New GT5 Video: Violent Crashes, Night Racing, & More

June 17th, 2010 by Jordan

Polyphony Digital’s latest official video shows off GT5‘s newest visual effects, including night racing and violent rollover crashes. Video quality will continue to improve over the next few minutes as YouTube finishes encoding this HD video.

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Video Documents Kazunori Yamauchi’s Nurburgring 24H Accident
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    no black lines while drift , burnout , dunot , why ?

  2. P.S. For the record, I’m pretty confident that ALL cars in Gran Turismo 5 will have interior views. Why so confident, you ask? If we are all basing this issue from Kaz’s statements (i.e. poor translation) regarding Premium cars VS. Standard cars with Gran Turismo 5: Prologue in mind, then the Suzuki Cappuccino ’95 in GT5:P by no means should be considered a “Premium” car, and yet, it still had it’s interior fully rendered. So I can’t imagine GT5 developers scraping the already exhisting interiors in these standard cars, and therefore, we should be expecting cockpit views of ALL cars, and extrodinarly detailed/destructable cockpit views in “Premium” cars. :)

  3. p.s. noticed mistake. Full interior recreation= standard and Premium cars’ interiors are created with the minutest of details
 – Harnesses, buttons, carbon fiber weave, wiring all virtually made=premium. obviously.

    Good news no?

    • It is if that’s actually true.

    • danielwhite74

      I had always maintained that Standard cars featured interiors. That should keep the haters quiet for a while, at least.

    • ElieTheBear

      why the windows are tinted black !?

    • they aren’t watch the video about standard cars on The pictures on the gt website are black tinted because they are from gt psp

    • Marcus, I think you may be misleading people or the article is misleading you. That part of the article specified only premium cars, not standard.

    • no no it clearly has two entries with interiors. read the above comment.

  4. Just uncovered Something massive. It suggests interiors for normal(standard) cars and also a new ‘GT driving school for begginers.

    Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo franchise creator and Polyphony Digital founder, revealed more details about the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 during an intimate closed door meeting with invited journalists at this year’s E3 convention.


Though the game we recently sampled was a close-to-production version, it’s still not finished, the car-crazy executive said. Startup times are promised to be shortened from their current few second leads, Even some fine tuning of graphics engines are expected ahead of the game’s November 2, 2010 release date.

    As you can probably already tell, Yamauchi-san and his teams are some of the world’s most meticulous people. Just look at GT5’s details and you’ll understand. There’s so much detail that the game’s BluRay is almost completely filled with data. Exactly how much is left wasn’t revealed.

    Among the exposed details are:


– Two types of cars: Premium and Standard –

- Over 800 Standard cars; mostly gathered from the franchise’s previous four editions.
- Over 200 Premium cars
- Total cars available: 1000-plus (final amount has yet to be determined)

    – Premium cars get –

- Full interior recreation

- Physics damage

    - Scratches, dents, dirt accumulation

    - Deformation and separation of body panels

    – Standard cars get –

    - Physics damage 
- Scratches, dents, dirt accumulation


- Premium cars’ interiors are created with the minutest of details
 – Harnesses, buttons, carbon fiber weave, wiring all virtually made

- Undersides are detailed as a result of vehicle overturning
- Textures have been especially focused on during rendering

    – NASCAR –

    - 9 cars revealed at E3 demo

- More are currently under development ahead of release
- Ability to race NASCAR racers on numerous world circuits (i.e., Nurburgring, Le Mans, etc.) 

    – New Tracks Revealed in E3 Demo –

    - Urban Madrid
- Tuscany, Italy
- Top Gear
- Le Mans (2009)

- 24 Hours of Nürburgring

    - Madrid and Tuscany took 2 years to complete

- All graffiti on Nürburgring was recreated exactly

- Sony of Europe did delete any profanity

    “While racing the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, you can smell people’s barbecues — we couldn’t recreate that.” — Kazunori Yamauchi

    – Photo Mode –

    - Two Modes: Race Photo and Photo Travel

    - Race -
- Take photos of cars racing


- Photo Travel -
- Situate vehicles at prescribed locations

    - E3 demo includes: Kyoto, Japan; Italian countryside; Red Bull Hangar 7

    - Full replication of real world wind, weather, and sounds

- Allows for Full Manual and AUTO mode usage, just as with professional DSLR cameras
- White Balance, focal length, shutter speed, F stop, etc.

    – Online –

    - Community connectivity allowed
 – Each user gets a “My Lounge” to connect with fellow racers
- Once in lounge, users can chat, watch racing, race each other
- Lounge can be password protected for certain friends

- Every user gets a viewable profile that shows game progress, status, and ability


– 3D/ Face Tracking –

- Two technologies combined for first time in video game 

    - Gives full perspective of vehicle interior for an immersed experience

    – Visual Effects –

- Night, day, shadows, sunset, sunrise all simulated
- low/high beams
- lights will illuminate dust, fog, smoke

- Collision sparks

- Kicking up debris

    - Horn

    Yamauchi-san also mentioned:

    – Users will be able to race a full 24 Hours of Le Mans or Nurburgring.
    – Full NASCAR races available
    – There will be an available virtual driving school for GT beginners
    – In addition to Ferrari, more Formula 1 teams are expected
    – GT5 will be produced in 12 languages


    there seems e3 only scrached the surface. Just wait till KAZ releases the game. To all you nay sayers just hang tight.

