Official Gran Turismo 5 Tokyo Game Show 2010 Trailer

September 1st, 2010 by Jordan
At the request of Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital, this video has been removed.

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  1. Xstraightedgex

    This is

    Just Orgasm to my eyes & ears


  2. Stop the Video at 2:25 and then you have Your Red Bull prototype. That is no F1 nose and there is a “1” on it

  3. Veitchy

    Bugger it. I’m over speculating what will and wont be in this game. I just want it to be hare so I can play it till I have a Vitamin D deficiency.

  4. pasigiri

    This game has shaped up to be one of the greatest games of all times even BEFORE it’s launch. Funny thing is, I was just on IGN’s website and they have nothing, NOTHING, on GT5. I sense some serious hatin.

    • pasigiri

      When I say nothing, I mean no TGS updates.

    • Most sites have little or no coverage of the latest news.

      It probably won’t be until all of the official videos are released and any interviews done that we see more coverage.

  5. DirtyMudFlaps

    Whoa is that a race version of the GT by Citogen…. Nice.

  6. ElieTheStig

    have you noticed the car jumping over the other one in nascar !!

  7. 3 words … wow

  8. GamerGT5

    The pit stop looks awesome! The last time they shown gameplay with the pit crew was TGS last year.

  9. tvensky

    Just beautiful

  10. excellent.

  11. =( I can’t see it

  12. I believe that the ending car is NOT the X1, The X1 was a design between PD and Adrian Newey.

    The driver at the end is Sebastian Vettel a F1 driver and it shows him standing next to a F1 car under a white sheet and then a glimpse of a F1 car….I think there hinting toward F1 cars and drivers could possibly be in the game as well

    • ElieTheStig

      the shape of the x1 is more like a le mans 24h car

    • GamerGT5

      Yea I think there’s going to be an F1 series included. Sebstian Vettel is of course an F1 driver.

    • Yeah that is not the X1, I really want to see what that looks like.

      and if F1 is a series in the game also that would be so awesome! after that all that is really left Baja Buggys and Trucks, Drag racers and them dirt oval cars (i can not think of the name of them for the life of me right now) lol

  13. …….. About how everything looks. There was so many time left and See what they done. Stunning. I wish we could give everyone at PD a big hug :0) Be happy guys, it’s nearly over. And it never got pushed or delayed because it Never had a real Releasedate! Someone just said march and that was not Kaz. So i’m sitting here with 39 degrees Fever and couln’t be more happier

  14. lone_racer

    wow that was cool this game is going be so satifying like your really pushing the ps3 to its lmits here i always wanted to see what the ps3 was capable of now we get to see

  15. Let me guess, that Song is called HOR5EPOWER ?!?! So I get a place in the credits now for this Idea ? God, i’m so in love with that game and to be honest, i was already satisfied after they showed the Top Gear Track. And I’m really getting angry after so many stupid complains

    • 5o, I think I’ll ju5t 5tart replacing all “S’e5″ with number five5 from now on..

  16. Rain!!! @ the 0:55 & 1:00 marks. And wipers too! This should be very challenging. Of course, we’ll have to wait until November to be sure. Patiently waiting, but excited.

    • viejaloca

      I think the wippers were the coolest part of the vid! lol X-D

  17. Craigles

    It dosn’t give alot of info away like the brilliant E3 trailor but still a great trailor.

    Hopfully we will get lots more tomorow

  18. @ 1:57 the rims the pit crew installed were chrome, not standard black..

    • Interesting, I wonder why. In all of the other NASCAR scenes the cars have black rims.

    • I’m hoping it’s a hint at wheel customization.. I want to put those rims and slicks on muscle cars

    • Yaycandy69

      Nascar….cars standard usually have black or silver rims. rarely see silver anymore just like a couple cars still use them

  19. samuelesm


  20. kie0987

    is that a shelby cobra at 0.54?

    • Sum1s2pid

      No, it’s an AC Cobra. I kid! But yeah–a Cobra.

    • ItchyTrigger

      from what track is the ‘S’ that the Cobra is skidding across?

  21. NoonenF1

    Crazy amazing! Not sure, but I may have seen Midfield’s straightaway after the show of the JGTC’s going down Trial Mountain’s back straight.

    I’m glad to see that the classic tracks will be included.

  22. AGNT009

    Hulk is getting VERY angry at Penske and RCR, and most of Roush that I only see ONE new Stock Car! AJ FreakinAllmendinger? Really? Right now, we dont even have a full 16 car field without using duplicate/alternate scheme cars!

    Having said that, that video could charge a fee at a porn site.

    • Theirs still about a month and 1/2 left, maybe there is others being produced still…also these are all premium cars they havnt shown much of the standard cars, im sure theirs some standards also

  23. the X1 will be the ultimate racecar. can’t wait to drive it.

  24. Yeah where did you see that??

  25. Hey wait.. He’s saying.. borscht…… olive.. borscht…… olive.. borscht…… olive.. borscht…… olive.. borscht…… olive.. Listen to it again.

  26. 47 days left (Europe)

    Have Japan got their release date??

  27. It’s a pretty good trailer as long as you hit the mute button in time.

  28. I think Vettel will teach us how to drive an F1 car. That would be awesome.

    • At least then we’ll some proper rear end damage!

  29. Sum1s2pid

    Made me lick my screen and rub my mouse-wheel. Sensory overload!


  30. If anyone sees this on YouTube in High Def, please post a link here. The YouTube vid posted now is 480p

  31. reaperman

    I spy with my little eye the HD version of some damn fine GT-original tracks that I have been missing.

  32. 1:54 look at the Ford focus. full with snow. nice effect

    • Big Ron

      Hehe, you are right. But the effect is so uniform shaded, that I thought it is a Focus without paint scheme :D

  33. Owaldock

    Dam you steve jobs….!!!

    • JimInPT

      “Dam you steve jobs….!!!”

      You’re just figuring that out *now*? ;-)

      The iCult doesn’t want you viewing unculty things like GT5 trailers.

    • Big Ron

      Right, because only f****ng Steve Jobs explains, what is culture and what isn´t ;)

      Now you see, what your iPhone is worth ;)

    • Lol at the hateboys. Trying to spread your hate here as well? Interesting..

  34. GT-Fan157

    I’m also a Jeff Gordon fan btw

  35. GT-Fan157

    Wow!!!!!!! A.J. Almendinger & Denny Hamlin (both NASCAR drivers) were included!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a NASCAR fan, a HUGE NASCAR FAN. This is just awesome. EA sports was BS, & everyone who played it knows that. KEEP IT UP PD. Left my mouth :o wide open…

  36. radiols-r27

    Di sessanta milioni di dollari per la produzione trenta milioni li hanno spesi in trailer!

  37. viejaloca

    Holy F*** I think it’s safe to say this will clearly beat any racing game on the market at this time. Maybe beat any PS3 game!!!!

    • NoonenF1

      I agree. Think of GT5’s competition for best all-time PS3 game: Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, Modern Warfare 2, GOW III, GTA IV, to name a few.

      I could see this game becoming the best critical success on the PS3.

  38. Lastkatun

    @Dearlybeloved SAME PRAYER! God please let me play gt5! I think that in the heaven there Are a lot of cockpit with gt5 and g25 or fanatec! I hope this!!!

  39. Great video, awfull “music”

    The Citroen GT looks much better with those upgrades.

    • Agreed, agreed, and agreed! I can’t take this anymore, I need this like a heroin addict needs just one more hit. My G25 has been collecting dust for too long now!!!

  40. PLEASE SAY THEY’LL MAKE THIS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON THE PS STORE!! Sorry for the caps , im too excited.

  41. I want that song and I want that game.

  42. Starting from 0:34. The Mustang GT appears as a ghost.

  43. Alex p.

    Haha a virtualized Vettel at 2:25?

  44. ahahahah awesome!
    any standards here o.o

    • Alex p.

      I guess the Celica Rally Car at Chamonix was a standard.

