A-spec Expert Level Non-Racing Car Challenge: Nürburgring Nordschleife

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  1. nowcontrol


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    A-spec Expert Level Non-Racing Car Challenge: Nürburgring Nordschleife

    Image courtesy of GRANKUSTOM .. Many Thanks.

    Period of Availability:
    16/10/2014 - 30/10/2014, 04:00 GMT/UTC

    Event Conditions:
    Type: Single Race
    Start Procedure: Rolling Start
    Duration: 1 Laps

    Eligible Cars:
    Categories: Normal Car

    Entry Requirements:
    PP: 550 or less
    Tyres: Sports Soft or less
    Nitrous: Cannot be Fitted

    Gold: Cr.170,000
    Silver: Cr.102,000
    Bronze: Cr.85,000

    Gold: GT METALLIC 009-W paint chip.

    Track Conditions:
    Track: Circuit Nürburgring Nordschleife
    Track Length: 12.95 miles / 20841 m
    Time of day: 15:00
    Temp: 29ºc
    Precipitation: 0%

    Typical Opponents:
    Jaguar XKR-S '11
    SRT Viper SRT10 '03
    SRT Viper SRT10 Coupe '06

    Tunes for the events can be found at one of these links:

    GTPlanet Tuning Database - maintained by Jordan

    GT6 Tune Directory - maintained by XS

    Praiano GT6 Tunes - by praiano63

    Motor City Tunes GT6 - by Motor City Hami

    Team-Shmo GT6 tuning - by shmogt

    Exeter GT Tuning - by shaunm80

    Clueless, over The Hill Outlaws - by CyKosis1973

    Little Duckpond Under The Mountain - Thorin Cain


    Dante's gt6 tuning garage - by lldantell

    Bowtie's Speed Shop - by Bowtie-muscle

    The Devil's Playground - by demonchilde

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  2. CVPI93

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    As much as I love Nurburgring, the odds are stacked against you in this one. BIG TIME. Even with my Nurb-prepped cars such as my Impreza Spec C and my RX7 Spirit R, the best I can manage is 2nd. They keep blowing past me on the straights. :(
    Not liking this event so far, but hopefully my perspective on it will change.
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  3. Polsixe


    Need a 7:12 or better to win this, it's a toughie. My Sierra prize GTO not enough so far.

    LFA Nurburgring was good for silver and then lucked out with Viper ACR rabbit and won with a Gallardo and 7:14, kind of messy lap, good thing no penalties for off road or ramming.

    And more wins with C7 Corvette 7:12, broke thru a 3 pack in front after the Bilstein sign.

    Then a detuned Enzo in 7:08 taking the lead at Kleine Karoussel. All good fun using a variety of 550 cars.

    If you are under 50 seconds behind at the first sector near Flugplatz and 1:20 at the Yokohama sign, less than 3:00 at the sharp uphill right after the town Adenau, Kallenhard, then you should have the pace to win. In the 6:20s under the Audi sign. And top speed set for 199 or higher.
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  4. RobertM525


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    I despise this track enough without getting ridiculous events like this. :banghead: The AI gets, what, a minute head start? On the Nordschleife?! :irked:



    The Honda NSX-R Prototype LM Road Car sounded well-suited to this (and by that I mean absurdly fast for the "normal car" category and its PP rating). Not good enough, apparently: I got 5th place and was 19 seconds behind first. 19 seconds!

    Yeah, I'm really not feeling too optimistic about my ability to beat this one. :(

    On a side note, I was going to try using my Nissan GT-R NISMO, but apparently that's not a "normal car." Which seems rather odd to me, given that it's street legal.

    So, anyone have any amazing advice for this one? (Other than the obvious "drive better," anyway. :) )
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  5. Jimmy_Pop


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    The zonda had a 6:57... its tough, but doable with the right car. Gotta find it first.
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  6. GTP_CargoRatt


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    I won it on the second try with a Nissan GT-R Black Edition. Drafted and passed the lead car on the long straight. I just picked the first car I thought of and it happened to do the job. No tune other than weight loss Stage 3 and power down to 88.8% to get to the 550 PP. Just wanted to get these all won for now, which I have just did. Will look for the challenges another day.
  7. ThrasherDBS


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    When I saw 550PP Normal Cars at Nurburgring, I thought: "Oh boy! I get to take Veronica (my trusty '02 Type R NSX) for a spin!" I can certainly see how this would be a tough race, but because of how familiar I am with my car and the track, I managed to win over the leading Aston Martin One-77 by three seconds on my first try, having made a few mistakes throughout the lap.

    Here's the tune that I use on my NSX thanks to @Acan , sans the flat floors. The suspension might be a bit hard, so just be careful on the bumpy bits on the track. And bear in mind that it's an MR car, so don't try any funny business slamming on the gas in exits.
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  8. ALB123


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    McLaren MP4-12C was the car of choice for my victory!! Errr....

