F1 2019’s Multiplayer League System Sounds Like Exactly What the Genre Needs

In a preview event earlier this week, Codemasters gave the assembled media — including GTPlanet — its first hands-on experience with F1 2019. We also heard about new features coming to this year’s title, including a very in-depth multiplayer league system.

Sim racers will know the inherent challenges of organizing unofficial leagues. Matters such as different time zones, regulations, entry requirements, and general scheduling can all conspire to make an organizer’s head spin. These all typically need to be dealt with outside of the game itself too: places like our very own forums, for example.

F1 2019 will provide players with an unprecedented level of in-game control for many of these variables. According to Lee Mather, players will be able to create or join leagues at any time, but the first big change is one of scheduling. League organizers will be able to set race times ahead of the fact. The event will then begin at the scheduled time, without any additional setup required. Automation should make the whole approach much easier, enabling both organizers and participants to see the whole season right in game.

There are other options too. Organizers can determine whether the championship is publicly available or private. They can also choose whether or not entry is automatic, or on a case-by-case, manual approval basis. What’s more, they’ll also be able to set different roles within the championship: owners, administrators, and members were examples Mather gave during his presentation.

According to one of the slides, there will also be a voting system. It isn’t yet clear what this could be used for, and we weren’t able to corner Mather to draw an answer out. We’ll surely find out soon with mere weeks left before launch, however.

Aligning with the team’s push for more customization in F1 2019, organizers will also be able to set custom league icons and prize medals.

All in, it sounds like Codemasters will be offering players a robust system capable of easily crafting bespoke championships. Any movement to increase the amount of in-game operations is key in the multiplayer realm, and we’re looking forward to putting the new features through their paces in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more on our hands-on time with F1 2019, including an exclusive interview with lead vehicle designer David Greco.

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