FIA Formula 2 Championship Officially Confirmed for F1 2019

After the briefest of teases during F1 2019’s reveal, Codemasters has confirmed the FIA Formula 2 Championship will be a part of the game.

The open-wheel feeder series will be joining the title fully, with the entire 2018 season lineup from launch. That means all 10 teams and 20 drivers, including series team champion Carlin Racing, plus top driver George Russell. Yes, Russell will therefore be pulling double duty in F1 2019, as he’s also a Williams driver in the main event.

He isn’t alone either: the 2018 F2 season also included Lando Norris and Alexander Albon. The Brit and Thai drivers rounded out the podium last year, so it’s little wonder they’re now in F1 (driving for McLaren and Toro Rosso, respectively).

Later in the year, Codemasters will add the current F2 lineup to the game. Racers will be able to play against one another online, and progress from one championship to the other in the game’s career mode.

The Formula 2 spec car was new for 2018. It uses a Dallara chassis, with a turbocharged 3.4-liter V6 engine producing 620hp. The series minimum weight (with driver) is 1,587lb — very slightly less than modern F1. In other words, these feeder cars should prove plenty fast for sim racers. The torquey turbo six proved a steep learning curve for the drivers in its inaugural season in 2018, so make sure you’ve got some solid throttle control.

F1 2019 releases late June 2019 on all major platforms. Stay tuned for more news on the game over the coming weeks.

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