New B-Spec GT5 Seasonal Events for Thanksgiving Weekend

November 24th, 2011 by Jordan

Polyphony Digital knows many of you in the U.S. will be out shopping this Thanksgiving weekend (though they’d likely prefer you passed on those $28 copies of Forza Motorsport 4), so this week’s Seasonal Events take place within GT5‘s B-Spec mode.

  • 400PP Grand Valley East / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.120,000 2nd: Cr.73,000 3rd: Cr.64,200
    Prize: Helmet
  • 500PP Special Stage Route 5 / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.195,000 2nd: Cr.118,500 3rd: Cr.104,100
    Prize: Suit
  • 650PP Indy – Road Course / 10 Laps
    1st: Cr.300,000 2nd: Cr.182,600 3rd: Cr.160,400
    Prize: Helmet

Note the game’s Online Car Dealership has not been updated with these events. Thanks to jables72 for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Loading.

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  1. turbosmut

    Just my two cents by I think b-spec is great, I love having someone else earn money for me when I am doing something else so I can buy all the cars that I want later, I’ve being playing GT since a friend let me play a J-spec copy of GT1 on his playstation back in the day, the very next day I went out and bought me my first game console and since then waited for every new version like most of you have so I think I everyone here who did play all the version can remember each time you got a new game you would have to buy a cheap car and do the same track over and over just so you can get a little bit more money to buy another car or up grades, but who here really LIKE to drive a Demio 40 times on the high speed ring going all of 100mph? wouldn’t you want some other fool to do that for you? and no the whole “paying your dues” thing doesn’t fly because its the same track and cars from the last 2/3 version, just a lot better looking each time, so I think b-spec is great, free cars are great, I’ve played other games like NFS and I foolishly brought all the add-on with real money hoping it will be better but they still suck, PD is giving us a lot of free stuff: free cars, updates, etc….and Sony doesn’t charge to be on-line like Xbox, (yes I have that too). so I don;t understand why some people are upset, if you hate it so much, play something else, otherwise, let’s race!

  2. DA6righthand

    Sometimes b-spec gets boring but I’ll tell ya what, the seasonal event @ 246 had me on the edge of my seat! Really had to push my driver to make a last lap, last turn pass for the win. It was good enough that I saved the replay. The pay-out is well worth it so people need to quit complaining! I bet if you had to use your b-spec drivers during the a-spec endurances then people may not complain so much. That’s my hope for a future update. Think about it; what 24 hour race allows only one driver to complete it? Endurance racing means multi-driver teams. At least 2-3 b-spec drivers should be able to race for you part of the way when you get worn out. Then again, may be I’m not dedicated enough and, therefore, can be considered a complainer…

    • Or you can just meet some friends and do the ‘Ring together

  3. Who cares about Forza…GT5 FTW!!!

  4. Why was there only 3 events added?

  5. Witless76

    Struggling to find the right cars for these seasonals. Anyone got a tip? Gotta grind for the bucks, man.

  6. Rich_Wolf

    Polyphony must be lazy no special cars or races not even a suit with a birthday cake WTF!? maybe Forza is worth buying.

    • TokoTurismo

      Then you better make like a rabbit and race for it, those buyers aren’t gonna go easy so “hop to it”. And no worries, I’m sure theres a reason Kaz and PD putting the B-spec seasonal up. There might be something really good coming next month, so lets stay seated and buckel up are seat belts, that DLC is gonna blow us all away when it appears. ;) Just saying.

  7. Gotta throw my vote in here …. as an avid gamer/racer I find no entertainment in B-Spec other than the novelty of trying it for 5 minutes. I know the game means different things to different people but for me I just like to race. When I watch an actual race on TV it just makes me want to race (and I usually do). Why on earth would I want to watch a B-Spec race when I could be racing myself ?
    For the record, I also see no point in dressing up my “avatar” ….. my little sister thinks it’s cool but then again, she’s a 7 year old little girl :-) Personally, I just wish PD would spend their time rendering tracks and premium cars and improving tire modelling and physics. We just want to race :-)

  8. B-Spec is a massive waste of time and should never have been included in a racing game!!!! Let ME race!!!

  9. SaintSaiya


  10. Antonisbob

    I’m in Kanada, thanksgiving was last month here.

