Beat Nic Hamilton in Latest Project CARS 2 Community Event

Project CARS 2 67 November 8, 2017 by

This week’s Project CARS 2 Community Event has a big name as the target. You’ll be facing off against none other than Nicolas Hamilton, younger brother of multiple-time F1 world champion Lewis.

Well… we’re pretty sure you will. While the event went up at the start of the week, there’s no mention in the menu of what Nic’s time is, or his username. Of course, he could be waiting to set the time too, since there’s still a good chunk of the week left.

And what, exactly, is the weapon of choice this week? Well, if you’ve followed Nic’s career over the years — and you should — it should come as no surprise that the Clio Cup is your steed. In fact, the default livery for the car is the same one the 25-year-old pilots in the real-world series.

The location for the throwdown is Silverstone’s GP circuit. That gives you a lot of opportunities to make up time; but also a lot of room for mistakes. Keeping the tail-wagging Clio tidy is the key to a fast lap here.

Team SMS-R Challenge – Nicolas Hamilton

  • Track: Silverstone GP
  • Car: Renault Clio Cup
  • Weather: Clear
  • Class: TC1
  • Minimum Grade: U100
  • Fixed Setup: No

Featured image courtesy of Scaff.

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