  45. Geo_212

    I noticed that some of the trees were one layer of pixels… Which looks pretty bad. BUT I DON’T CARE. BRING ON GT5, PD! I’m buying a racing wheel just for this! :D

  46. Philmangt

    OMG that nascar crash, did the chase cam car go airborn over the other car or was that just a camera effect!!!!

    • How it goes airborn i think it is the bumpercam on the car. It took off. Great.

    • Big Ron

      I think, it was just a custom created camera effect for the video. No reason, why the car should get airborne.

  47. Sam__NY

    Keonigsegg CCX???

  48. dearlybeloved

    Here is what my prayer will be every night before i go to sleep… ‘Dear Allah, please let me live for one more day so that I may be able to play GT5. Please take my soul away only after the i play the game. Ameen”

    Peace out.

  49. Bones Brigade

    Enzo at El Capitan?

  50. Holy crap.

  51. Liked the visuals, but what the hell was that god-awful headache/seizure inducing noise playing in the background?!

    GT5 is gonna be sick though.. can’t wait for Nov. 2nd. Weather and night racing looking great. I especially like the reflections of the lights that are on the wet track, looking super realistic. Oh, and the flashplayer works on the PS3 browser, nice.

  52. So are they actually going to build the Red Bull X1 or is it just fictitious?

    • IF that is the X1 it will be fictitious, atleast the in game version because it will have to be dumbed down to meet racing regs

  53. cvturbo

    HOLY S**T thats was AWESOME

  54. The subliminal view of a RedBull F1 at the end ! Well done guys ! Can’t wait !

  55. dearlybeloved

    the facial recreation of loeb is amazing. The pit crew’s motion was amazing. the view of more than 6 cars on Trial Mountains tunnel is amazing. The GT Citroen race car is amazing. Seeing circular skidmarks made my evening. Everything about this game is amazing. AMAZING.

    • ElieTheStig

      yeah 16 on trial mountain crest wow that was a nice shot

    • It looked like a horde of Bisons stampeding over a hill

  56. Breathtaking.

  57. Honda-Crz


  58. I watched this 3 times and im still missing the LFA some how. where is it in the video?

    • It’s the car with the inverted triangular exhaust, shown at the very beginning.

    • Just in the beginning. We just see the exhaut pipe.

    • Mr_Hansen

      The very first screen! The one with the three exhausts pipes formed a triangle.

    • Philmangt

      yeah i dont see it either :/

    • OH! i was thinking that was a Zonda

    • Dr.Strangelove

      I am quite sure every Zonda has got four exhaust pipes.

    • Sigmaviper11

      Yea, I thought it was a Zonda at first as well. Then I realized that the Zondas have a square configuration quad exhuast. Still. . . Both cars. . . INSANE!!! Wonder which would win in a batlle.

    • Yeah they have four pipes….i just seen a cluster of pipes and thought Zonda

  59. the rally car jumping with fireworks in the back ground did it for me haha

  60. Sigmaviper11

    Oh dear god. I wont be able to contain myself. I showed GT to my girlfriend a few months ago she has now become something of a Gran Turismo nut as well. We gonna go crazy waiting like this. Please? One demo? Two cars, two tracks, weather options and the current Damage build? Please?????

    If not, ok Fine. MORE TRAILERS!!!!

    • Please, no more trailer, i can`t take it anymore to watch what i can`t get right now :(

    • Sigmaviper11

      I need trailers if I can’t have a demo. It’ll be my periodic fix. LMFAO!!!

    • HugoStiglitz_420

      I agree. we need a demo. I don’t want to keep traveling to go to best buy. Just one road, one rally, damage & a few cars. WE DESERVE IT & NEWBIES NEED TO BE WON OVER!!!

    • NoonenF1

      @Sigmaviper11, my girlfriend pre-ordered me the CE for my birthday since I was so eagerly anticipating its release

    • Sigmaviper11

      @NoonenF1, dude that is so freakin awesome!!! I preordered mine before she really noticed, but in Prologue she almost beat me. Only like a second behind in the F1.

