2014 Le Mans 24 Hours: Live Streams, Schedules, & Discussion

June 13th, 2014 by Andrew Evans

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The world’s most famous 24 hour race and one arm of the Triple Crown of Motorsport rolls round again this weekend, and again GT Academy has significant interest in the event.

Following on from 2013’s success in the podium-grabbing Greaves LMP2 car, both Jann Mardenborough and Lucas Ordoñez are returning – but to different cars.

Jann pairs up with 2012 GT Academy Russia champion Mark Shulzhitskiy in the #35 OAK Racing Ligier LMP2 that Mark himself has been helping to develop. Taking the third seat will be Alex Brundle – himself no stranger to the GT Academy program, having partnered Lucas in the 2012 race. With an average age of just 24, this team features one of the youngest driver line-ups in Le Mans history.

2014_LM24_ZEODpitsLucas’s car is far more experimental, as he will try to be the first man to achieve a full racing lap of Le Mans solely on electric power in Nissan’s Innovative Technologies entry ZEOD. Joining him will be another 2012 Academy winner, Belgium’s Wolfgang Reip, making his Le Mans debut. They’ll be joined by the Super GT racer Satoshi Motoyama, who Le Mans fans will remember from his heart-wrenching attempts to rescue the stricken DeltaWing in 2012 after a collision at the Porsche Curves.

GT Academy watchers might also like to keep an eye out for Franck Mailleux (#34, LMP2), Karun Chandhok (#42, LMP2) and Soheil Ayari (#58, LMGTE Am), while “White Stig” Ben Collins will be driving the #57 LMGTE Am Krohn Ferrari 458.

With the race getting underway in the early afternoon on Saturday (15.00 local time, 13.00 UTC/GMT) and qualifying sessions already being ticked off, fans from across the globe – including a ten man contingent of GTPlanet staff and GTPremium members – are making their way to the event. We will be live-tweeting from the race itself across the weekend and hope to bump into as many GTPlanet members as possible!


For those members not able to attend, the following resources are available to keep up to date with the event:

Race Coverage

Le Mans on TV


Other Resources

GTPlanet wishes the Nismo Athletes and every other driver the very best of luck and a safe race this weekend!

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  1. Jun. 15, 8:48pm

    Now I expect to see the #2 Audi etron, the #8 Toyota (even though the #7 dominated it failed to finish), and the #14 Porsche in GT6. The top three finishers of the most competitive LMP1 class in years deserve to be immortalized in the game. But somehow I have a feeling the ZEOD will get in first even though it only lasted 30 minutes because its made by Nissan. :(

  2. Jun. 15, 3:01pm

    Nissan ZEOD epic fail…

  3. Jun. 14, 10:26pm

    Our #35 nissan LMP2 has been leading allll DAY. Get em boys!

    (is it me or… everytime I check in Jann is driving the 35. Dude is on like an 8hr run kicking the worlds a**)

    • Jun. 14, 10:26pm

      Leading the P2 class, I mean.

    • Jun. 15, 4:05am

      What better way to spend the day. exciting stuff between LMGT E leaders too, senna and whats his face.

  4. Jun. 14, 9:45pm

    Too bad Fox sports sucks at covering this year, its first year not being Speed channel. I hope CBS or NBC sports picks it up next year. Along with the other endurance races.

  5. Jun. 14, 7:43pm
    The Stig Farmer

    Lack of dogecoin sponshorship much deppresed

    • Jun. 14, 10:28pm


  6. Jun. 14, 12:11pm

    Kudos to Audi for winning so many Le Mans races in a row, but it’s cool to see a different car taking the lead.
    I’ll support both Porsche and toyota this year :3

  7. Jun. 14, 10:17am

    ZEOD had some gearbox issues and it had to left the race. :(

  8. Jun. 14, 9:58am

    For those who have only just arrived on this news article, the ZEOD died in the first half-hour.

  9. Jun. 14, 9:25am
    force ewerby

    Oh no. The Nissan ZEOD is already in trouble.

    • Jun. 14, 9:39am

      Damn….and so early in the race…..

  10. Jun. 14, 9:23am

    Is it me or is the ZEOD camera kinda faulty? Can’t hear sound….

  11. Jun. 14, 9:16am

    Watching the LMP2 stream now, I suddenly wish each car’s antennae would wiggle realistically in GT6.

  12. Jun. 14, 9:08am

    Great ongoing pre-race show with lots of tech info. Love it. Looking forward for a race and those in-car cams . Good luck to everyone at Nismo.

  13. Jun. 14, 6:55am

    Its time for Japan to rule LeMans.