    • You live in ”Kanada” but dont know how to spell ”Canada”

  11. tillbot8

    I think b-spec appeals to the 10% of the community but the 90% get the majority of the seasonals, so I suppose it’s fair. But in my opinion another bizarre decision by polyphony digital, I do wonder what goes on in their heads sometimes

  12. aztecgamer

    B Spec, serves a purpose. I don’t like it much, but hey, easy money for when you want to do things around the house and don’t has time to sit and ‘play’ the game. :)

  13. sandwiches

    we need more a spec races more often. bring on spa and nurbergring thats what the are there for

  14. gatorsrule850

    im just glad to see 6 races to where i can get more money

  15. LR-MR-Cole

    B spec in GT5 is POINTLESS, why cant eveyone see this

    • another_jakhole

      Some people like it. Why can’t people see this?

    • TokoTurismo

      Don’t be getting angry when it’s also a thanksgiving gift, appreciate of what you’re being given. Why can’t everyone see this “especially”.

  16. screw B-Spec, MORE A-Spec!

  17. EvoluZion3

    Ive been whoring the 600k all afternoon, now Im only getting 300k (no 200%)? Ive logged out and back in again and still no luck. Darn!

  18. greenlightning

    Hell Yea………..time to make some cash………..maybe can hit 20 million for the first time?

  19. georgia2texas

    Some people are never satisfied. Smh

  20. We got Spec 2 and the beginning of DLC within a month of the release date, I’m guessing that was our 1 year.

  21. armydude

    2 things:

    1) this bspec race will help me win some money while i destroy the turkes which is being slowly cooked as i write this in the depths of my mom’s oven…..
    2) for something more “special” than this bspec seasonal, something tell’s me this christmas is gonna be something else in GT5, i’ll wait a little longer.

  22. Meh, not a fan of B-spec but something is better than nothing at all.

    • TokoTurismo

      I’m going to for surely agree with you on that one. :) It’s better to have something, then nothing. ;) I’ll stick with that one.

  23. I’m with stupits.

  24. grashopper

    Nice to see they are open to adding more events to a previous seasonal category. :)
    Would like to see more Lambo and Ferrari events.

  25. So they finally give us a Seasonal withOUT Tsukuba… and it’s B-SPEC?!


  26. Magik300

    I don’t understand b-spec. I’m to stupid for that.

    • scottypinthemix

      I’m with you on that. I must be stupid too.
      I tend to enjoy ~playing~ the games, rather than watching it play on its own.

    • iridegravity

      It’s for after you master A-spec or want to learn a little about the AI system and cars. Or if you just like B-Spec. No one is forcing you to do anything except complain I guess.

  27. Loading

    Thank you Jordan , for choosing my photo. thanks!

  28. masaki7026

    Eh, oh well. I expected something bigger for GT5’s anniversary but whatever. Besides, I can really use Bob now to scrape up some money for myself (after I got the Penniless trophy over buying that 5,000,000 cr Lancia rally car). :)

    And I think I might go ahead and pick up Forza 4 for that kind of discount, I heard it was a great game too :) Why not?

  29. richiem2282

    B-Spec, the forgotten chapter of GT5, and for good reason, do we really need to see more B-Spec, enough already, we still haven’t seen a race with the New DLC, How fun would a 5 lap race at Spa be after your turkey later today….

  30. SolidS2k

    Look forward to doing these when I get home from work tonight!

  31. I think à b-spec race with low pp cars of the exact same sort would be a realy good test for the cotching skills

  32. TokoTurismo

    I love B-spec racing but not as much as A-spec imo. If only the GT classic tracks were GT5, they would have made GT5’s anniversary alot exciting to be honest. And that makes me sad. :( But that won’t stop me from watching my famous drivers J.Tyler and F.Wolf enjoying the race while I’m using my laptop. :)

  33. n10secapricorn

    Time for Bob and Co to earn their pay again. Wish there was some A-Spec seasonal events for the 1 year anniversary though.

  34. AnTiheLT

    B-spec hmmm not sure what to think of that….

  35. Turbo-Kai

    nice to have…. complainers ar not forced to drive this…and it’s free!…
    but of course I am kind of fed up with this and looking for a new DLC!!! Please at least one new track and maybe more “licenses” for example…

    C U

  36. TurboProp

    Freakin’ B-SPEC?! “I” want to race, not watch!!! PD is so detached from their customers…jeez

    • SolidS2k

      Then don’t do the b-spec seasonals. Simple.

    • what they had gt4 was perfect. A and B spec at the same time.

    • tofudrifter

      You don’t speak for all of us , pd isn’t detached from me or anyone I know , freakin jeez lol you suck

    • turbo prop just blew up

    • iridegravity

      Endless whining….. They have you so hooked that your crying about lack of a “NEW” thing to do in A-Spec. I’d say they have you right where they want you. Get over it and realize that GT5 is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. If your going to whine. Pick something broke and tee off about that. This just sounds tired. People bemoaning free content or gifts…..jeez

    • TurboProp

      Fanboys come out of the wordwork when you cross PD or KY…

    • TurboProp

      Hey tofudrifter, your two dads suck…

  37. Awesome!!!

  38. Loonycrazyone

    Utter waste of time. B spec. Meh !

  39. well… that 10 laps of indy is the new grinding event, 600,000 with the 200% bonus! and my perfectly tuned Ferrari P4 seems to win every time without me doing anything :)

  40. EvoluZion3

    Why won’t they use Spa or even the Space Kart track in seasonal events? I know that not everyone purchased them but it would be nice if purchasers of DLC were rewarded a little!

    • SafaditM3

      The reason being that not all of the users have the track and it would be unfair to those that were not able to buy it.

    • Drakhor

      I have the same question. It being unfair to those who didn’t buy it is not a valid option in my view because not using those tracks in seasonals is definately unfair to those that DID put down the money.

    • iridegravity

      Agreed. Why worry about people not supporting the franchise. Still looking for something cool to do with my DLC. Right now I am just waiting on the Holiday unlock so my son can have it and we can race the cars.

  41. spikeyhairdude

    Yayyyy bspec

  42. lebes14

    I’ve been checking multiple times a day for news on the dlc, everytime I see a new topic I get excited. Wish they’d announce it already haha

  43. syaieya

    So I can either pay 30 dollars now for the standard Forza 4 and then drop 30 dollars on the most of the DLC, or wait 11 months for the immanent Forza 4 ultimate at 30 dollars with nearly all the DLC on disk.

    On second thought, they really haven’t added anything I’d want in 4 over 3, so Forza 3 stays in the Xbox and I’ll keep chewing on that 650PP B spec seasonal in GT5.

    I can get to the back of the Mclaren, my poor little bob just doesn’t have enough to actually pass it though.

  44. fet_thunderdome

    Mmm.. not funny..

  45. Drag Labs 101

    I’m down.. Something to do while being FAT with ttttturkkkey!

    To bad spa isn’t one!!!

    • Drag Labs 101

      @ Fet…

      It wasn’t an attempt at humor, troll!

  46. Time to dust off Bob again. Good deal.

    • HighPlainsDrftr

      LOL! Those aren’t bad payouts. Where do “Bob’s” go when not in use, and what do they do?

    • RoarOfZonda

      Bobs are chilling at their house in Monaco

  47. Moar B-Spec!!!!! Good or bad? I don’t know!

  48. gast1976

    Oh no !!!!!! Nothing serious for 1 year or gt5?

    • RoarOfZonda

      yeah :(
      I wish they gave us something more “special” for this games 1 year anniversary… guess I’m asking for too much

    • Is forza 4 only $30?

    • This really is sad… I thougt they would come up with something big for anniversary. I love this game but 3 B Spec Races only? Really?!?

    • nealcropper

      Mint I need to break in a calsonic anyway!

    • mobiletone

      @ J0SH1 – GET IT! a much better presented racing game than GT5, i got it a week ago and am loving it, just shows up how much GT5 is lacking.

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