UK Retailer Dedicates All Employees to Handle GT5 Orders

November 20th, 2010 by Jordan

UK retailer tells INC Gamers they’re bringing in all warehouse employees over the weekend to handle what they’ve described as possibly their “biggest ever pre-order”:

“We are very confident that we can fulfill all orders for release day. All our warehouse staff are coming in over the weekend and working double shifts. [...] Over the weekend they will only be working on GT5.”

If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet and want to add to ShopTo’s workload (I’m sure they won’t mind!), do it now and you’ll be eligible to win their “Supreme Supercar Experience” giveaway.

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  1. Lazy WarehouseWorker

    Doesn’t look like those warehouse workers are getting anything done. Just walking around talking to each other. ;]

  2. My Amazon US order still says “not yet shipped” :(

    I’ll be going to my mailbox on Wednesday with all the anticipation in the world – please don’t break my heart Amazon!

  3. And despite this they still appear to be well behind ….
    still at least they are making the effort

  4. Hypergolem

    Crazy!!! This is going to be huge!!!

  5. So was it like this when Call of duty black ops or modern warefare was released im just saying

    • Must have been comparable, I think. But it also says “biggest ever pre-order”. Now, let’s see, if GT5 can beat Black Ops. If it does, PD and Sony will have their investment back in less than a day

    • Guys lets be serious Black Ops? THATS A MULTIPLATFORM GAME WIDELY EMBRACED BY AMERICANS ANGING FROM AGE 5 TO 47 HEAVILY ADVERTISED AND PUBLICIZED AND MANAGED TO GET KOBE BRYANT IN THEIR COMMERCIAL WITH A GRENADE LAUNCHER. IT WIL BE NO WHERE NEAR! P.s its $360 million in the first 24 hours of its release for black ops and you donet even wanna know what Activi$ion made out of it in 5 days

  6. dearlybeloved

    I had pre-ordered both with (GT5 CE) and (standard copy) But i accidentally pre-ordered twice with shopto and got an e-mail informing me of the fact that I my order has been charged i.e. twice.

    What I am worried about is is that will i receive my copy on the day of release of earlier as I reckon the guys will send it early so if I get it tuesday I will be well happy.

    One can only hope.

  7. gtone339

    Best day ever.

  8. J. Hayden-Kart Racer

    its gettin soooooooo close!!!! can’t wait! oh btw, this is what my ‘friend’ said after i made a post on fb about GT5: “Oh jeez. Seriously… Grand Turismo? Try Burnout Paradise for a spin. Much better racing game” i was like WTTTFFFFFFFFFFFF!??!?!??!!!

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      Gran”D” Turismo? :D
      When people tell me something like what ur friend told u, i wont even reply with a WTF. Why? Cuz by their very simple statement it is obvious that I cant change their mind (why would I in the first place?). I’d just tell em “Oh yeah, that game rules, why not play it urself and let me enjoy my game?”
      P.S. I’m a fan of Burnout but only for fun n timepass. But talking about serious gaming, (not really even gaming, I love GT5 for its realism/simulation; Its like as pity as GT5’s nutsack

  9. Whoop I’m with but didn’t know it was their largest pre-ordered game! Well mine was completed this morning can’t wait.

  10. That isn’t the shop to warehouse lol

  11. What’s up with the santa hat?? lol.. too early!!

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      Don’t forget it pal, for us GTers or even Video game stores, November 24th is our new Christmas!! And Santa Kazuz is givin’ us presents! Well we have to pay for them gifts but still :P

  12. Schumito

    My order has already been shipped by However I doubt that it will reach me on Release Date, most probably i’ll have to wait till the end of this week for my parcel to arrive, but it is worth it since it is the Collector’s Edition

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      We are exactly the same. The only thing keeping me satisfied is the CE, if not, having my standard edition delivered late is just retarded.

    • No need to think you will have to wait till end of week, usauly deliver in 2-3 days. mine was posted friday p.m. I have every confidence it will arrive on Tuesday, or wed at the latest. I might be surprised and get it on Monday. : )

  13. is working on GT5 too :) I can`t cancel my pre-order because it`s already in the process of being packed for shipping. According to my past experience with Amazon, they start packing the product the same day as shipping, or one day earlier.

