Assetto Corsa 2’s Launch Now Scheduled for Spring 2024

The launch date for the sequel to PC racing simulator Assetto Corsa has been refined to Spring 2024, from its earlier, broader “2024” window.

That’s according to a — curiously removed — half-year investor relations financial statement from Digital Bros, the parent company of AC developer Kunos Simulazioni and its publisher 505 Games.

The statement covers the period of June to December 2022, which is the first half of the Italian financial year, and includes all of Digital Bros’ records across its various gaming properties for the period. That covers free-to-play titles like Gems of War and Puzzle Quest 3, and AAA games like Control.

However, out of all of its properties, it’s Assetto Corsa that represents the brand’s best-selling property, with combined sales of the two existing titles and DLC items coming to €12 million (~$13m) in that six-month period.

Digital Bros already revealed that a sequel to the original Assetto Corsa was due in 2024 in a similar report back in May 2021, but the most recent document pins that down a little further to “Spring 2024” — likely translating to March to June next year.

Oddly though, the release no longer appears on the Digital Bros website, with only an older, short-form version of it — that doesn’t mention the new title — available. We’re not entirely sure why the company would remove the document, but it does give cause for cautiousness.

Kunos co-founder Marco Massarutto already gave us plenty of information about the game, which we’re still calling AC2 as Digital Bros hasn’t confirmed a name, and its development and features when we interviewed him in February 2022.

It will be based on a new, in-house engine like the original game, rather than external engines like UE5 — the predecessor of which underpins Assetto Corsa Competizione. Of course one aspect of AC which has prolonged its life is the extensive “modding” community, and Kunos knows it has to come up with something that looks at least as good a “AC modded to the heavens”.

With other racing game titles appearing to slip from planned launch dates, it’s good to see the AC sequel is still on course — for its PC release at least. Hopefully, with only around a year left before we see it, there’ll be more information soon.

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