      I suppose there should be like a hail or something. To all the girlfriends who either enjoy, participate or put up with their boyfriends in the epic journey that is Gran Turismo!

    • What the hell ? Where did you find girlfriends that play Gran Turismo ? Are there still some left ?

  61. Big Ron

    Oh man, I had an orgasm.

  62. SVT Cobra GT

    FINALLY!! A classic Mustang in GT! :D

    I reckon that tease of Red Bulls ‘F1′ car might be that X1 concept they were talking about! I kinda hope its not :D

    • Magic Ayrton

      Wasn’t that a Corvette?


      It is the X1. After seeing that grainy video, I could reconize some of the design lines.

    • SVT Cobra GT

      No, the white one thats siluotted in the engine holograms around 0:34-0:39

    • This should give us hope for a classic Capri as well

  63. No46_TheDoctor

    Good Lord, check out the motion capture on the pit crew !

  64. HugoStiglitz_420

    EL CAPITAN!!! F*** YEA!!!!!!!!


    I have played video games since the 1980s and I can honestly say i’ve never been so excited about a video game. That trailer is just incredible. The night before GT5 is released will be like xmas eve when I was a child.

    • Haha, ditto. We’ve come a long way since the ZX81 and the dreaded typing in of incorrect programs!

      It’s only going to get better too.

    • Dr.Strangelove

      I can honestly say that i feel like a child before xmas right now just thinking about the day before the release. :D
      Dont know how this will feel when i put my fingers on this game, which will be the best for a long time to come…

    • Yeah, imagine how you enter your local dealer’s shop – and it’s actually there! :-D
      PS: Try not to run into other pedestrians while looking at the cover all the time when returning home

  66. uzz30driver

    I’m guessing that the X1 debuts in Gran turismo? Is that it with the speed climbing past 362km/h near the end? I’m thinking that’s what the voice-over mentioning ‘reaching 400km/h’ in one of the previous trailers was talking about…

    That snow track near the ending after the Citroen hits the jump I’m hoping is confirmation that the track generator can make narrow courses.

    • No46_TheDoctor

      That narrow track could be the random generated rally stages though.

    • TankKiller

      yeah sounds right with the x1

      man this is exciting

  67. ElieTheStig

    hey its just a dream guys .. we are gonna all wake up in march for the delay again

  68. VeyronGlen

    OMFG!! Lexus LFA And GTbyCitroen Race Car!! Lost For Words!!

  69. Gran Turismo Vet

    GT 5 is coming!

  70. Notice the Ford Mustang Mach 1 ’72

  71. crzy_dj

    eyegasm *_*

  72. Excited! Trail Mountain? Yes please. So glad we’re getting more than 20 tracks, all this news today is just amazing. *death*

  73. myr12006

    OMG!! OMG!! shivers OMG!! OMG!! shivers …

  74. TheGranVette

    horse… power

    • haha, I was about to ask ‘what’s up with the horse noises’ but you already answered my question. thank you

  75. nismofreak

    Holy Frijoles!!!! My heart just skipped a beat. This is the reason why I bought any of my PlayStations. From the japanese GT1 release and the original PS to this and my PS3 Slim. Without this game, I would not have bought a console.


    • ChronowerX_GT

      Yeah, main reason I’ve got a console. I’ve bought other games for it but this is the reason I’m not sticking to PC gaming.

  76. To be honest;

    It doesn’t look that nice at 3/4 of the video.
    The icey scenery didn’t impress me at all.

    The rest was nice though :]

  77. Has that green #43 nascar been seen before?? i dont remember seeing that

    • Sam__ NY

      Nope. We’ve never seen it before. The car is A.J Almendingers #43 Insignia/Best Buy Ford NASCAR stock car.

    • Awesome, theirs another new Nascar. I think its the #11…..I dont follow Nascar but i dont think ive seen that one before either. They said there was 9 awhile back but i counted 11 total in that one shot.

