Complete Gran Turismo 5 Trophy List Revealed

Video and additional content removed at the request of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

More information from the leaked copies of GT5 continues to be revealed – now, we have what appears to be the complete trophy list via, who offers the above video as proof.  Thanks to all who sent this in so quickly, and thanks to tvvisted for supplying the back-up video you see above (the original was removed)!

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  1. GT5SER

    Man! It’s going to be very hard to get 100% on this one. It looks like a years worth of game play to get 100%. YES! I’m going to Eat, Drink and Sleep GT5!

  2. soLid

    This is a joke… No release date yet people are playing it! Does anyone remember a similar situation? Let’s hope we’re all playing it this time next month

  3. ebhk

    I’m a little disappointed that, there is no trophy for Circuit de la Sarthe in any form. :(
    but still nice info!

    1. j8mie

      There are a few hidden trophies. Maybe one of those is complete a 24hr event at Circuit de la Sarth. Keep the faith :D

      I think this leak will force Sony’s hand to finally announce a release date. Fingers crossed.

  4. Cimanu

    Many things confirmed here license especially, know some people were worried those might not make it.
    Background music i’m looking forward to. Initial D soundtrack anyone?

  5. skunk709

    i cant wait to go check the honda dealer, to see if they have a civic like mine!! a FA5 / 4dr Si, and if not, the closest thing i can get, CTR maybe!

  6. dronacarya

    9 — GT-R Official Record — Achieve a time of 7´29.03 on Nurburgring Nordshleife in a Nissan GT-R 07 — bronze

    we have our mission 34!! :D

    1. Foxiol

      I still have the Konzolista site open with the video haha…i opened it at other browser and it disappear all information.

  7. Zuel

    Number 9 is the one I’m going to enjoy. Yes a track list would be great right now. What about info on the Data logger?

  8. Benny44

    Holy crap it’s almost here!!!!!
    By the way, why is everyone going on about the Veyron? It is a big, heavy, ugly car. The GT-R will beat the veyron in corners, 0-60, and 60-120, oh, and braking. So to sum up, the Veyron has a chance on the test course, but that’s about it. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. Can’t wait for the game.

    1. GT5Canuck

      Well spotted, fer.

      Anyways, the 1987 Chevy Nova beats out the GT-R for gas consumption, and leaking fluids, a dual record he’ll never be able to break.

  9. NoonenF1

    I think I can might be able to Platinum this game! I’ve never been able to platinum game before, and if there is one to do it, it is definitely GT5 because it will be a game I won’t mind logging tons of hours on (considering I’ve been waiting so long for this game). The only games I’ve been close to “platiuming” have been the original God of War (75%) and Modnation (85%).

  10. Foxiol

    I catch the video and filmed it with my own camera cause i can´t record it with a program that i have.In a few minutes i will post the video maybe in you tube or give it to Jordan.

  11. Patrocles

    Vid no longer available!!?? Damn, those Sony/PD assassins are fast at getting rid of these leaks!!

    good news is I can find out for myself in (hopefully) a few weeks!

  12. Jack

    Get a gold trophy in every license test – oh dear :) I was as happy as could be to get through those with a bunch of bronze and maybe one or two silvers in GT4.

    1. daus26

      You’re correct. It’s a mistake on Jordan’s part it seems. Number 48 is supposed to be “Amateur Series” I believe.

    2. Stune

      Actually it wasnt Jordans mistake, it was like that on the website it was originally posted. Jordan most probally pasted it straight from there.

  13. jdejes

    At this point I could care less about spoilers. The wait has been too long… I hope we get the release date today or at least this week.

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      nope. they were postcards from GTPSP. no veyron yet. it’s in gt5 but we don’t know if it’s premium

  14. oscartron

    I would’ve expected a “Veryon Beater” for the top speed trophy… and it being ONLY 400 KM/H, raises the question of it being in game.. lol

    bring on all the ranters that will destroy me… I am forever a GT fan, just a worried one :P

  15. [UK] ANDYW

    Man…. I dont know if I want to see any more… I think I’m going to wait to discover it for myself.

    Please let it be released soon…

  16. VeyronGlen

    Nice list of trophys here, can’t wait to hopefully get them all (yes ino taking years probably) it shall be a fun challenge nethertheless :)

    1. Mattycakes

      that was the one i was hoping not to see :/ my desire to earn all trophies is battling my desire to NOT treat this game like pokemon and only get the cars i want.

    2. IVKillerVI

      It says 1000 cars, not 1000 different cars.
      Needless to say, I will have A LOT of Fiat 500’s by the time I get that trophy.
      Well, assuming that’s the cheapest car anyway.
      If not, then whatever the cheapest car is will be the most abundant in my garage, and probably everyone else’s.

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      I like #23- Driving Music. I can’t wait to be listening to good music in a video game for once. jerry was a race car driver is on the list

    2. Sum1s2pid

      Very nice, Hugo. I’ll see your Primus and raise you one Ministry’s ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod’.

      Bring on the game!

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