    Nope. I finished 3rd, 11.356s behind the Zonda C12S and TommyKaira ZZII... The ZZII was 2.5s ahead of me. I got stuck behind two or three cars for a few seconds, but I seriously doubt I would have gotten the lead even if I had made it around them without slowing down. That would probably have only given me 2nd place.
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  9. joeledward


    S.C.I.R.O.C.C.O. :lol:
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  10. Jimmy_Pop


    United States
    Took your advice. Thanks for the win!
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  11. Draggon


    The capriciousness of the AI isn't fun. I made a 7:32 lap and was 6 seconds behind first place. No prob, different car, some practice runs, got 1st with a 7:02, however, 2nd place was less than a second behind me. Thats a 24 second difference...
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  12. ALB123


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    Well, I hopped on the bandwagon and took out my Nissan GT-R Black Edition (good call CargoRatt). My first two runs were heart-breaking.

    With attempt one I caught up to 1st and 2nd place, who were bumper to bumper, at the mini-karousel, just before the final straight. I couldn't get a clean pass right away so I waited to make my move until the straightaway. Bad decision. I got past the Ford GT easy enough, but the Corvette ZR1 was a different story. I just couldn't catch him. 2nd place finish. :grumpy:

    My second attempt was just like the first, I caught both cars just as they were rounding the mini-karousel and this time I made a move around the Ford GT. I was on the Corvette's bumper, drafting down the straightaway and wouldn't you know it my car starts bouncing off the rev limiter at 180mph! MF'er! The ZR1 just pulled away... bye bye Mr. Stinky Pants in the Nissan GT-R... :banghead: :mad:

    I popped into Car Settings and lowered my Final Gear to make sure I would have enough to pass that ZR1 the next time we crossed paths. Same scenario -- I'm all over them like a cheap suit just after the mini-karousel. But, I wasn't able to make my move past the Ford GT. Oh no... They take off like rockets up the straight and I was just able to draft them in time to make the crest under the Bilstein sign. I had the worst possible line -- stuck on the inside (left) and I swear I don't know how my tires held as I slid across the length of the track to the outside at the turn. I know we were over 200MPH before we hit the top of the hill. Anyway, she held and I white knuckled it all the way to the finish line. 1st place!

    Thanks for the suggestion @GTP_CargoRatt. I don't know if I would have thought of using the GT-R in this race on my own. FYI, I wasn't running the stock transmission. That's probably why I'm the first person to get dusted on the back straight.
  13. Mt. Lynx

    Mt. Lynx Premium

    Do a sloppy first sector and take advantage of how the AI adjusts their pace to yours.
  14. nowayback


    Had to try the Gallardo from gt5 Nordschleife. Bit loose , but fun drive won 1st try , sloppy though, aston one rabbit.
    And at 525 pp 1st more interesting, zonda rabbit
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  15. FranciRus


    I won with the Honda NSX-R Prototype LM Road Car on my 1st try (prianos tune)

    First sector time 52.xx, final lap time 7.03.xx
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  16. Hanako787b


    I haven't posted in a long time and it will probably show.

    It took me a long time with no assists with the 2001 Nissan GT-R concept car. 7.02.xx perfect lap after 9-11 tries.
    I did cheat the S section in the middle. The lead cars to attack were the Corvette ZR-1 and the Lamborghini Murcielago Super Veloce. I feared the Pagani Zonda 7.3 the most but it was only there in a prior try.

    I changed the traction control to level 1 and not 0. I wanted a go again at the Ford GT 05' and the Pagani Zonda and they were both there along with the Buick Special on pole. The Buick slowed down the Tommy Kaira ZZ-II, but the Pagani must have dusted him off early as it had a 12 second gap to the rest by the time I had to track him down prior to the Dottinger Hohe. I had the transmission ratios at 186mph and hammered the limiter 3 times and had to dive bomb him at the final corner taking him out and I slipped through for the win.

    The thing that surprised me is that so far I won the gold prize cash amount TWICE!!

    Some one else check they will probably hotfix it soon. I won a silver medal cr. amount after the golds as well.
    It was really stressful and I know I did well on a really bad tune as the car was still fully lowered. So hopefully I can win some more gold cr.
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  17. Thomas2012


    7:22 in a stock GTR, third... I'm sick of the stupidity of starting behind the AI by a minute. Honestly who's idea was that?
  18. RCKakashi14


    The cars that made me win the event. Polar opposites, I must say. :sly:

    - Nissan GT-R SpecV
    - KTM X-Bow Street

    Both are tuned to 550 PP. For the KTM, you need to perform weight reduction stage 3 and then add 90 kg of ballast which automatically adjusts the weight distribution by 40:60 (which somehow improves stability) and then raised the power to 320 HP. Front suspension setup is very stiff. Anyway, I may be able to post a tune for it shortly.

