BMW M4 Coming to Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa 14 July 8, 2015 by

Marco Massarutto, Licensing Project Manager at Kunos Simulazioni, revealed today on his Facebook page that BMW’s M4 coupe is on the way to Assetto Corsa. This revelation comes after a test drive Massarutto had in the M4 at Vallelunga Circuit last year – a circuit home to Kunos as they occupy a pit garage outfitted as an office – and would inquire about licensing the car for inclusion in the game.

“Considering the size, I would never supposed this car was so nimble (and neither so powerful) until I drove it at Vallelunga last year. I’ve been really surprised, and the driving experience has been so exciting that I decided to require also the license of this model to BMW. And the best is yet to come, because for this particular car, we have created a special partnership with a very well-known company that will set a thrilling experience with the BMW 4M Coupé in Assetto Corsa. See you in Frankfurt next Spring.”

As you can see, a release timetable is not mentioned other than the peculiar “See you in Frankfurt next Spring.”, but we do know for a fact that the car won’t be included in the upcoming Bonus Pack DLC due out later this month.


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