F1 2019 Update 1.06 Now Available: Tire Wear and Trophy/Achievement Fixes

The latest patch for F1 2019 landed on PC and PlayStation 4 earlier this week. It’s a small one, bringing with it a handful of useful improvements to Codemasters’ latest.

First up on the list of changes is one a few GTPlanet members pointed out recently. Our F1 2019 trophy/achievement guide provides a roadmap for completing the game, but members reported that certain items on the list weren’t unlocking. The most common issues were with the “Weekend Warrior” and “Featured Racer” challenges — both of which involved online events.

The other main changes focus in on car settings. Version 1.06 no longer scales tire wear during qualifying sessions when the race is set to 25% or 50% distance. This applies to all game modes. Meanwhile, in multiplayer situations, the car setup will no longer change between sessions. This was a bugbear for multiplayer regulars, so the fix is a welcome one.

Codemasters also lists “various other stability and bug fixes” in its patch notes, as is common for most developers these days.

This update comes just two weeks after the last. Version 1.05 was a more substantial improvement, fixing photo mode, updating the 2019 F1 cars to more accurately reflect the real season, and bringing F2 to Unranked Multiplayer and LAN modes.

Xbox players can expect v1.06 soon, though no specific date is available at this time.

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