    • MagnusKnob

      This is the best news, since the release date! Finally some news where you can tell there will be cockpit/interioer view! Now im happy again.. now i just cant wait for the release date..

  5. You to laugh at those who would be happy to sacrifice key features such as damage, head tracking, online etc. in return for modelling 800+ normal cars interiors simply because they want to drive an elderly Honda or Toyota, ignoring the other 799 cars.

  6. Are my eyes tricking me, or at the 00:37 mark does the Nissan Skyline Calsonic leave a tire skid with it’s driver side rear tire? Also, if you really ‘pause-play’-play’during the Nascar the gets slammed into, has some pretty detail side damage on it’s driver side where the door is complete in-caved with pre-existing damage marks. Also, I’m not sure what type of vehicle that is going into the tunnel at the 00:23 mark (Audi? Mercedes?) but it’s ‘brights’ indicator is illumniated on the speedometer. Awesome attention to detail Gran Turismo 5 is. :)

  7. I bet that even the standard cars will still look 3 times as good as those in Forza 3.

    • ElieTheBear

      with no cockpit view

    • such an understatment. Forza is crap. GT is not especially GT5

    • keep the faith ElieTheBear looks like 5 months before we find out if interior minds inside of the car or engine etc. I wouldn’t have minded if there were no cockpits if people didn’t keep finding loopholes.

  8. ferhound

    will it be 1080p @ 60 fps?

    • yes 1080 p it was on gamespots interview. Not sure if there is 60 fps

  9. warp14engage

    After reading the news about the standard cars, I was dissapointed at the fact that not all the cars would have the same level of detail but I understood the time limit Polyphony was having to deal with and believed that the compromise they were making was actually going to be good overall. Then when I actually saw the video of the standard cars and took the opportunity to look closer at them, was when I realised how bad their quality really was. Upon pausing the HD video at a specifically selected point and taking time to analise the detailing on the Playstation Audi R8 Prototype, I was able to notice several graphical flaws worthy of being reported:

    1 – Low polygon count causing roughed edges to appear. This is quite noticeable right below the prototype’s small glass window on the driver’s side.

    2 – Excessive reflections. The car’s surface behaves too much like a mirror, making the car look as if it were made entirely of plastic that has been covered with a coating of varnish.

    3 – Weird, twisted reflections indicative of low amount of polygons. Visible on the left side of the center structure of the car (the one with “Playstation” on it) below the left mirror (right mirror if viewing from driver’s perspective).

    4 – Blurry textures. “Mahle”, “Michelin” and “C8 News” logos show quite a lot of blur.

    5 – General attention to model detail is poor. To understand this we need to look at the headlights, they appear to be textured in rather than being part of the actual car model. Once again the reflections gave away this detail, since the should change from surface to surface, which they don’t. This indicated that the headlight is made of the same material as the rest of the car and isn’t transparent when it should be.

    6 – What we already know. No cockpit view or modelled interiors mean black, strange windows in replays.

    After this comprehensive analysis, the conclusion I’ve reached is that there is a too significant gap between detail levels on premium and standard cars, making it seem as if the game was left unfinished and partially recycled. For a much better presentation, the game should be released with only the premium models, as it was with GT3 A-Spec. Like GT5, GT3 was the fist GT game of its console generation. It had a completely improved and revised graphics engine that first needed to be fully completed before the tons of content based on that engine could be built, content which was added in the excellent game that was GT4. GT5 should be the GT3 A-Spec of this console generation.

    • zepheadGT3

      your conclusion was really the same one i reached… it just seems like the game is unfinished, and like you said, partially recycled… i thought this was going to be a completly new game from the ground up… but it seems like we are going to get 800 “updated” cars from GT4…

  10. So what happens after you roll your car? Or damage it so much it is not longer drivable? Is your race over? Because if your car suddenly appears in the middle of the track nice and shinny again that is a bunch of bull arcade crap.
    On a similar note what if you crash head on into a wall at 200mph? is your career over, you need to start over from day 1?

    • ElieTheBear

      hope the car will stay crashed and not respawn shinny lol .. and stay crahed in the garage too !!

    • Jammy Dodger

      Yeh, that’s what i’m curious about lol

    • gtkiller

      That would be awesome to see your car banged up in your garage.

    • anominus

      i hope not that would be awfull

    • Spaghettimonster

      why??? i think thats an amazing idea. of course i would love to see it fixed live as well. :D

  11. …to prove that there is no cockpit view.

  12. I’d like to see a gameplay video of someone driving a standard car, so we can see how much of a difference there is. It would be nice if someone also cycled through the cams

  13. seckander

    it says all 1000 cars will have cockpit view, most people are MIXING INTERIOR VIEW (backseat etc) with COCKPIT VIEW

  14. Gtkiller

    I’m not bothered anymore by the 800 standard cars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are going to offer premium pack dlc’s in the future.

  15. seckander

    i will believe there will be cockpit views on all cars until i actually see the kaz say otherwise cause the word cockpit (interior view is somewhat vague) hasn’t been used yet and i feel better thinking that way… perhaps we’ll all be surprised…

  16. I’m so disappointed. I’ve waited 5 years for what appears to be GT4 HD. Most cars don’t have interior view. The damage looks ridiculously bad. Rally racing is still the same unrealistic crap with 2 cars on a closed circuit. Have PD ever even watched a WRC race?

