Driveclub VR Tracks Will Be Added to Original Game In Free Update

Taking in the scenery behind the wheel of the FXX. August 1st, 2016, courtesy of Chikane.

With Driveclub VR officially being announced earlier last week after a strange sequence of ‘will they/won’t they’ events, it was revealed as being a standalone title and not an upgrade to the existing game.

Naturally, this beckoned the question of how the original game would be affected, if at all, once the VR-compatible variant made its way out into the wild. Paul Rustchynsky, the original man in charge at now-defunct Evolution Studios, has revealed that there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the original game. All 5 of the new urban locations being added to the newer experience will also be made available to the vanilla game courtesy of a free update.

While no specific time window has been outlined for the release of Driveclub VR, it will be on store shelves before the end of the year. The subsequent update bringing the new tracks to the original game is likely to follow shortly thereafter.

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  1. Andyc709292

    Can we have all cars unlocked in the same update please – being a billy-no-mates I’ve unlocked most if not all of the privateer cars but none of the club ones.

    1. MeanElf

      Create another account and send it a FR then have that account join your club – simple as that. I think club level 15 is the highest vehicle (Zonda R) which shouldn’t take more than two days to get.

  2. dualshock

    Well thanks very much Evolution : ) An update for the previous Motorstorm games that will unlock all the vehicles etc. that are now IMPOSSIBLE to get since they turned the servers off would be greatly appreciated by MANY as well.

    1. MeanElf

      That would be Sony you need to direct your ire towards, not Evolution – Sony are the owners, they pay for the servers.

    2. dualshock

      Isn’t all the stuff already on the disc? They could just do an update to unlock it all and don’t need the servers for that anyway.

    3. MeanElf

      Not necessarily, some games do have all content on disc, others download more than just a key – regardless, it’s still Sony who have control of all that as Evolution Studios no longer exists.

  3. sebmugi

    For all those like me who never tire of this beautiful Driveclub it is a superb real good news !!
    the majestic picture is yet to come ;)

  4. SZRT Ice

    All of the yes’s.

    Now, all they need to do is announce VR bikes, and Season Pass content from DC to carry over into DCVR, and my wishes will be fulfilled.

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