    The GT-R will guarantee an easy win. As usual at the Nordschleife, don't let your car's tires meet the grass. The KTM provided a good challenge, though. :)
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  19. ALB123


    United States
    Awesome job! I love when people describe their close races. I felt like I was watching your race, for a minute... :cheers:

    The fact that you were awarded credits both times is not a glitch. These A-Spec Seasonal Events can be raced as many times as you would like, in a two week period. You're thinking of the other type of Seasonal Events where you try to set the fastest lap that you can, by yourself. They usually call them Super Lap or Hot Lap. Those events you only win the credits for each trophy, bronze, silver and gold one time each. If you want to run this Nordschleife race 100 times, and you come in 1st place 100 times you are going to be a wealthy GT6 garage owner. 340,000cr x 100 races = 34,000,000 credits. :crazy: :D

    I have one question, if you don't mind. What did you mean when you said you "cheated the S section in the middle"? What section of the track is that exactly? Just curious...
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  20. SVPSkins


    United Kingdom
    this events an absolute joke. 6 times ive tried this with my 2007 R35 GTR with with SS tyres fitted and about 480bhp (after adding weight) and still only finished 5th 26.8 secs behind the ZZII. i was driving hell out of the car as well.

    yet drive the exact same way with the same set up in free run and im a full 24 seconds faster. PD i know ur trying to make it harder for us but this is taking the biscuit
  21. ALB123


    United States
    I would imagine the reason you're 24 seconds faster is you don't have any of the AI cars to contend with and get around during a Free Run. I know they blocked me several times during my attempts.

    If you own a Nissan GT-R Black Edition, give it a shot. I'd be more than happy to share the exact tune I used, if you don't already have something your comfortable with -suits your driving style, etc.. Several of us have used that exact model GT-R and gotten 1st Place. And trust me...I'm just an average skilled GT6'er - nothing special about my lap times.
  22. IBZ6L20VT


    United Kingdom
    Are somebody here using SH? I didn't try this seasonal yet and I was wondering about doing it with SH but I read in the previous post that it's a real hard event. So, are SS the only possible tires to win?
  23. dddsprayshop


    Wo nice one, i even got frustrated.
    like francirus, my choice was the Honda NSX-R Prototype roadcar.
    Messed around, even tried the Citroën GT roadcar, but that was a slip and slide.
    back to the honda.

    First leaders i got:
    Viper SRT10 ACR with 580pp i only got 2nd
    jaguar One-77 also 580pp again 2nd
    Then out en in and got the Murcielago Superveloce with 576pp.
    Mistakes are not allowed in this event.
    I finnaly got behind the ZZII and the Superveloce at the start of the last long straight.
    slipstreamed as crazy, and overtook the superveloce at the very 3rd last corner

    My opponents shot0005.png

    My settings Honda NSX-R Prototype LM road_Normal_by_DDDsprayshop.jpg
    I almost think i need to be an alien to gold this, but nope, i got calm and made almost no mistakes.
    Stay of the grass!!!
    i needed 4 races and one extra try with the citroën GT, but stopped after 6 corners.
    1st race with honda leader had 580pp
    2nd race with honda leader again 580pp
    3rd race with the honda and made too many mistakes.
    4th race, just 2 little mistakes.
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  24. ALB123


    United States
    Hey @dddsprayshop what is that program you are using to track your GT6 cars? The second screenshot... Is that something you coded yourself? By the way, nice win...That Honda NSX-R is a great car, if driven properly. Otherwise, she'll bite your head off. :D :crazy: :lol: :sly:
  25. Jayson619


    Try my Reventon - 3rd place after three tries
    Try my Aventador - 4th place after two tries
    Try GT-R Black - 1st on the FIRST TRY!

    Thks! GLORY TO THE GT-R!!!!!
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  26. Lewis_Hamilton_


    Took my stock Ferrari California, slapped on full weight reduction, sports ECU, racing brakes and sports soft tyres, left the rest stock, quite a bit under 550PP. Under 7 minutes on the first run, 4 leading AI were bunched up just after the karussel, had them dusted well before the final straight. The Ferrari sticks like glue.

    This event reminds me a lot of the 550PP Lambo seasonal back on GT5. Same PP, tyres and lap time requirement.
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  27. dddsprayshop


    Yes, in my sig there is a link to the topic.
    And it is not only to track my gt6 cars, it is to track all tunes i use or have used.
    It's a offline database program that the user controlls himself.

    About the car, The car does not bite your head off, it is a great handling car.
    You want your head bitten off? take the citroën GT, reduce power to 550pp, that car bites.
    The grip that the honda has, just awesome.
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  28. Fanapryde


    Took the VW Nardo, first two races I was about 1,5 seconds behind the winning car.
    Then I realized I was on SH...

    Slapped some SS on it and won in 6.56.238, 1,771 in front of the Zonda and 21,109 for the ZZ II.

    Nice racing, not easy, but certainly doable and lots of fun.
    Maybe my 68.000 km on the Nordschleife are paying off now ... :lol:

    Love this seasonal !!
  29. Jaywalker

    Jaywalker (Banned)

    I can't try these yet, but shouldn't the Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car '98 be able to get the job done quite easily?
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  30. Aleppo


    First Post here! Hi Everyone

    Tried the BMW 135i coupe. First try, first place!
    Time was 8:08,113 , FU Zonda & Murciélago!