A Few Fresh Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots

Thanks to Tomaz and Stefan1904 for digging these up!

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  1. Pedz

    They seemed to have fixed the anti-aliasing on the lights =], one thing that gets on my nerves is seeing all those sharp pixels on the edges of all the lights..

  2. dearlybeloved

    Personally, I feel that PD have got a monster of a game lined up and is going to blow everything else out of the water. The only other competitor to their crown is FM3 and even then the only different between the 2 are IMO skidmarks and the livery editor.

    I know it is majorly frustrating that PD have still not released this game but has anyone taken into consideration the level of complexity something like this creates?

    Anyways the images are absolutely beautiful. Something like ‘life imitating art?’

  3. missionfailed

    @blubb – Yep I’m slowly thinking the same… they are just developing a screen shot engine for car suppliers to pimp their warez.

    My wheel has started to gather dust :(

  4. iucidium

    Wow, I put gt4 on my ps2 today so my son could drive ‘nannys car’ (yaris 1.5) and you know what? Special stage r5 still looks amazing today. Seeing those screens makes me believe the 458 tribute vid was in-game footage (like a certain competitor we know of) polyphony, you amaze me every time I see your work (PS3 fund: 25%)

  5. Chagen46

    These are f**king sweet, but can we seriously see some damage screens?

    I really want to see this improved damage model for the race machines….

  6. Phosphor112

    1080 screens would be nice. Also a release date.

    To clarify, yes, that is Indy (I would know =P) and the reason why it doesn’t have the dandelions is because Indy tends to keep their grass thick and lush so it doesn’t have any of that crap there.

    I wan’t to play this game so bad. GAAAAAH. GTR2 isn’t cutting it for me D=

  7. viejaloca

    [crying and breathless voice] Please… i just want to know when it’s coming out…these don’t show anything new. I just want the release date!
    [normal happy voice] Wow those cars look REALY sick to perfection!

  8. maxpontiac

    I am actually starting to become impatient for this game now.

    Good thing GOW3 is around the corner for it’ll make me forget about GT5 temporarily.

  9. TOLL~Scibba~HRT

    @TokyoDrift i don’t care what sony does they can release gt5 anytime they what. im just saying it not fair for the gt fans to way so long for just hay game it should not take hay other year to come out

  10. dennycrane1

    The level of detail on the engine in the enzo is insane. I want this game to come out so bad so I can just stare at the cars.

  11. TokyoDrift

    @TOLL, where in the rule books does it say they have to announce a world-wide GT5 release date just because they are approaching their original launch window?

    Anyway, lovely pictures there – especially like the livery and wheels on that Lexus.

  12. ninjaghost

    Nice Pictures, but its Sad that March is approaching and we still havent heard anything about a release date for any part of the world

  13. RedBaron

    Ford GT40 is old legendary racing car from 60’s. Ford GT is newly made retro supersports car based on shape of that racing legend.

    Those SLR brake lights are masterpiece, almost the same like in reality!

  14. S3 Racer

    Really nice pics.

    simply insane level of details (Lexus rear fender you can spot the screws in the white vinyl)
    Forza 5 can cuck it up

  15. Mustang750R

    These are awesome… but I don’t see the GT40(?) all I see is a FORD GT… Am I missing something?… I’m being a smartass so carry on. lol

  16. Zenith

    Lookin’ very neat!

    No new cars, but it’s nice to see the SLR in full glory.

    The new Lexus isn’t bad looking either.

    I’m hoping GT will be stronger on the effects front like we see with the blur and debris in the SLR, VIPER, GT40 photo and Ferrari

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