    I think i was the first one to pre-order the game at Maybe they will start shipping the game at monday so that they will have all pre-orders delivered in time :) Just hoping.

    • when did you pre order?

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      Like always I cant comment freely so I have to reply.
      I preordered my CE at . I’m currently living in the Philippines (as a foreigner, not a filipino). Amazon was one of the only online stores that would deliver internationally so I had to go with it… the stupid (or not) part is, it didnt cost me 99$, it cost me an efing 159$! for the import fees ‘n sh*t..
      Anyways I’m extremely curious to know two things here:
      1. Is there anyone else here who preordered from a so-not-famous country at amazon? Why are the rates and taxes so freaking high? a 160$ is just crazy but this will probabely be the last game for me since my studies are gettin very serious, so I was fine throwin in some extra cash for such a legendary game.
      2.Why is my delivery date so damned late?? This is how its written:
      -Release date: November 24th
      -Delivery date: November 29th-December2nd
      WTF! Why do they START the shipping AFTER the game is released? Cuz thats how it sounded like. It was written like “The game will be shipped on release date and it may take 2-4 days to reach the destination” This is just stupid I mean cant they just schedule the shipping in a way that it reaches my hands when it IS the release day? Any explanations anyone? Thanks in advance.
      P.S. I know you all are tired of hearing this statement but… I CANT WAIT FOR GT5 :D! Cheers !

    • Jakemania

      I have no idea. Here in the US, shipping is free. As a student, I get Amazon Prime for free. Which means I get free two-day shipping and release date delivery.

      It’s also tax free when shipping to Ohio. I had previously pre-ordered another game, so I got $20 off of GT5.
      So I bought the game for $39.99, and got an extra $10 off my next video game purchase. Unfortunately, it hasn’t shipped off yet.

    • @omni – Aww, $160, that’s massive. I’m also sure, they have it on stock right now, so why wait for shipping it after the release – makes no sense to me. I hope you’ll get it asap

    • @freedy
      4th october. I have two screens at work, i browsed on my second screen (the one facing away from my boss) and pressed F5 every few minutes until the game available for pre-order :)

  14. oalithgow

    Biggest pre-order ??? More than Black Ops ???

    • Circuit*star

      black ops what is that??

    • J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      ^ i hope your kidding….

    • OmnipotenceZERO

      remember guys, Black ops sold like hell cuz it is multiplatformed. Whereas GT5 is an exclusive.

    • GT5 may be an exclusive but it will still be interesting to see the day 1 sales figures and how it compairs to the likes of black ops.

    • occasionalracer

      Let’s not forget that these are 2 different genres and should be compared.

  15. idlestation

    Dropped by Ebgames today to make the full payment for my preorder of GT5 CE, and was told they had the regular copies but not the CE yet in store.. Hopefully they will have them in by next week -_-

  16. Super_Colossal

    GameStop better be having a midnight release…or at least release it on the 24th like they should be. Anyone know anything I may not?

  17. Think i can see my copy in there somewhere!!!

    • Mike1027

      No thats my copy!! Lol :)

    • i cant see it man i think its all the way at the back maybe last one to be shipped out of the warehouse. sorry to tell it like it is hehe

  18. lol That’s crazy.

  19. wolfie210484

    good time to be in the UK
    just hoping my order with is treated with such care, attention and priority

  20. Cho-pe-s

    Surely they will be making overtime.

    • kraftwerkd

      Whatever they’re making, it’ll definitely make their pockets happy!

    • And the pockets of PD and Sony too, of course. Their $60 million investment will flow back within a couple of weeks, I guess

  21. Jakemania

    Pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see how the sales are the first few weeks.
    I wonder when Amazon will get their shipments in and ship them out. I’m anxiously waiting!

  22. “If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet and want to add to ShopTo’s workload (I’m sure they won’t mind!)”


    • ExtremeGT5

      I’m sure the staff won’t even get a copy

    • havent pre-ordered ?!?!?

      i pre-ordered last november and again this past june to make sure i got my copy and after seeing the video for the S.E. i think im going to throw a few quid away in the new year too if possible !!!

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