTrouserPlank

    Unfortunately the people who wanted damage the most will always complain the loudest if their car doesn’t burst into flames and flip over three times.

    The biggest problem with putting damage into the game is that PD have backed themselves into a corner where they now have to include it in every future GT game as well.

    • True but surely the Ferrari 358 italia should burst into flames! :)

    • And why not? We had a fine damage-model, including destroyed head-lamps and tail-lights in DRIVER, a PS1 game from 1999, and when your car was finished, the engine burst into flames

    • LoneWanderer

      @Andrew I’m hoping it does! =)

      @Bernd Driver was a great game, I still own it. I especially loved destoying the car in survival mode.

  35. Häka Mikkinen

    I know it’s been discussed before but the flappy doors need some fixing. I’m not sure I can remember seeing a real car with its door flapping around like that. If anyone has a link to video of a real car with its doors damaged in this way I’d love to see it.

  36. GranTurismo5ltd.

    pluss this is in russia, on a crappy cam corder in a dark room and very poor stability.
    Just wait a few months and then post some damage reports

  37. GranTurismo5ltd.

    the only reason damage is on this game is because PD were bullied into doing so. i cant believe everyone is sat here winging about how poor the damage is, this is a racing sim. Yam has been out in hundreds of these cars trying to get the handling and speeds perfect and im certain there not going to be far off. but the one thing he is not allowed to do in a brand new lambo is go out and crash in to walls at 150mph+ so why do you expect the damage to perfect? its just there to indicate the fact that you havent had a clean race and you you need to improve. the idea is to finesh a race with NO damage, not as much as you can do!

    • Maxiboy

      Here Here!

    • I second that here here. It’s a cool feature to have damage but not necessary. The thing that would be on my wishlist would be damage that affects how the car performs instead of just cosmetic damage. For example, if you hit a car from behind early in a long race, your radiator gets busted and the car overheats – that would be cool. Anyway, that’s just a wishlist, I love GT the way it is and can’t wait for it to come out.

  38. Avenged Sevenfold

    Can’t wait,damage is not a must for me but still looks great :D

  39. GTbyPlaystation

    Wow. The nuburgring looks beautiful and this damage model isn’t looking too bad either…

  40. I totally agree with you. The point of driving is not to crash.

    • But there should be more mechanical damage. I mean, how much PS3-power does it take, to reduce the speed from 200mph to 50 or so after such an impact? Exactly – none. Still going 180 is sooo unrealistic! Please PD, fix it!

  41. neopheX

    Being a GT fan since the very first release, Damage has never really been a major factor, They’ve implemented it great and im sure by the final it will be look better and with the patches coming out time to time also will make the game better.

    Now damage i care for about 20% cause for me i can actually drive in Gran Turismo so personally i wont be seeing a lot of damage.

    I personally am happy for the fact we are able to create LOCKED rooms with our own rules to avoid racing against kids who just think its a demolition derby.

    REASON BEING, I rather race against REAL LIFE friends who i personally know then randoms online, Cause finding decent people on decent internet connections is always a pain in the ass..

    Not long till GT5 and im sure it will be super.

    • neopheX Whats been said about online lobbies? Because obviously Prologue was rubbish in that respect. Does anyone know if we are likely to see something similar to F1 Championship – That was great for chatting with others and changing the race settings.

    • Actually It isnt really. Honestly, everytime I go on prolouge (had it since 2008) I ALWAYS get a clean race. When I get smashed off the track I know it was a mistake. And it feels 10x better to win that race when you were at the dis-advantage. Plus that’s kinda what racing is about..take button to be you and vettel is the little kid ;D

  42. its good, though im still mad bout standard cars not havin cockpit views >:(

    • LoneWanderer

      Deal with it. You should be glad 200 cars have interior views.

      That’s more cars than there were in GT3.

    • Dr.Strangelove

      Me too, colj00…

      @LoneWanderer: Of course we have to deal with it, but that doesnt help that this is a big lack. A cockpit cam is essential for the feeling of driving a real car. You have to sit in there, not fly behind it.

      So to say, a NEXT GEN RACING SIM imo needs… gt5 has:
      1. Cars… checked
      2. Tracks… checked
      3. “Realistic” driving physics… checked
      4. Cockpit cams for every car… failed

      Some cool features for a NEXT GEN RACING SIM:
      5. dynamic weather – which we get and which is cool
      6. course editor – which we get and which is cool (even though its quite rudimental right now)
      7. realistic damage – which we dont get, but ok
      8. tuning options – which should contain more than just two dozen options (i am bashing, sorry). Take NFSU2 for example. Not the game itself, just all those countless tuning parts.