    5 years we’ve waited for this game and all we get is night time (probably not even on all tracks) and neat graphics.

    • Feel free to wait another 3-5 years for GT6 then (I bet, you won’t) ;.)

    • Spaghettimonster

      yeah, i like the rallye cars and tracks in forza 3 much better. not to mention all the other hyper-realistic wrc games. xD

  17. SLOVEEEEEEENIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Wuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 2:0 “well who is slovenia right?” go to hell america!!! XD just kiddin ^^

    • Meinbeast

      not so funny now is it. We got robbed and should have won

  18. with all due respect to the author of this article, you are wrong. please stop spreading this misinformation about standard cars not having cockpit view.

    think about it:
    - interior details =/= cockpit view. interior view means view detail of the car has been fully modeled from the real thing.
    - you are basing this on the japanese website? i’m sure something got lost in translation there. where in the english site does it say no cockpit view?
    - no e3 preview says that there won’t be cockpit view.

    again, give me a link to a preview that cleary states no cockpit view for standard cars.

    • ElieTheBear

      premium interior modeled (like gt5p) standard no interior (tinted window)

  19. THer are 200 premuim cars and 20 premuim tracks , 800 standard cars , 50 standard tracks , 1080p 2d and 3d with pseye and move , day night cycle … fine tunning and busy with weather

  20. Jammy Dodger

    Great vid, but has anyone just thought about what happens when the car has flipped?

    I mean is PD making the race totally realistic and that’s the race finished or does it do that reset thing when you flash straight back onto the track like in Tourist Trophy.

    The last thing is do you reckon that we have to pay for the damage to the cars to be fixed in the oil / repair shop in GT4 or does the damage just vanish once the race is over?

    Can’t wait to find out though !!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

  21. peekaboo

    Do you see how the front of the red Nissan at 0:34 “disappears” into the ground? Tried to slip the buggy collision physics by us with some blur, eh? Not good…

  22. We’ve got already 76 highly detailed cars on GT5P, it means we are only having another 130 more? I think all of you feel that 76 altough a big number feels like nothing in the game, it’s like your driving the same cars every time. 200 won’t feel that much either… It’s ok that some of you say that 200 is a lot and most of the games have 50/60 cars but it’s Gran Turismo we’re talking about, their standards were always much higher than anybody else, they are supposed to be in the front by miles! I don’t drive supercars all the time I like to drive some classics and not so fast cars and get the full wow-experience as we had back in GT4 launched back in March 2005 and GT5 NEEDS to be MUCH better, it’s a new console and 5 years later they can’t just pick 800 old cars adapted to the PS3 it’s like the game is only 50% complete.

    I can’t understand Kaz when he said “If we can’t do it right, we won’t do at all” at GT quality level all the cars should be premium, THAT’S doing it right the standard cars are far from it.

  23. ElieTheBear

    never thought I’ll seen a gran turismo trailer looking like this before my ooollld age .. damage and rollovers ! NICE

  24. Me.Switch

    If you’re right and their will be 800+ without a cockpitview it would be a big disappointment for me. Of course 200+ is a lot and they’re build with awesome detail but i drive only in cockpitview since GT5P. It provides the closet feelings to real live.We will see …
    and i am not going to cry cause as i already said the whole package is mind blowing.

  25. Also to those people doubting cockpits for all cars due to running out of space on the disc. remember this?

  26. Just worked out that with 1000 car and five years that pd had half a day to work on each car

    • chrisrar

      your maths is pretty bad then.

    • 1000 divided by five gives 200 cars per year.
      365 divided by 200 gives 1.8

      looks like I did the cars per year and days in a year the wrong way round. Actually 2 days to work on each car. Still quite a small amount of time.

    • but consider they had more than one person doing the cars, so it was likely much more time per car than that

    • They spend 6 months fully modeling a premium car…I remember hearing this in a previous interview. And there is definitely more than 1 person working on a car at once.

  27. Freeze frame at the beginning of 0:34 seconds, and look at the RX-7. The biggest dent I’ve seen in a GT game/video.

    • Sam__ NY

      Is it just me, or is the side window of the 370Z smashed out at the same time. (34)

    • Sam_NY, you’re right! I’m sure it is.

  28. KilzoneStrife

    ..mmm..I bet the new honads PD is working on is Dlc? He said it might not be ready by the release? Still guys..Im hoping for standard car cockpits.. .HOW else can headtracking with the PS Eye work? It needs a cockpit view…

    • Yeah that wouldn’t work without cockpit view :P

      They haven’t really confirmed there’s no cockpits for the standard cars, have they? People just assume it to be so, lol

  29. DrTrouserPlank

    This rollover stuff looks half-baked. If you look at 0.34 in the video you can see the red 350Z land after flipping and it’s utterly rigid and almost floats as the physics can’t really deal with a car being upside down.

    It’s gonna look stupid if cars are half suspended or fail to obey the laws of gravity once they come back down.

  30. Cipudakis

    Look at the smoke out of that blue GTR !!!!!
    If tire smoke will look like that in November , i surely be happy !!! And whats da big deal with the cockpit view people ? :D I mean , first mod i always buy for my new car is WEIGHT REDUCTION STAGE 1 :D And STAGE 1 contains removing all interior and unnessasary comfort components :D So , standart or premium , all my cars will not have any interior , so its not big deal for me :D :D :D

  31. icleolion

    Is it me or does 0:08 hint at standing starts?

