Driveclub VR Will Feature New Tour Mode, Trophy List, & Statistics Tracking

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Despite DriveClub VR releasing as a stand-alone title, the degree to which the game is actually ‘new’ has sparked discussion within the DC community. Ex-DriveClub producer and social media mogul Paul Rustchynsky addressed a misinformed fan about what players can expect from DCVR earlier on Twitter:

Sony’s handling of DriveClub VR has not made it clear if the game is standalone title or an expansion on the original. Despite pointing out there would be new tracks and VR-specific modes, similar updates came to the original DriveClub.

Rushy calms any fears of a re-tread of the original game by insisting that DriveClub VR will have a full, brand-new tour mode to play with. Similarly, there’s good news for those trophy hunters who want another platinum achievement to their name, as DCVR will have its own trophy list.


Interestingly, the addition of new statistics opens up some opportunities. In DriveClub, accolades act as in-game achievements, with differing levels of accolades rewarded for driving frequently in a certain location or preferring to drive a certain manufacturers’ cars.

In the many updates that came in DC, some new accolades were added, but none were particularly significant. Perhaps, with the addition of VR, we may see some more unique accolades for players to earn.

With DCVR’s release under a month away, we’re expecting more info about the game to come along soon. Until then, head on over to our Driveclub message board for more discussion!

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  1. jm79

    Bit of a mess this, right from the start.
    Let’s hope the discount for owners of the original and the season pass isn’t a token “SAVE $2”
    Considering the cost of the VR kit, asking another $40 can easily be seen as a bit insulting, to say the least.
    Why on earth Sony dumped Evo before a ‘new’ paid installment was released, I will never know.

    1. MeanElf

      I think It’s about $8 as I saw a tweet mentioning – no idea anymore if that was physical or download.

      Anyway, you can play a sample of the game for free on the VR disc that comes with the headset to decide if you want it enough or not.

    2. MeanElf

      Actually no – Rushy Tweeted an Amazon price for Amazon Prime members, so its just a physical copy. Amazon cannot know if you have the season pass, so it’s got to be the PSN download from the PS Store, which I think still hasn’t got a price – so ignore the $8 bit.

    3. MeanElf

      Here you go – just announced: “…we’ve also included a digital upgrade for anyone who bought the Driveclub Season Pass before 00:00 AM BST on Thursday 29th September, priced at €19.99 (RRP).”

    1. MeanElf

      Why, may I ask? A lot of the game was designed to be created and released according to the players’ wishes; wishes that needed to me made known first off and then worked on before they could be added.

      I’m not even sure what this ‘Tour Mode’ will entail, not until it comes out. I know DCVR will have a new tour, but a tour mode is news to me – unless it’s simply the tour section which is already in DC and so was available at the very start anyway…

    2. 2clickswest

      Tour Mode is essentially free roam without any restrictions, and the reason it should’ve been in the game cause the it is way too restrictive. That’s at the very least.
      Anyway DC would only be perfect in an open-world scenario.

    3. MeanElf

      I think that you have a different understanding than I about what Tour Mode entails.

      Open World is a very different thing, and is something that brings certain limitations with it. Okay, FH3 appears to have narrowed that down somewhat but I beg to differ about whether or not that would be perfect – surely that’s a subjective wish.

  2. sebmugi

    “Paul Rustchynsky ‏@Rushy33 19 août

    @Sebfache No, but there will be a discount for season pass owners.”

    there will indeed be a discount for those who took the season pass! that’s great

    1. MeanElf

      It could never be a new game, not after Evolution were ‘let go’ – the caretakers haven’t produced anything since then and I seriously doubt they will. Evolution did most of the work before being shut down, only coming back briefly to complete this VR version, something it was always going to be.

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