  14. Jun. 14, 4:25am

    Can you please add new Toyota LMP1,Nissan Zero and other new GT & LeMann cars in GT6?

  15. Jun. 14, 2:09am

    Ban all stupid Porsche cars! Their way of beating Nissans is to ram into them like what happened in 2012!

    • Jun. 14, 2:32am

      I think you will find that the Deltawing was hit by the Toyota of Nakajima.

    • Jun. 14, 2:33am

      nissan is lmp2 porsche lmp1, gtpro/am why would they do that on purpose? They don’t need to beat them.

    • Jun. 14, 8:51am

      Why would you ban an entire car brand just because one driver made a mistake?

  16. Jun. 13, 10:19pm
    Charlie A

    I will miss this :( I wont be available to watch it… I did see the 2013 Le Mans where Alan Simonsen sadly died :(

    • Jun. 13, 11:36pm

      Let’s hope nobody dies this year…

  17. Jun. 13, 7:55pm

    Thanks for putting these together as always!

    • Jun. 14, 6:52am


  18. Jun. 13, 6:01pm

    I do hope it is a safe race tomorrow as there have been to many big crashes so far. I also wish Loic Duval and James Calado a speed recovery after their shunts.

  19. Jun. 13, 3:55pm

    I’m so mad that At FOX Sports, not only because they suck, but they are putting the last hour and a half of the race in FOX Sports 2 and NO ONE GETS THAT CHANNEL!!! This race has been hyped 3-years in the making!!!

    • Jun. 13, 4:33pm

      Well anything better than speed channel, I’m so glad they got the boot, instead of speed channel they should of named it the nascar channel.

  20. Jun. 13, 3:50pm

    I don’t like how this post didn’t mention my mate Mark Shulzhitskiy driving the Ligier Nissan in LMP2 category. >:(

    • Jun. 13, 3:51pm

      OOps I take that back, I must be blind!

  21. Jun. 13, 3:44pm

    Audi, Porsche, Toyota, next year Nissan and Lotus. Looks like the P1 class is going to get interesting in the coming years. If Peugeot returns along with Ferrari and dare I say Chevy with their DP style Corvette body in LMp1 spec since they provide engines for the LMPC in the USCR.

    And while Toyota has the pole for the race never count out the R18. I recall Peugeot had the first two positions a couple years ago and the lone Audi left after the other two wrecked still took the overall win.

    • Jun. 13, 3:53pm

      Actually Lotus isn’t a factory team, it’s made to the privateer rules. I don’t understand why Lotus didn’t jump in with Rebellion, cus Rebellion was running the Lotus colors to try and woah them but they didn’t go with Rebellion. I mean if they were gonna go privateer anyways, and they tried to have the car ready for this year, I have no idea why they wouldn’t go for Rebellion.

  22. Jun. 13, 3:29pm
    Scuderia Paul

    I always take Le Mans week off work. I will beating my current record of watching 15h this year. Qualifying was enjoyable last night.

    I am 100% behind Toyota as always and I think 2014 could be our year – Hopefully 16th time is a charm…

  23. Jun. 13, 2:42pm

    Lets go Toyota!


  24. Jun. 13, 2:02pm


  25. Jun. 13, 1:15pm

    I might support the ZEOD if it had the correct badge on the front . . . the one that says “Panoz” . . .

    • Jun. 13, 1:29pm
      The Stig Farmer


    • Jun. 13, 2:43pm


    • Jun. 13, 9:58pm

      Except it wasn’t built by Panoz but by Nissan so no, the badge is correct. The “Panoz” you guys are looking for is the one that can’t finish a race in the TUSC. I didn’t realize Don Panoz had supporters behind his whiny “THEY STOLE MAH IDEA!!!” cause (which funny enough was actually the idea of Ben Bowlby, the same person behind the ZEOD).

    • Jun. 14, 8:57am

      Actually, if you want to be accurate, the last two Deltawings had more Chevrolet parts in them than Nissan, so there should be a Chevy emblem on it. This one is about 50/50 Nissan/Chevy LOL.

  26. Jun. 13, 12:58pm

    It’s Toyota time, motherf*****s!!

    Here we GO!

    • Jun. 14, 8:29pm

      +1. Audi and Porsche can S**k C**k!!!

    • Jun. 14, 11:22pm

      damn audi and their cheating ways

  27. Jun. 13, 12:47pm

    Can’t wait!

    • Jun. 13, 12:52pm

      HAHA! Watching live streaming at work now!

      Can we get a 24h-lemOns.com live stream going?

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