    • Drogahnus

      Dude, you’re right! I think we’re finally going to have standing starts! :D

    • twinspark24

      Hell yeah! That’s my most desired change from GT5P. I do hope it’s optinional for each race.

      I have never realised that November is the month that comes slowliest of all :D

  32. It seems that not all racing cars will be premium. Looks like all lmp1 cars from previous GTs are standard. Watch standard video on the official site.

  33. Stefan1904

    The article mentions that damage is not necessarily applied to all races in the game. Does this only mean that you can turn off damage or what?

    • I personally think that it means some track will disable the damage. Don’t know why surely if a certain physics is given to a car then surely it dosn’t depend on track. ?????

  34. TokyoDrift

    I wonder if the flying cars will look as lame as they do in Forza 3…

    Anyway, wishful thinking Me.Switch, standard cars will NOT have a cockpit view. Black border at best, just like on PSP.

  35. the whole summer is destroyed thanx to the realese date in november :( i just want it to go over! thanx alot sony and pd. first you make me wait in 5 years then you destroy my summer…

  36. Me.Switch

    Totally agree with Strikey182.
    Premium means that the cars have been build up from inside to outside, almost every screw, the engine bay, underbody and the whole internal space [That's what they call "interior"]. Thats important for the damage system (espacially for nascar), so those cars are able to get a almost “real” damage-behavior and i am absolutly sure we havn’t seen the complete damage at all.It will be as mindblowing as the day/night stuff (we will see at TGS).
    Standard cars aren’t build up from inside to outside, but i am sure they will all have cockpit view, but not so close to reality as the premiums are.

    If there will be weather conditions (and maybe dynamic) it will be the icing on the cake and GT5 will be an almost perfect package of Game and Art worth every second of waiting.

    The stuff shown these days is AWESOME and (in some parts) more than i expected. I mean we will have some original F1 cars and pitstops and day/night and nascar and WRC and SuperGT and damage and headtracking(it is one of the greatest new features imo) and great onlinemode(as far as it is promised to be) and everything from GT 1-4….. GT5 – simply not comparable

  37. Alex p.

    Gotta say I find it extremly dissapointing. Yes, I know, Forza’s interieurs look crap and all, but they needed 2.5 years to modell 400 interieur cars, PD, they super-duper-uber-perfectionists need 6 years to model 200 of them and than some of them are Golfs or Suzukis? Gimmme a break.
    I have to admit that GT5 will be absolutely mindblowing and BY FAR the best racing game ever, it’s obvious, but that is just not PD style any more IMO, just dissapointed.

  38. I would personally like to apologise for what i have said in earlier posts. I have said i would not purchase the game and have been overly critical of pd, kaz and some of you people. However upon going to the website well it dosn’t state that the cars will not have a cockpit view. Despite last nights whole thing with the twitter interview i think the questions were asked in the wrong way and kaz could only rely on the translator. I will buy the game because lets face it kaz will have catered for us. Screen shots of the interiors of race cars, super cars and also a dodge challenger srt8. One more thing worth noting you can see the drivers in the cars through the glass in supposed standard cars. Probably means nothing but well you know. They still sound like vacum cleaners though. Still 5 months left. Quite a long time for the small details.

  39. Cockpit Driver

    Okay here’s the deal. ALL cars will have cockpit view. BUT only 200 of the premium cars will have 100% accurate and detailed cockpits just like their real life models.

    The rest of the non-premium cars will have GENERIC black cockpits/interiors.

  40. Violent Crashes yes, but there is no sign of a realistic damage model shown in the video. Wished we would get some sort of info here too from PD :(
    Anyway, the video looks great and rollovers is really something I was hoping for. Lets pray that all the silly bump racing is over now.

  41. Strikey182

    Huh, so despite there hasnt actually been any confirming of no interior view, a massive amount of people have gone on a hate mission, due to speculation? What rational people.
    Standard cars get scratches, dents and mechanical damage
    Premium cars get scratches, dents, mechanical damage and body parts can fall off.
    Thats all thats been said that separates them yet people are saying “wahh wahh there is only 200 cars, i hate you PD wah wah i’m gonna whinge and whinge about the most complete driving car ever despite i’m never gonna get off my fat, critical, geeky arse and do any better, i just like to moan a lot” Please, don’t get the game if you are like that and also leave this site. Leave the people who aren’t over critical bgbastatbrds in peace :)

    • No shit, dude. Gamers are all kinds of pathetic. You people need to grow the **** up.

  42. blackjack

    it’s great to finally see a decent rollover in GT5! I wanted to see that for a loooooong time.

  43. don´t you realise that if yamauchi would put real cockpit interiors on 1000 cars, we wouldn´t play gt until 2020??

    I think that´s a little bit annoying but we must be comprehensive

    what do you think about the inclusion of real championships like nascar??