      There is a lot more (and gt5 already offers more), but i just named those that i think would be a great basis for a nearly perfect game!

      Of course i am glad that GT5 is coming soon, and my heart will jump high then. But it would jump even higher if we had COCKPIT CAMS FOR ALL CARS… i am still hoping ’cause i still cant believe it :(

      One could ask: What is more important to a “real driving simulator”, cockpit cam or photo mode?

  43. What’s that at 8:34? Sparks purely because of the damage?

    • Philmangt

      yeah i saw that. it would be awesome if that was due to suspension damage.

  44. AceArcadia

    I think the damage looks really good! I mean, you can’t expect a 1:1 and that what I have seen until now is enough me. I just want to know how hard I drove the car and not a simulation about “compressing a car by using a wall”

  45. Häka Mikkinen

    It is starting to feel like PD have painted them into an can of worms with damage. People’s expectations are so high for everything they do so unless they blow our minds away, we will be disappointed.

    • Its the reason why they havent attempted it until now. You cant have photo realistic cars with damage from Grid. (even though grid’s damage is very good) Both have to be photo realistic otherwise it looks cheap. Tbh from what ive seen so far, im quite impressed with what they’ve done. Besides no one is going to smash there cars up to this extent anyway – well, not the people who the game is aimed for atleast.

  46. Pavon_17

    After taking a look at the Rally Scene. Imagine if those take off the blue dashed line. We would all be driving around like drunk drivers. Yea, the headlights help, but not if you are going 140MPH ~ 225KM/H.
    Do I hear 55W HID upgrades? =)

  47. No time 2 minute limit on the demo…

  48. Maxiboy

    I bet everyone who is complaining about the damage were the ones calling for this unnecessary feature to be added. GT5 is a master of numbers and physics and a jacks of all the rest. Play it for what it is.

  49. The blackening is a bit odd. Definitely looks like it has been on fire. The main cause of blackening should be rubber from contact with other cars or tyre barriers. Still, beats no damage

    • it maybe just that its not a steel, i dont know what lambo is made of, but i think its some kind of plastic to reduce weight, so it pretty damn clear why its black to me.

    • Its caused by constant rubbing on the metal barriers, which is why you get sparks. Thus you get char.

    • oh maybe its just metal barrier is dirty so thats why the is dirty too ))

    • It’s bare carbon fibre, all the paint was scraped off

  50. Barryl85

    Looks good, hating the chase cam though, its like the camera is glued to the back of the car. No wonder none of them can drive on that view any good.

    The doors opening like that on the rally car is a bit cheesy though.

    • In GT4, the chase-cam was my favorite cam. Achieved a 5:18 on the Nürburgring in the Pescarolo (chase-cam, controller and AT) for example.

    • neema_t

      I don’t know how anyone can drive well (note the key word here: ‘well’) with the chase cam, I found it much harder to judge what my car was doing when I used it. That said, though, I think it would be easier to use if the camera doesn’t move in relation to the car at all so you can see exactly where it’s pointing at all times, if it wasn’t glued to the back of the car it’s more vague… At least that’s how I see it, I haven’t used the chase cam since GT3 though and that was some time ago!

  51. Ringmaster

    Poliphony should fix the illumination in night races, the cars illuminate very little the highway, it is not realistic (I hope they are the low beams).
    Greetings from Spain

    • neema_t

      That sounds about right, actually, if you’ve ever watched a night race, like the Nürburgring 24h or Le Mans 24 you’ll see that the lights aren’t incredibly powerful anyway. I’m really looking forward to races that require you to know the track more or less off by heart… I’ll have no problem with Fuji, Suzuka, London, HSR, Eiger Nordwand and Daytona at least!

  52. The rearview mirrors of this lambo bumped into the fence lots of times and nothing happened, they are nicely made lol

    • yeah, I noticed that as well, I think you mean the wing mirrors though. They went through the barriers a few time and never even came off!.. :(

  53. Iv never seen a car turn black like it’s burnt before

    • It’s the livery editor wich is not in the game. LOL

  54. Honda-Crz

    Still don’t understand why when the rear bumper id starting to deform the tips of the exhaust pipe are stuck to the bumper. Surely they be just sticking out through the bumper?

