F1 22 Gameplay Video Reveals Miami Grand Prix Circuit

With the inaugural Miami Grand Prix this weekend, everyone is eager to get a look at the newest circuit on the Formula 1 calendar. As a “temporary circuit” constructed around the Hard Rock Stadium, there has been no easy way for anyone to run a lap of the new track to see what it’s actually going to look like from behind the wheel… until now!

We got our hands on an early copy of F1 22, and today we can finally share the first gameplay footage of both the new game and the new Miami International Autodrome.

Miami International Autodrome

Although I will admit to being underwhelmed when I first saw the track’s layout, I warmed up to it after turning a few laps. You can go full throttle out of Turn 1 through 4 , making the early complex of corners feel quite fast if you hit the right line, but Turn 7 presents an awkward challenge that always leaves you feeling like there was more speed to be had.

I enjoyed the slower section at the back of the track — corners 11 through 16 — more than I thought I would. The curb at the apex of Turn 15 is especially devious and just begs to be cut. The car is itching to stretch its legs up the short hill, but the corner pushes you out further to the left than you want to be, complicating the setup for the critical Turn 16.

That’s all I can say for now, but stay tuned! We have a lot more coverage of F1 22 to come.

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