F1 2019 Patch 1.07 Now Available: Tire Fixes, AI Upgrades and More

The latest version of F1 2019 is now available across all platforms. Version 1.07 follows a quick succession of updates since the game’s late-June release, focusing in on detail changes.

Top of the pile are changes to the tires, specifically those on the F2 cars. During longer sprint races or one-shot qualifying, the cars will no longer start on cold rubber. And when the skies open up, players can rest easy — comparatively — as the feeder series wet tires now have longer lifespans.

A previous glitch allowed players to apply F1 setups to the F2 cars. Codemasters has now closed that loophole.

On-track, the pitlane at Circuit Paul Ricard now reflects the updated 2019 design. Cars will now be less timid during pit releases too, across all tracks, which should up the challenge against the AI.

Speaking of which, the computer-controlled competitors can now offer a sterner challenge in Leagues, with the AI scale going up to 110.

There are various other fixes too, most of which focus on the PC side of things. New HDR and anti-aliasing options are available depending on spec. Check out the full patch notes for all the details.

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