F1 2021 Reveals More Characters for Braking Point Story Mode

There’s only three weeks now until F1 2021 launches, and Codemasters has today revealed more about the intriguing “Braking Point” story mode for the game.

We already know that Braking Point will see the player taking part in F2 and F1 across several seasons, going up against rivals that include the returning Devon Butler — F1 2019’s antagonist.

However Butler is just one of the many characters you’ll encounter as you progress through the story. Today’s reveal covers four more of the game’s fictional people, all of whom seem to be involved in the Alfa Romeo team.

That includes Casper “Cas” Akkerman, who is described as an older driver towards the end of a succesful career, and with an ice-cold temperament. Casper’s wife Zoe is also involved in the story, and the two have a young daughter — all of which sounds a little like Kimi and Minttu Raikkonen.

Driving alongside Akkerman is newcomer Aiden Jackson. Like the player character, Jackson is a youngster who’s just progressed from F2 into F1, and described as “a star in the making”.

The fourth and final new character introduced today is Brian Doyle. Doyle acts as an in-between man, managing communications between drivers and the team principal, and is described as a “larger than life” character.

It remains to be seen how each of these characters fit into the Braking Point story mode, which will see you move into one of five of the F1 teams to carve out your own history. There may well be other characters we’ve not yet seen too.

Of course Braking Point is just one of the many game modes in F1 2021, which will see My Team returning so you can race as a driver-owner in your own 11th team on the grid. You’ll be able to race with or against friends in a two-player career mode, and the “real season start” feature will allow you to jump into the current grid with an up-to-date calendar of results.

F1 2021 will launch on July 16 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, and PC via Steam. A Digital Deluxe Edition will be available too, with three days’ early access.

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  1. Leggacy

    Hmm.. I’m expecting a story that’s a bit like the story in TOCA race driver 2, I wonder if we’ll get the Scottish mechanic back?


    This kind of stuff is nice but doesn’t really add that much to the game.

    1. PJTierney

      Yes, plenty. You can go from a super casual “almost drives itself” experience to something far more complicated 🙂

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