GT Sport Daily Races: Dampened Spirits

A fresh set of Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races is now available, giving players three new races to get to grips with for the next seven days — though grip will be at something of a premium.

Race A brings an all-Japanese affair, as you’ll be recreating a Best Motoring episode with Mazda’s famous Wankel rotary engine.

The venue is, of course, Tsukuba Circuit, a pretty simple, short circuit with three and a half braking zones and no changes of elevation. Famously used for an endurance race for Mazda’s MX-5 and as a time attack venue, you’ll be driving the legendary convertible’s bigger coupe brother: the Mazda RX-7.

You just have to pick which color you want for the provided FD-generation Spirit R, and head out for the six-lap race on Sports Hard tires.

There’s a slightly unusual combination for Race B, which visits one of the game’s shorter tracks. The fictional Autodrome Lago Maggiore hosts the race, using the Center layout but run in the reverse direction. That means the first corner is an uphill left with an awkward braking zone, while the slow left-right is the final bend.

You’ll have free choice from any of the cars in the Gr.4 class for the race this week, and though they’re the slower of the regular race offerings — essentially stripped-back road cars — even they might be too fast for this compact track. Front-wheel drive is generally the way to go in these races, and we’d expect nothing else this week.

Race C will put you into the much quicker Gr.3 cars, equivalent to the real-world GT3, at a much more natural environment for them: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Spa hosts a 24-hour race each year for these cars, so it should be entirely familiar… only there’s a little twist.

The circuit is known not only for its high speed races, but also its dreadful weather — the F1 race in 2021 was all-but washed out — and you’re getting a flavor of that this week. This seven-lap race will run entirely in wet weather.

You’ll have a choice of Heavy Wet or Intermediate tires, and it looks like the full wets will be the way to go. Although the tire wear multiplier is up at 5x — each lap has the equivalent of five laps of wear — you shouldn’t need to stop and there’s no requirement to this week either.

For the second week in a row though, the race uses the Grid Start with False Start Check mechanism. That penalizes players who go before they ought, with a brief power reduction, so you’ll need to keep the brakes or handbrake on from the moment the fifth light comes on until they all go off to start the race. Good luck getting a decent launch in these rear-wheel drive cars on wet tires!

The three races will run through to Monday January 24, when another set will replace them.

Race A

  • Track: Tsukuba Circuit, 6 laps
  • Car: Mazda RX-7 Spirit R ’02 – Provided Car
  • Tires: Sports Hard
  • Start Type: Grid Start
  • Fuel use: Off
  • Tire use: Off

Race B

  • Track: Autodrome Lago Maggiore – Center II, 10laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage Car
  • Tires: Racing Medium
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: Off
  • Tire use: Off

Race C

  • Track: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, 7 laps
  • Car: Gr.3 – Garage Car
  • Tires: Racing Heavy Wet, Racing Intermediate
  • Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check
  • Fuel use: 2x
  • Tire use: 5x

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