Driveclub VR Now Available; Shown in Latest PSVR Ad

PlayStation VR, Sony’s foray into the maturing VR market is now available worldwide. DriveClub is one of the many titles supporting the peripheral, and after its mysterious absence from the earlier launch trailer, it can now be seen in the latest advertisement above.

As previously confirmed by Paul Rustchynsky, the former man in charge at the now-defunct Evolution Studios, Driveclub VR will essentially be an entirely new game. Offering players new tracks, modes, trophies, and more to liven things up for those that may have already played the original game just over two years ago.

While the VR-compatible spin-off will be available alongside PSVR, a demo disc including the game will accompany every headset bundle for those looking for a taste of what the title has to offer, all without any further financial investment.

October 7th, 2016, courtesy of Chikane.

Along with the improved immersion factor, players will be in for plenty of content when strapping themselves behind the wheel of more than 80 cars, and touring the selection of new tracks for a combined total of 114 variations – 30 of which will be new to the game.

For those not immediately sold on the promise of VR and would prefer to continue enjoying the vanilla release, there’s still plenty of life left in it as all 5 brand-new urban locations, including variations, will be made available courtesy of a free future update.

For GTPlanet’s own early impressions of the spin-off, we spent some quality time with this year’s only PS-exclusive racing title, and the experience is rather familiar.

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Comments (8)

  1. teo72

    Driveclub VR is Driveclub as you remember it, but stipped of most of the visual goodies and at a lower res than other PSVR games.

  2. Big Ron

    Best summary I´ve read was “Driveclub VR is a vomet comet”. Haha. I was quite excited about Driveclub VR since I am thinking about buying a PSVR. But it is a shame compared to the original game. The visual quality is the worst you can implement to make VR sustainable and is even bad for a PS4 game. I buy the original Driveclub.

  3. ExoticMachines

    I don’t get it. When I just turned on the PS4, it asked to do an update. After the update, I went into DriveClub to see if there was some new Tracks but see nothing.

    1. Chikane

      So just like GT then? Where PD first releases a update to get things ready before releasing the update with the games content like new cars or track.

  4. JD182

    I don’t know if this has already been announced, but does anyone know when the update will become available for the Vanilla version?

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