    I would like to see some tourism competition like dtm, btcc, etc and I don´t why is so difficult to see that (I mean complete rules, pilots, circuits)

  44. freshseth83

    Can any of you even name 200 cars with an interior that you’ve seen and been in? I don’t think you can. Why don’t some of you make a list of all the interiors you know of. Who wants to drive in a miata from 1992 and look at a steering wheel and a speedometer/tachometer? You really need detailed interiors of that? How about a Suzuki cappuccino? How about the little daihatsus? How about Jay Leno’s tank car? In the Japanese site it says INTERIOR, it doesn’t say cabin. They don’t use cockpit in their vocabulary the way we do. Cockpit refers to a plane, not a car. A cabin is a more precise way of saying it. And I see interior, not cabin, not cockpit. Interior means INSIDE, as in the guts of the car. Not the steering wheel and the dashboard. We still got 5 months left. I don’t wanna get no one’s hopes up. I see it saying 200 cars with intricate details and interiors, not 200 cars with cabins and steering wheels. Lets just wait and see.

    • Big Ron

      For race cars, it is right to use the word “cockpit”, cause it has nothing mor to do with a stock cabin ;)

      Also, in video game, the driving view from the cabin is called “cockpit view”.

      And for most street cars, the word interior also means the inside of the cabin, seat and steering wheel included

  45. KilzoneStrife

    Well..for me.I hoped my real world car made the wasnt in GT4…so I guess not.secondly,GT became famous for its simulation of everyday cars and race cars,emphasising the everyday cars like the old Demios a time when Need For Speed and Test Drive was all the market other words..the super car lust market was catered for and Kaz filled the void with Gran Turismo 1. Now..well,everyday cars are taking a back seat.well,I look at the bright side,namely that GT3 had 150cars or was a huge leap from the ps1,REAL for its day.then GT4 came along with 700 strong 3 years later.Kaz,no holiday,make GT6 as soon as GT5 gets to us lol

  46. 80% of GT5 is GT4 in HD, don’t buy this piece of shit. PD spent half a decade doing nothing!

  47. DrTrouserPlank

    Unfortunately a lot of people like driving “normal” cars, those normal road cars that will be in the 800 that supposedly can’t be driven from “drivers eye” view, although this stupid word “interiors” still makes it unclear what they are referring to.

    A lot of us Don’t like the “supercars”. They’re ok to mess around in now and then, but usually the people who go straight to the 600bhp cars online are usually the worst drivers…. those who have apparently been catered for the most.

    • Big Ron

      For me, it is the other way. I am more interested in all the race cars to get a real Motorsport-feeling. I love driving street cars, too. But not to race than more to beat lap times or drift around a track.

    • Flunkus

      I agree with DrTrouserPlank,

      Come to think of it, I never ever choose race cars because of this fact, you never get a fair competition.

      Being a Forza player (for the time being while GT5 is cooking) there is nothing better than tuning a street car and taking it out to compete against other people’s babies.

      Race cars aren’t personal enough in my opinion, feels more arcadey.

    • Flunkus

      Not that I fully disagree with Big Ron of course, if everyone is a fair driver with knowledge of etiquette and such, race cars can turn the heat up in a race like anything! Just harder to sort through the garbage casual players that hired it for the night.

  48. THE KING IS BACK!!!! The crashes look amazing.!!! So good. Im in shock

  49. KilzoneStrife

    Truth be told,the ‘competition’ ,namely Forza is GARBAGE! .go to their site,its game it registers max like 2000 people online.its has 300 odd cars with interior BUT every car is not modelled right.lines are wrong.dimensions are wrong.spoilers dont move (the motorised ones) interior modelling is terrible in Forza3.GT5 ,even with its 200 premiums wipes the floor with it.

    • Spaghettimonster

      absolutely right. i was so unbelievably disappointed after taking the shelby cobra for a ride on nurburgring. the interior looks – well, nintendo ds like. i dont remember exactly, but i think it had (polygon) errors as well. very sad.

  50. Wolgibkay07

    No interiors for 800 cars. I’m not buying thegame justfor 200 cars wtf ? BIG BIG dissapointment! :-(

    • Big Ron

      You are not buying it for only 200 cars? That is an epic fail. In past years, most racing games had just 40 to 60 cars. Some GT games had just 300 cars.
      Are 200 fully detailed cars not enough? Think about the number 200. It is not like having a hand full, it is like having three aircraft hangars full. And the plus of 800 other cars.

      Should be enough in my opinion.

      It is a shame, people are always bashing the car numbers, but ignoring the fact, that PD gave us some awesome new features, every fan has dreamed of.

      Maybe, you will not buy it, because you are not worth to play it ;)

    • Of course you will buy this game. You are not kidding anyone!!! watch that video again. Go on watch it. Put your hand on your heart and say. “Nah only 200 cars with interiors. Im not going to buy the best looking racing game in the video game history!!!”


      well according to our good friend wikipedia the standard cars will have basic interior modelling meaning there will still be cockpit view!

  51. Wolgibkay07

    I’m just not buying this game anymore. :-(

  52. Big Ron

    You can say, that all standard cars are converted from GT4 to GT5, but they updated them to GT5 standards and tuned the polycount to a higher level.

    So it is wrong to say, standard cars are just the GT4 cars. In one fact “yes”, but in finished condition “no”

    I love the new video with the crashes. You can see dents and deformation on the cars and flipping them. Looks very good.

    I hope, you can control the sensivity of the damage model. Because the NASCAR get hit like a rocket impact, but had just little deformation on the side.

    I like it to have a very sensitive damage model to get the most realistic effect.

