2019 Virgin Australia Supercars ChampionshipTouring Cars 

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Richie Stanaway is retiring from Motorsport at 28. Bit of a shame really as I don’t think he reached his potential in the main game from the small glimpses we saw in the Enduros and Super2
Jeez, I have so much to say about what's going on in the series. It is what it is though. Stanaway,'s news, feels like Ambrose's story.

CRazy that Slade was doing good at SBR with Holdsworth and Giz. Then, things fell off from there. Never got to show his true potential until he got those wins at Winton. Well, he does a lot of international GT racing, could continue on his career with that. Plus, he mentioned his beer business.

I'm glad there is TCM, TCR, Aussie Racing Cars and S5000 to join, for some good racing.
The double stack behind Courtney might have cost Pye a potential 3rd place. Happy for Slade and BJR though. Very well deserved.
One safety car, time certain finish..... really?

Absolute joke. You'd think at a track like Newcastle they'd plan for this kind of scenario and start the race earlier but obviously not.

I bet Waters is going to sad to see Chaz leave. Not. :lol: