17 Years Later, The Porsche 911 GT3 (996) Car Is Finally Coming to Gran Turismo

How do you know it's next week?

Because Kaz said it in this tweet:


Roughly translated from japanese to norwegian so to english: Some of this month update will be released first.

And it is just 1 week left of this month, so that means we will have Fuji Speedway and a batch of new cars sometime next week :).
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Despite being called a 2008, the image in the other thread shows it's a 997.2 GT3.
That's odd. I thought it said 2006, which would made it a 997.1. But the image I saw pretty clearly shows the 997.2.
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Weirdly, the 996 is my favorite 911 GT3, although the 996 doesn't appeal to me as much as others. But this particular version is a very important one in Porsche history.
I feel the same. And I do love it despite the egg fried lights just like the rest of the 996 range. I think part of it is because is the first of the GT3's, which has now gone on to even a more mythical status than the legendary turbo models, and now seen as most purest drivers car in the 911 range. Also in white with the red side graphics and red rims it is very reminiscent of the beloved 1973 911 carrera rs. And finally, the very distinctive rear wing that looks like it is barely hanging on.

And I know I maybe nitpicking, but I wish it was an RS model and that we get a Ferrari 360 challenge stradale to go up against it in GT Sport. I could imitate one of my favorite reviews on Top gear: