Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo FIA Online Races Get Longer for 2019/20 Season

If you’ve not managed to nab a qualification spot for the 2019 FIA Online Championship World Final yet, then we have some bad news for you. The final races for… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Enduring Circuits and Autopolis Lucky Dip

GT Sport’s Daily Races are visiting some real-world circuits this week, with three races on some classic older tracks. Race A gives you a choice of front-wheel drive race cars… Read More »

Mikail Hizal (Finally) Wins Gran Turismo World Tour Nations Cup in Salzburg

Turkish-German driver Mikail Hizal has won the Nations Cup event at the World Tour in Salzburg, claiming his spot in the FIA Online Championship final in Monaco in November. Hizal… Read More »

Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Salzburg World Tour (Nations Cup)

The action continues in Salzburg today with this, the fourth round of the 2019 FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship Nations Cup. This will be the fourth opportunity for some of the… Read More »

Mercedes Defends FIA GT Championship Manufacturer Series Title as Rivals Falter

Mercedes-Benz has become the first team to defend its Manufacturer Series win, following up New York’s crown with a second victory in Salzburg. The team, made up of Anthony Felix… Read More »

Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Salzburg World Tour (Manufacturer Series)

A year on from the last exhibition event on the GT Sport World Tour, Sony and the FIA are returning to Salzburg for more meaningful affairs. The action gets underway… Read More »

GT Sport Time Trials: Super GT Hits the UK, and GTO in Kyoto

There’s two more events in GT Sport‘s newest game mode for this fortnight, and a rather old school feel to things. Unlike other parts of GT Sport, Time Trial mode… Read More »

Gran Turismo World Tour Salzburg Preview: A Whole New Ball Game

Red Bull’s Hangar-7 is about to play host to the fourth round of the 2019 FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championships this weekend. The dust has barely settled after a raucous and… Read More »

More Porsche Models Coming to GT Sport, Starting With the Taycan Turbo S

In a joint press conference at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche and Sony have revealed plans to expand their partnership. With Kazunori Yamauchi present, the event previewed new content… Read More »

GTPlanet's Gran Turismo World Tour Driver Rankings: September 2019 Edition

It’s three down, three to go in the Gran Turismo World Tour. Paris, the Nurburgring, and New York are in the history books, while Salzburg, Tokyo, and the grand final… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Slow, Quicker, Quick

You’ll be going very fast or incredibly slow this week in the Daily Races, with no middle ground on offer. Race A provides the slowness, by way of a six-lap… Read More »

Cody Latkovski Addresses Critics, Explains Incident with Miyazono in New York Finals

Heading in to Gran Turismo’s New York World Tour event, Cody Nikola Latkovski was the talk of the town. After an incredibly strong performance at the Nurburgring — where he… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport 1.44 Update Now Available

For the second time in as many weeks, GT Sport has another update available. Version 1.44 has arrived, bringing with it some slight fixes. It’s one of the smallest updates yet,… Read More »

The Ferrari Daytona (and Something Else) is Coming to GT Sport

Another week, another leak: we now know the identity of another car that’s on its way to GT Sport in a future update. This time the inadvertent slip comes from… Read More »

GT Sport's Next Update Arrives September 5

While we’re all still having fun with GT Sport‘s new wet weather mechanic and playing around with some classic J-tin, there’s another game update on the way. An announcement on… Read More »

How Coque Lopez (Finally) Scored an FIA GTC Nations Cup Podium in New York

The Fraga/Hizal controversy was the main headline to come out of the Gran Turismo World Tour event in New York, but there were plenty of other great stories, too. The… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Fuji's Twins, Super GT, and Sardinian Speed

There’s a bit of a spread of pace in this week’s GT Sport Daily Races, with a couple of high-speed race car combos and something a little more sedate. It’s… Read More »

Fraga, Hizal Talk About Controversial FIA GTC Nations Cup Finish

The latest Gran Turismo World Tour event in New York City exploded in controversy after the Nations Cup final. The drama began after reigning champion Igor Fraga defended against an… Read More »

GT Sport Time Trials: Zondas at Monza, and the Reign of Rain

GT Sport‘s new Time Trial mode has updated again, bringing some new features into play. The global hot lap competition is now in its third rotation, with each event lasting… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport 1.43 Update Now Available: Five JDM Cars and Wet Red Bull Ring

The latest version of Gran Turismo Sport is now available on PlayStation 4. Weighing in at 2.2GB, it introduces five cars to the lineup as well as inclement weather to the… Read More »