  53. George Washington

    …there are some really oddly-informed people here

  54. KilzoneStrife

    dude..Ive got the original GTHD E3 2005 video..the standard cars look like that.the 2006 GT HD,is basically the GT Prologue type of cars.the standard GT5 cars resemble those original 2005 cars that were GT4 cars in HD.check gametrailers. Prologue looking cars were not how the original GTHD cars fact,Kaz at the E3 conference states that those are the exact GT4 models with higher poly count..and then he says the final game would look much much better.and then they ask him how long it would take to make GT5,and he says not long after PS3 releases

  55. WeinerSchnitzel

    Aren’t the Premium cars basically Gran Turismo HD cars? The ones in GT HD looked fantastic!!

    • No don’t thinks so, because the GT5 standard cars have blacked out windows like GT4. And GT:HD cars had a visable interieur from the outside.

    • @ stj no they don’t watch the video again

  56. gtkiller

    It’s interesting that the official GT site say’s over 1000 cars over 200 premium cars and over 800 standard cars, hmmm…How many cars are there going to be?

  57. samuelesm

    I hope if Premium cars don’t have interiors then we will eventually get an upadate with interiors and perhaps have all cars become premium. I don’t care if it would take all of my PS3′s memory because that’s pretty much all I’m playing on it.

  58. KilzoneStrife

    I’d rather they just released it with 200’d feel more professional.the 800 GT4 hd cars are going to drag this game throuh the mud when it starts getting reviewed..and that idiot Dan Greenawalt from T10 wont stop talking smack

    • danielwhite74

      That would be ironic, since Forza looks worse than Gran Turismo 4.

  59. gtkiller

    With given situation Would you guys rather have 1000 cars all premium with non of the other features and have it be like prologue, or 200 premium cars, improved physics, damage, day night cycle, headtracking, 3D (honestly I need this) improved smoke, debris, sparks, and 20 location with over 70 variation of tracks?

    • gtkiller – My best idea would be 400 premium cars then, no other :-)

    • gtkiller

      I could live with 400 premium cars and rest be added through DLC.

  60. George Washington

    Perhaps the greatest, most immersive new feature of GT5 is head tracking – which loses its purpose when you’re not viewing the track from the driver’s helmet. PLEASE, King Kaz the benevolent, let me get inside “standard” cars. If you can do it on the PSP, you can certainly do it on the PS3.

  61. Will night racing be in rally and endurance races only? That’s the only thing we’ve seen.

  62. MihaiF355

    hey guys i dont think that we are seeing the full damage model in this video…maybe they are keeping it under wraps for later on because I dont see any of those cars deforming or looking as though they would be undriveable

    • KilzoneStrife

      dude just take what you see as whats in…its better that way

  63. KilzoneStrife

    They should never have said 1000 cars.ever.its reallly 200.its still day 1 purchase for me but Im so severly dissapointed in the fact of the huge difference between standard and premium…Im not a big Nascar fan,but Nascar and WRC etc take up place in the 200 premiums…,btw.the blu ray did not run out of space! They could get it up to 300gb ! ! ! ..Kaz,day one purchase..but you building me up to break me down..

  64. George Washington

    Congress shall pass no law, Jordan shall delete your post.

    • haha,,this guy…well atleast i have good point…was gt psp..and damage a waste…wat real racer wwants to crash more than to see the inside of a pescalaro leman race car??…..people who asked for damage u have some guilt..for no cokpits n second hand graphics…i wanted to drive a supra and view the interior..i gues i have to wait till gt6 wen im 30 yrs old n bald

  65. mr.jordan with all due respect….please dont earase my comment as there is such a thing called freedom of n freedom of the press…well in the great nation of america there is….thank you

    • There is also something called “private property” in this great nation of America, and you’re on mine right now. I may remove any comment here for any reason. You can prevent that from happening by following the site’s Acceptable Use Policy when posting your messages.

  66. George Washington

    Awesome, but there better be some macho penalties in place when GT5 goes online or else punters are going to be in heaven

    • Yes, there’s a lot to fix online. Wallriding and aggressive ramming should be punished so hard, you think twice before doing that. And I hate being penaltied despite I’m the one who got rammed

  67. Anyone remember the Febraury issue for Playstation magazine and the post on this website that outlined its main details? It clearly stated that all cars have modeled interiors…why would PD tell the magazine of such a feature and then take it away a few months later? This is all very confusing…Kaz should seriously clear things up.

    • ferhound

      thats a point.

    • L8 Apex

      That article also said Indycars would be included, but they issued a retraction next month. Just sayin’…

  68. Retrostate

    One thing… all of the crashes (bar the rx-7 370z one) are racing cars, this suggests that we are seeing the premium damage. but, this is only a guess!

  69. zeromobius

    Add weather and customization like forza and nfs and I WILL forget about the stupid 800 thing

  70. Alex291190—Fuelled-By-Bed-Bull-Racing-021242863182148?p=1242807156063

    “In this version, gamers will get the chance drive the Nordschleife, try out the Top Gear test track and unlock a special car which… well, let’s just say Adrian Newey is involved as is Sebastian Vettel and they both met the game’s designer Kazunori Yamauchi in Milton Keynes earlier this year.”


  71. Did anyone find the damage a bit to light? I thought the cars would have been damaged much more heavily, especially the NASCAR car.

    • Yes, I know how a car looks like after such a crash and this damage is far too light in my opinion. Nevertheless I wil be one of the first people who will buy GT 5.

