Bigben Interactive Secures Rights to Test Drive Unlimited; New Game in the Works

You’ve asked, and Bigben Interactive has answered: Test Drive Unlimited is marked for a return to the open world racing scene.

2016 has been full of surprises in the world of gaming, and the year looks to come to a close in much of the same way it began: with a bang. Team VVV has come across the exciting news that Bigben Interactive has secured the rights to develop future titles in the Test Drive series of racing titles from Atari, SA.

As evidenced by the title, what comes next is equally as exciting: Bigben Interactive have also confirmed that plans are in place to develop new entries in the Test Drive Unlimited series. The last entry in the series, TDU 2, was developed by Eden Games and released in early 2011 to a mixed reaction.

Despite the lukewarm reception in comparison to the original game released five years earlier, TDU 2 has fostered a cult following and is still kept alive by the community. The news of a new entry in the series is certainly something to look forward to.

“We are more than confident with respect to the quality of this franchise, which is loved by so many players,” stated Alain Falc, CEO of Bigben Interactive. “Our teams are very enthusiastic at the idea of being able to work on this license, which has already proven its worth – the game Test Drive Unlimited 2 sold 1.8 million units,” he concluded.

Test Drive Unlimited was a very different type of racing game, even by today’s standards. It not only inserted players behind the wheels of a number of licensed vehicles, but enveloped them in the lifestyle of the wealthy: buying as many cars, houses, and clothing as one could possibly manage.

While the open world racing scene is now occupied by the likes of Forza Horizon and The Crew, the return of TDU could keep things interesting, to say the least. Though one has to ask: who will develop the new games? The obvious choice points at Kylotonn Games, developers of the WRC series. Perhaps Bigben Interactive has another developer in mind, only time will tell.

Welcome back old friend, we’ve missed you so.

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