F1 Drivers Guess Their Team Mates’ F1 22 Ratings

The official Formula One social channels have released a new video showing some of the drivers trying to guess their team-mates’ F1 22 driver ratings.

As with previous versions of the game, Codemasters has rated all 20 of the official F1 World Championship drivers (sorry Nico Hulkenberg) as well as drivers from the F2 2021 championship.

These ratings are derived from real-world performances and Codemasters regularly updates them, with input from F1 commentators David Croft, Anthony Davidson, and Alex Jacques. The first official set published for F1 22 reflects the 2022 season up to the end of the Monaco Grand Prix on May 29.

Each driver is rated on four different aspects. Experience is a measure of how long they’ve been racing in the sport, with lower formula careers incorporated but of less importance. Awareness is about how drivers avoid incidents, with the more accident prone scoring lower.

Pace is a reflection of how fast the driver is over a single lap, while Racecraft is a measure of results. Finally there’s an overall rating, made up of all four ratings — with about 80% of the score coming from Pace and Racecraft, and Experience being by far the least important of the four.

A fifth attribute, Focus, is also scored in the game, but not included in the overall rating, nor in the video.

Drivers from five teams — Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, Alpine, McLaren, and Red Bull — appear in the video, tasked with guessing their own team-mate’s individual ratings and the overall score.

Naturally Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris are more into doodling and savagery, while Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu are taking things a lot more seriously. There’s a few wild stabs in the dark (and the back), but Max Verstappen guesses Sergio Perez’s overall rating exactly, and Perez is only one away from Verstappen’s.

As it’s an official video from the F1 social accounts, you’ll have to visit the F1 YouTube channel to watch.

For those interested in the scores, Fernando Alonso tops Experience on 98, Verstappen’s 98 is the highest Racecraft, Bottas has the highest Awareness score of 93, and Verstappen is again best for Pace on 97. For the overall rating Verstappen is tied with Sir Lewis Hamilton — the only driver to score 90+ in all four categories — on 94.

Codemasters has also released a new launch trailer for F1 22, with the game now available through early access for Champions Edition buyers and for a ten-hour trial on EA Play. You can read our review of F1 22 here.

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