    • Honda-Crz

      id – is. Sorry for the typo

    • gallardo exhaust tips are not attached to the exhaust pipes as far as im aware, they are attached to the rear bumper. (at least this was true on the MY05 Gallardo).

    • @kayman: The exhaust tips are NOT attached to the exhaust pipes? Is that a typo (which I hope it is) or have you just been drinking today? And if you are serious, where does the exhaust come out?

  55. DaveTheStalker

    In car view at night would have been great!

  56. FrancisBenjamin

    in Russian, GT plays you.

    • JesseDeya

      I LOL’d :)

      Although I prefer “In Mother Russia, GT plays you!”

    • LoneWanderer

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      In Soviet Russia,
      Poem reads you.

  57. It does seem old, but the damage model seems quite better than the Gamescom 2010 odd warp effect…

    It still is millions of years from the GRID or DIRT damage model, but who cares?!? :-D The rest of the game is so great, and the real biggest improvement from GT4, in my opinion, is the in-car view…

    • Grid or Dirt?

      seriously? GT5 uses some sort of dynamic damage model.

      The games you mentioned do not

  58. This must be a very old demo.
    I’m soo hoping for TGS on thursday, where all the secrets should be revealed.


    Nothing new “/

    I hope we get Laguna Seca in GT5

    Trial Mountain
    Clubman stage II (the long track)
    & deep forest

    Classics please

    • Mr Frappy

      Ehhh, what does your wish list of tracks have to do with this news article?

    • Maxiboy

      Yeah Mr Frappy it really has nothing to with with it … maybe hes been NOT smoking too much weed

    • terminator363

      fail comment

  60. I find the damage is better in this build then in any previous ones i have seen.!!!!!

    • Il Venturetto

      Still a bit odd crashing at 150 km/h and receive little scratches

    • I agree its odd but I think the final game will have option to enable hard core mode where u r out crashing say at 50kmh.

  61. Spaghettimonster

    good to finally know the lambos front bumper is made of aluminum foil. xD very sticky in fact, that doesnt come off. ;-)

    • I can’t bear to see anything stupid comment about how the bumper is made out of tinfoil, or melted plastic, or the fact that they should have modelled in detail how fibreglass shatters and doesn’t crumple.

      Please stop, this isn’t burnout.

    • Spaghettimonster

      this was ment to be funny. anyways, all im saying this isnt burn out. thats why we all want it to be THE real driving simulator – so damage should be impressive as well. i think it is if you take crumple and stickyness away.

      dont get me wrong, the game is already great atm. played the gamescom build for about 3 hours and couldnt be happier. the pagani on nurburgring was… well. :DDDDDD

    • Big Ron

      You should show us a good damage model, where fible glass brakes like in real an then you can bash against GT5 ;)

      Most damage models are preorganised and preconfigurated. In GT5 it is realtime and so it has a big advantage again most other racing games.

    • Spaghettimonster

      ive seen good glass braking and wood cracking in some shooters, but thats not the point. yes, this is by far the best damage modeling ive seen as well. but still this unreal body part deformation is the only thing that disappoints me apart from the sounds. streamline studios are specialized in this if i am not mistaken.

      i am not bashing. ;) i just want this baby to be the best it can be. :)

    • Yeah, shooter or adventures are another department. They have more ressources to handle material configurations because most engine are mainly made to perform it.

      But racing games are different because the engines have to care about other (more important) things.

      Reference in damage model for racing games is still Burnout Paradise. Realtime deformations at its best. But the developer had the possibility to make such strong damage models, first because it is a arcade game, so driving physics and handling are less complicated tha driving simulations, so it doesn´t need much ressource and second they had fictive cars. When you create fictive cars, you can smah them how ever you want.

      But if you have licenced car, you have to care about manufacturer limitations. If the manufacturer sais, the cars can damage to a specific point, PD need to prepare the damage system to this point and no further.

    • Strikey182

      Hahaha, he made a joke about the damage and he gets slated! Jeeez people get offended way to easily..

    • FlareKR

      Damn people, calm down, it’s just a joke (but I personally want to see cars being split and smashed to pieces, too much Burnout, I know).

  62. The damage was new though


    Looks old to me. Nothing big

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