  72. This vid shows, in the background, more than 8 cars on the track.

  73. Wow! More information! i was amazed, then stunned, satisfied, and again itching for playing GT5.

  74. terminator363

    I hope we can flip over le mans cars like the Mercedes Accident back in the day :P

  75. STOP COMPLAINING!!! Just realize GT5 will be much better than flopza 3 with the best graphics ever. If you all care about interior that much, just buy all 200 cars with the interior. I, myself, use interior view and find it a great feature, but who really wants the interior view of some ugly ass muscle car from 1950.

    • I would rather drive 1,000,000 laps straight around Daytona than take a piece of crap with interior view around Nurburgring!

    • ElieTheBear


    • to me, I would love to know all the interiors of classic cars

  76. so make it this way Kaz, can you STOP ADDING FEATURES and then model some basic interior for the standard cars..I mean..Forza 3 interior atleast? dont go for those stupid track tracking thingy and some stupid technology which is not needed!

    • ferhound

      some stupid technology which is not needed!

      Do you mean 3D? thats vital man!!! imagine the world whithout it!!!11!!1

    • ferhoud i mean remember the technology which sync replays with your real car around the track which develop with toyota thing? that is one example…3D..yes i need! other than THAT? NO

    • i’d rather a quality interior than cheap nasty looking interiors which result in me wanting to use the bumper cam anyway.

  77. In the heaven this Tuesday, in hell tonight

    disappointed. 800 cars looks like GT4

    WHY GOD WHYYYYYY ?????????

    • caasimun

      excuse me…let me ask you did u have all 800 cars in ur garrage in gt4 no u didnt, so stfu this game is perfect…am not waiting another freakin 6 years coz of bass fish liike u!

    • No. hero just have a 98% in GT4.. im a REAL FAN of GT, but
      you see the standard video? you see ?

      SUCKS !! 6 yeras for 800 low poly cars ??
      excuse me YOU, but prefer three years and the same 200 premium cars today

    • danielwhite74

      800 cars do *not* look like Gran Turismo 4. The only differences between standard and Premium cars are the lack of cockpit view and deformation.

    • danielwhite74

      800 cars do *not* look like Gran Turismo 4. The only differences between standard and Premium cars are the lack of cockpit view and deformation. They still contain half a million polygons each.

  78. Drewboto

    Notice how they don’t show what happens to the cars after they flip. I’m curious to see how the roof sliding physics are. Does the car slide to a stop then automatically reset? Is the race over? What happens? Perhaps PD doesn’t have that worked out yet and aren’t showing the whole crash because the physics look awful or something.

  79. gtkiller

    It’s interesting, when i try to click on the “standard” video it’s been removed… anyone else experiencing the samething?

  80. If cockpit view are not in all cars then we will have to wait for “Man Furismo Fix” !!!

  81. FlareKR

    Woho! I’m gonna be watching replays over and over with those epic crashes!
    What about split-screen?

    • i think split screen there tooo ofc.. just i wish 4 players on split screen

  82. Hacki_Roku

    Intense damage!!!!! wow

    Ive never expect something like that as a final product in GT5, maybe its been a long waiting, but fresh news just amaze me every time, i beleive the wait woth it.

    As a fan of drift ive notice the smoke have change a lot, (see at 29 secondes) the blue JGTC just make a lill spin and smoke comes up like real one, its like we can loose the car in plenty of smoke during a burnout for example. Do you think this smoke is actually gameplay????

  83. ferhound

    to bad they didnt say when Man Furismo Jive comes out. now we can wait for GT6.

    • They did. Haven’t you seen ANY E3 coverage?

      It comes out November 2nd of this year

    • Oh wait… Damnit! >_< I read that too fast.

      Joke went over my head… Sorry…

    • gtkiller

      I don’t see it either…

  84. Where exactly on PD’s site does it say standard cars wont have interior views…..just want to be sure.

    • caasimun

      go to standard cars info and look

    • “Updated cars from past Gran Turismo games with an unrivaled range of selection.

      Includes over 800 cars

      The massive lineup of cars from past Gran Turismo games has been beautifully recreated through the latest technology and the Playstation 3’s cutting-edge graphics.

      Gran Turismo 5 feature an astounding 800+ cars, a vast collection covering a wide range of eras and categories.”

      I dont see it….

    • gtkiller

      Sorry but, I don’t see it either…

    • Also, I just noticed cars from gt4 have interior views in gt5p (like bmw z4)…..maybe there is hope of interior view on cars from gt4

    • Yeah, as far as I know, you can transfer your cars from GT5p to GT5, so all of these should have interior

  85. icant55

    @ WSOUL: Where did you preorder the special edition @?

    • My local GameStop got the green light this morning for preordering. Their website also has it available for preorder.

  86. viejalocca

    Wow, this is.. just…F-ING AMAZING!!! THis will be the most epic and realistic racing game ever created in the history of man!

  87. ferhound

    the video doesnt feature PHISICAL DAMAGE.

    • 0:25 – 0:28: Jeff’s car gets pegged in the front left, leaving a huge dent and some nice thick “magic” smoke.

    • ferhound

      are you serious? theres nothing there!

    • ngrignon

      are you serious? just a bump in the side with the force of this impact, the car should have been in a VERY VERY bad shape…

    • yeah, the damage is very poor.

      too bad yamauchi is too busy visiting nurburgring and testing hybrid cars to actually bother with his game

    • GT and any other racing sim isn’t for you guys. Go play burnout paradise, blur, or motorstorm. Those games are for you big kids.

