Assetto Corsa Console Update 1.14 Thread — Releases May 17

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by GTPNewsWire, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. sirgaric

    Spain Zarautz

    I don't know if it is (I am not console user). I was just wondering about it.
  2. 35mm

    Portugal Leiria

    Oh, ok.

    Over at the official forum people are discussing the new car's handling, etc., so I don't think this is a general thing.

    Having said that, there seems to be some kind of problem creating new lobbies, but I think that's normal and they already mentioned this as well on Twitter:

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  3. KennyL74

    United Kingdom Yorkshire England

    I don't know, i didn't get to see past the first corner because my bleeding car won't steer.:D
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  4. Random guess but have you tried deleting your save file? That's probably not an option for players with significant career progress, but deleting the save file does fix problems such as frozen AI drivers. No guarantees but consider trying.

    I'm also using the DS4 and I'm not sure I dare to update my game after reading your feedback.
  5. ALB123

    United States Massachusetts

    Oh, I don't know why, but when I was reading that the PS4 update was coming "tomorrow" I thought that meant "Thursday". I'm very happy for you console players. I hope everything works as intended -- seems like there are already a few hiccups?

    I can't wait to hear the reviews on the custom lobbies.

    Oh, I forgot to hit the Quote button -- someone stated that they weren't really looking forward to the new UGR Gallardo or the Akrapovic M4. You're right...the 1200hp Gallardo is lame, unless you're 12 and think that kind of stuff in a video game is cool. :p The M4 is pretty cool. I don't remember it feeling any different than the base M4. I thought it was just an exhaust upgrade...but, it DOES sound way cooler and I think you get about 5-6 extra ponies. Give it a chance...I don't drive the M4 much at all, but when I do it is always the Akrapovic M4. You get a few cool skins too.
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  6. BrainsBush

    Online Now!
    Netherlands Tilburg


    YES!!! And it are long winding roads and long curves. Relaxing! It feels like I actually drive around in Scotland (what we have done multiple times in real live).

    Enjoy the update! Also you can change the track conditions per track!! great extra
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  7. KennyL74

    United Kingdom Yorkshire England

    I've just deleted my game save, that seemed to fix the issue, luckily i've got a T300 wheel but that doesn't help DS4 players.
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  8. Wait, Fanatec CSL now supported on PS4! Surprised to see no one mention this.
  9. Magdelayna

    United Kingdom W.Yorkshire

    Can you force mandatory pit stops in custom championships? Is there in-depth parameters you can set up,or is it all pretty basic?
  10. super_gt

    Bulgaria Bulgaria

    This is interesting,can you post picture?
  11. ALB123

    United States Massachusetts

    I don't think I could on the PC version, so I don't think so....but I could be wrong.
  12. Schmiggz

    Canada Toronto

    Noooooo!!! Really??? Where did you see that?
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  13. KennyL74

    United Kingdom Yorkshire England

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  14. I could but i cant at the moment. It's the very last point at the bottom on news section when you load the game up.

    I also have discovered something else that will make a few people happy. Cant remember who asked the question about being able to remove the virtual steering wheel but i have found how to remove it.

    I was playing around with the new camera adjustment and wanted to see how far back i could put the camera in cockpit view, and basically you can make your own chase cam ( but you will have internal sounds ). This can also be used in replays ( good for anyone who likes to edit their videos ), anyhow, changing to dash cam removes the wheel and just shows the stalks ( If you have it set far enough )
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  15. Schmiggz

    Canada Toronto

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  16. Zakspeed_TV


    Wow so we are doing a TT on Nords endurance cup in the RSR 3.0 i made a 23 the other day. Sector 1 was 3.32.6

    After update Sector 1 was 3.30.3
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  17. OK to remove virtual steering wheel you dont need to go through all of this Takes a while to push camera to behind the car ), just set FOV to 90 then adjust untill you're happy.
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  18. Masscot


    Would this also work with the CSR Elite? I use mine via CronusMAX on the PS4 at the moment but it'd be nice to bypass it entirely, if only for the simplicity.

    Also, ref removing the on-screen steering wheel - I thought we could do this already? Or is it simply because my FoV clips it out?
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  19. HammyMansell

    United Kingdom Valencia

    Great update, love the cars, the Mazda 787B is as i thought it would be. an absolute beast!

    Love the Highlands Long layout (i haven't tried the other three yet) and did a speed test in the F40 Step 3 along the 3km straight! :p Got her up to 204MPH!! ;)

    @Zakspeed_TV and others, when i first tried the game today after installing the update, the cars did have more grip, but then i realised it was due to the new "track surface" option, put it to a less grippy surface and the slides return......And slower times of course lol!

    Great update, well done Kunos.......Now we have something to build on, and with more additions/DLC to come, things will only get even better!! :tup:

    Edit: Btw no wheel graphic problems for me on a normal PS4.
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  20. torque99

    England England

    ^^ I also agree a great update. I have downloaded the update on DS4 so far and it all seems to be working. I really like the new Highlands (long) track, the depth of field and the long twisting roads are great. I ran it in the 911R (my fave) and the MX5 Cup.

    A big thing for me is you can now change the cockpit position now in the race by pausing and pressing 'Square' to move the FOV, chair up/down/left/right etc.

    @BrainsBush The graphics of the highlands on a clear morning and the cloudy misty settings are really good (PS4 Pro) it all seems nice and smooth and detailed on the move. The steering wheel on DS4 still seems to rotate quicker than I press the joystick but I will get the T300 out soon to cruise the Highlands :tup:
    A little video of the lovely 911R in the cockpit view :bowdown:
    ^Edit (I wasn't sure how to embed properly so this is a better link)
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  21. Outspacer

    United Kingdom UK

    Damn, seems I'm suffering from that too :(

    I want to have a quick look through my setups before I delete my save. TBH I won't be losing much, but I at least want to note the hotlap events I've got somewhere on. Still a pain though :(

    Are you saying that it doesn't happen with a wheel? Normally I'd be using T300...
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  22. Bit annoying that us X Box One owners have to keep waiting.
  23. HammyMansell

    United Kingdom Valencia


    Sorry! :sly:
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  24. KennyL74

    United Kingdom Yorkshire England

    I haven't had the chance to try it with my T300 yet.:D
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  25. Chikane

    United States Home

    Wow at the Highlands video cant wait to drive the P1 on that track :D
  26. Orayani

    Scotland UK

    So close, Hammy. Nearly wasted the paintwork on that barrier.
  27. It is not the CSL Wheel Base which has been on sale already since last year. As reported before a new product has to be developed which gets PS4 licence.
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  28. Zakspeed_TV


    @HammyMansell yes but you would expect fast to = 100% track grip
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  29. HammyMansell

    United Kingdom Valencia

    Sure Zak, maybe they need to tweek it a touch, in general there is more grip than before, and i some cars the loss of grip can be quite sudden an "unnatural" feeling. Let's see what happens. :tup:
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  30. Zakspeed_TV


    Yeah i only tested the 3.0 RSR and think it was better before the update, maybe its just the same as PC now!
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