    • Sam__NY

      @Mutimy- We saw the #11 NASCAR Fedex car (Denny Hamlin) back at E3 2009, but since then, they never showed the 2010 model. Until now, that is.

    • Oh probably why i never seen it then.

      I have not watched Nascar is so long but im starting to get back into it now and im really looking forward to doing the Nascar events.

  78. the stig

    theres footage from psp trailer in the middle of this vid.

  79. Magic Ayrton

    Words fail me… I just can’t believe this :D

    Fantastic, those cars going sideways on that crest at trial mountain!!!

    And those weather effects!

    Pitcrew movements…


  80. Philmangt

    Trial mountain looked great from that short clip of it

  81. hellseek


  82. ElieTheStig


    • Dr.Strangelove

      4 sure i would prefer an earth attack… :D … instead of a heart attack if that means i will still be able to play GT5.
      May the world be shattered into pieces by dreadful aliens, as long as we – the gtplanet community – can play this game for at least one day.

  83. And Lexus LFA !

  84. Codename6

    That was nice but I want to see that weather trailer in HD!!!

    Also, that Citreon GT Race Car looked sick!

  85. Did eneyone notice the F1 car at the end of the video OMG cant wait!!!

    • TankKiller

      wow could be the X1 car, shortly before that you see the car under the white blanket and with a cgi a introductory movie to the car

    • I think it is not the F1 car but the X1. This must be the result of what we saw in an other trailer when Kaz put something in the carbon baking oven at RBR.

  86. Oh my. That sent shivers right down my spine the whole time. Especially at the end when they tease you with the Red Bull F1 car. PD are really on it this time.

  87. UnkaD013

    This was the most intense GT trailer I’ve seen. I’ve got shivers…

  88. ferhound id

    the horse sound made me laugh

    • Aquarius086

      yeah the horse sound is hilarious:P I was waiting when the bull came in..


    it s too awesome, nothing more to add, just give this game to me and i will be happy.

    Please someone invert the mounth of octeber with november in PD calendar

  90. Philmangt

    i was more impressed with the weather trailer

  91. Craigles

    Eh were is it

  92. damm! how to pitcrew moves looks awesome!!

    • Geo_212

      I have a feeling that part will be in the opening video for GT5… cause it’s just TOO awesome.

  93. I think both Toyota rally cars from Ice Arena scene are standard.

    • radiols-r27

      Bella la st185 sarebbe buono se fosse premium!

  94. Tom Ste… GT5!!!!

    O…M…G… :D Been waiting all day for more news I bluddy cant wait, Please PD release now, i think we all deserve a very early christmas present.

    • You know, we’ll get what we deserve and deserve what we get.

      Roll on November.

  95. DemonBlade

    iPad compatible version please Jordan, I left my laptop in work :)

  96. Nice snow rallying :P Man this trailer just summed up the epic showing of GT5 at TGS.


    • Sigmaviper11

      That thing sent shivers down my spine. It’s incredibly intimidating looking. I think it’ll be one that Jeremy Clarkson would call, an Axe Murderer.

    • “Axe Murderer” haha I`d say so, im sure that car will destroy just about everything aside from the X1

  98. I just creamed.

  99. paddymcgee


    • SVT Cobra GT

      I’m pretty sure that the footage of the Toyota rally cars was from GT4! the graphics look way outdated compared to everything else in the footage! thats why someone claimed them as standard cars!

    • ferhound id

      This makes me want to drink a Red Bull ™.

  100. priesty_lfc


    Almost here!!! :D

    • I saw Texas Motor Speedway! Add another to the list! I think there are more gems to be found in the vid.

    • lukyboi

      that 1st one looks like yas marina. I saw El capitan and trial mountain. did anyone notice the bumpier back straight on trial mountain

    • caasimun

      LEXUS LFA IN GT5 the exhaust pipes in the first few seconds belong to the LFA

    • caasimun

      Citreon GT possible exterior customization!!?? maybe…

    • Pingwhen

      i didnt see Texas Motor Speedway anywhere, what second did you see it at?

    • L8 Apex

      PKMx: Pretty sure that’s Daytona.

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