  88. fabiotesta82


  89. Can’t wait for the 2nd. Just preordered the Collector’s Edition today. I hope the 20 tracks + variations are done creatively though to keep it fresh. Just 20 tracks doesn’t seem too cool to me, but at least I’ll be able to race. Can’t wait to drive at “The Green Hell”.

    • LiMe_101

      There isn’t cockpit view period for standard cars

    • I know, but they said about modeling the undercarriage of the premium cars as well. Unless that is just a demo reel of a beta version, there are going to be standard cars flying around as well. If that is true and the 370Z has an unmodelled undercarriage, wouldn’t that make it a standard? I don’t know. Maybe my lack of sleep is making me think like an idiot…

    • Forget my response. Sorry.

    • wsoul – Didn’t you know, Nürburgring counts like 5 tracks ;-)

  90. LiMe_101

    It’s kind of disappointing to see no underside detail on a 370z. 370z is a premium because it has a cockpit view.

    • ferhound

      no its the other way… have a cockpit view because is premium.

    • Is it a premium car? If not, there may just be a not-as-greatly detailed cockpit view for standard cars.

    • malc an ting

      Look closer, I am pretty sure I see mufflers under the rear of the 370 when it starts to flip over.

    • The 370Z does have underside detail. Here’s a screenshot.

    • That’s easier to see. Thanks, Jordan.

    • Squishydk

      i still haven’t seen anywhere to confirm 100% that standard dont have cockpit view. Interior can mean different things than cockpit views, especially translated from Japanese.

    • Yeah. It shows however that there will be a mixed category of cars in premium which makes the whole thing a bit better. When is the next game show? Almost certain that the remaining details will be unveiled then and the eu release as well. The tokyo game show I’m guessing will have the asian release as well as a full car/track list.

  91. ferhound

    What does this mean?:

    By moving your face parallel to the screen, you can change your point of view (field of view). This makes possible a sensation as though you are actually inside your chosen car.

    • Viktor Navorsky

      That you can “Zoom in and Zoom Out” … just moving your face towards the tv… amazing huh?

    • I think what they meant when they said “moving your face parallel to the screen…” is “Turning your head while watching the screen allows you to look around.” It tracks your face so you can see left and right of you. Kinda like the IRTracker stuff for the PC except without the IR LEDs. Gonna be a little strange turning your head and keeping your eyes on the screen though. @_@

    • Nato_777

      Hopefully the tracking isn’t too sensitive so that you have to stay rigidly still just to look straight ahead. Could be quite hard as most people I’ve seen playing racing games end up leaning into corners and generally moving around lots.

    • i think it means moving your head toward your shoulder while keeping your focus on the screen.

    • I believe you’ve got it all wrong. Tilting your head will NOT influence the screen. Moving your head left and right, up and down will. It will make it look like you’re looking through a window, which gives it a really nice 3D effect, even when you haven’t got a 3D tv.

  92. Viktor Navorsky

    Ok… a car flipping 360 in the air… that isnt much what i was expecting…

    • tvensky

      yes, and almost no damage at all.. :( weird..

      video great overall.

    • if you look as the nascar as it stops spinning, you’ll notice deformation on both sides of the car. If you want chaotic damage, I suggest you go back to play your burnout.

  93. First! Looks good

  94. Viktor Navorsky

    Man… this site doesnt stop!!!

  95. oscartron


  96. iamallthumbs


  97. aelange

    Love the pop up headlights! This game is going to be epic, I’m not worried about dynamic weather, all signs point to yes.

  98. d3br34k5

    Short, but exciting.

  99. Drogahnus

    Nice. Thought they were doing details on the underside of vehicles?

    • juniordee

      Might have been a standard car.

    • Drogahnus

      That’s true, I forgot about that.

    • Super-GT cars have a flat underside for aerodynamic reasons. The real ones also have black panels that cover their undercarriage (exhaust pipes, etc.)

    • Keep in mind those JGTC cars have flat undersides in real life to increase downforce.

    • caasimun

      thats true…one question: if they didn’t include all the details like undercarraige, all buttons on dashboard thing, they could have put all interiors for all cars, they didnt do it coz basically -”the disk ran out of space”

    • caasimun

      am not complaining…all am saying is…JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE GAME IN THE MAIL!!!!

      ADD PSN: caasimun

    • Drogahnus

      I’m aware of GT cars having flat undersides for aero purposes (wrote a paper on it), but I was curious in the E3 trailer, I believe the same case was for the blue Evo that was rolling over. Could have been a standard car, though.

    • caasimun

      well maybe its part of a customization…we cannot find out until the actual game comes out, I, am very excited…people are furious about the 800 cars not having interiors, but am not bothered…coz i know i will not be able to attain all 1000+ cars in the garage, and to be frank, i usually stick to about 5 cars…either because they make me achieve a goal easier or its just damn sexy, either way am happy…are you?

    • Drogahnus

      I’m just fine with it. I doubt very much I’ll have time to mess around with 200 cars, let alone 1000.

    • No46_TheDoctor

      Problem is, what if a car you really, really want is standard and you only use in-car view?

    • Man, this is why this game is taking forever to come out. Now people start to care about underside of the car after GT has the ability to roll over.

    • Drogahnus


      Meh, I’ll just have to deal with it and hope for DLC, eh. :P I’m more interested in knowing the customization options we’ll have.

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