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Oh btw have you converted the three RX7s GTO I gave ya last week ? ;)
No, for now I just converted this Nissan Silvia S110 Super Silhouette, then I look at those Mazdas soon.
Hey there!
Since i got a a LOT of updates for tracks, and even some complete track reworks in the pipeline,
i decided to start my own patreon for my projects.
When it will go good, and i get enough supporters, i will post all of my work in progress updates there, until they are finished for public release.


Thank you!

Just downloaded the updates for this track, looking great. mazing what a difference CSP can make to AC!


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Thanks @Jimlloyd for your personal/professional keen persistence and extensive efforts to ensure this epic track is as accurately depicted in game as IRL... It's not just another track... It's been a classic ever since childhood, and have lived to see it reach icon-status. And now with your works it will be "Hall of Fame" stuff no doubt...

Sincere appreciation 👍
Porsche 961 is coming tomorrow.
Original model has very low quality interior. I renewd some main placec as tachometer, turbo pressure. So when i publish it, anyone can take it to upgrade . But in overall its okay for riding, because when you drive, you dont actually look and fuel arrow etc. (i dont know if its important when you drive in VR glasses)

max speed on Mulsane straight, boost - according real stats. Even lap time is close to real

suspension physics is taken from other AWD turbo race car (not Alfa). none of us has any experince in driving real 961, who cares about it, if car handles well and with pleasure, am i wrong?

Thanks @TonyBarracuda - if the results are anything like in this image, then, it too deserves icon-classic-epic status... And should be driven on the NEW Bathurst - double whammy!

Porsche 961.jpg
I've been renting an AC server from these guys for the last 18 months. In terms of uploading files, do you mean content like tracks, cars and skins - if so then yes, no problem with that. The hosting comes with their server manager software preconfigured and so makes setting everything up/managing championships really easy. It also supports Real Penalty, KissMyRank and sTracker plugins plus you can have a TeamSpeak Server included for free too.
Thank you mate
Hi mate. Do you mean bathurst from Rf2 few pages ago?

For me, i like white livery more)

Meant the Bathurst WIP mod by @Jimlloyd for AC, and if all tests OK should be out Friday evening... or thereabouts, just on time for weekend racing...

The shape of the Porsche 961 mod looks great in any colour really... White is nice... it may need some detailed lines to make it look kind of menacing... may be work on some liveries thereafter...
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yes, another MG BGT but this one has the overdrive!!!


Do not overwrite anything.

L4 1799cm3,
naturally aspirated,
manual 5 speed
11.8s 0-100,
11.03 kg/hp

The colors of the skins are those proposed in the MG catalog in 1965

All files modified in accordance with:


Respect for the author
Have fun, Mike
United States
United States
Testing a car at Meadowdale International Raceway, I was going faster than the AI, about 20 seconds a lap.
The fun was down fast.

So, I made a new 'fast lane' for the AI and testing the same car for 2 laps, now the AI is running with same pace as me.

If you wanna try, here it is.

- Remove .txt
- Make a backup of the original file please.

The reason you are so much faster with what I did with the AI, is I used allot of AI hints in several corners to get the majority of cars
to go around the track -- slow and fast cars. There were only a few cars that would go around the track without the AI hints. Otherwise allot of the AI cars would slide off into the grass or flip over.

If you make an AI line to work with one just one car, then many of the others will not work with a particular AI fix. I will try yours and see how it works with allot of car mods. Did you also change the AI hints file?
Example -One of the cars which was the Lotus 88 could go around the track without any AI hints and very fast at 98%. Many other cars would be up in the hills on the grass.
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Just downloaded the updates for this track, looking great. mazing what a difference CSP can make to AC!

Thank you! ..not only CSP, texture work also.
Are you happy with the FPS on the track, with other cars?
I had some FPS drops driving between the 3D trees,
perhaps i have to remove some of the many 3D trees in the background to get better FPS.
And i did not finish GrassFX completely for my taste.
quick and dirty, but looks ok.

; configuration file
PUDDLES_MATERIALS = ist_tarmac,ist_rumble?

;copied from teddies grassfx
GRASS_MESHES = vis-grass?
TEXTURE = grass_fx/

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where to past this please? surface.ini?
Here's how I go about it:
on the first page of the model chosen in, you can already check a lot of things in content manager concerning the car: the manufacturer, the country of origin, the year of the model, the class (race or street ... or whatever you want), the name of the author, the power, the torque, the weight (empty), the maximum speed, the acceleration, then right click on the weight / power ratio box then "recalculate", this is done automatically by content manager. You can also fill in the boxes just under the photo of your car and the area to the right of this photo. It still remains to possibly modify the "power graph". Click on "folder" at the bottom of the screen, then on "ui" then on "ui_car.json". On the file that opens you will find the values to apply concerning the torque and the power available in the automobile-catalog under the tab "horse power / torque curve" (in red). Save the ui_car.jason file, now the power graph conforms to the car settings. To modify the power of the car, you have to open the file "power.lut" in data folder and calculate according to the torque values of the file "ui_car.json" the values to enter those of "power.lut" in this way:
T (in power.lut) = T (in ui_car.json) X 0.85
0.85 is the power reduction coefficient due to efficiency drops in the transmission. If the car is equipped with a turbo the calculation is a little different, the coefficient is modified as follows:
0.85 / (1 + turbo pressure)
e.g. if the turbo pressure is 1 bar
0.85 / 2 = 0.425
Only the power.lut changes the power of the car according to the formula:
Power = Torque * rpm
power in watts, torque in Newton / meter and rpm 2pi rad / sec.
Don't forget to also modify:
car.ini, (adjusts the weight, i.e. empty weight + 75kg)
ai.ini (the gear change values for the ai)
engine.ini (max rpm, idle rpm, etc ... and important, the turbo pressure
Now the car has the right power, to adjust the maximum speed and acceleration you can modify the parameters of the "aero.ini" file.
Also check the gearbox ratio values from those given in automobile-catalog on the tab "Complete transmission data: gear ratios, final drive, etc. - click the button below: Full Specifications"
Also test the other files in the "data" folder, there is a lot to learn.
But for all parameters to be compliant, there is still a lot to do ...
Finally, don't forget to click the "analyze" button in content manager to check that the car has no errors.
This is a little shortcut of what you can do with automobile-catalog (or even if it is not as complete).
If you need more information ---> pm
Have fun, Mike
Edit 1: i forgot to mention if data folder doesnt exist, only data.acd, in CM press [alt]+j data folder is created, then delete data.acd

Thank you very very much!! this will complete missing pieces..

Best Regards
sorry for boeeing a noob but there is no ext_config.ini in the track folder and in the extention/config/track there is no istanbul file????
Here, I can give you mine if you like (remove '.txt' from file name before moving it to track's extension folder)


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ALDERSHOT (small British oval track)
(Just an update, you need the main track from the link above.)

Optimized in 3DS MAX: reduced object count from 7508 to 368 :)
The only ones I left out were the extremely mesh-overkill vans (500.000 polys for 12 vans)

I did that really bad upgrade for a kid on Facebook a couple of years ago, told him the vans were killing fps and he insisted on adding 12 more... Hence I handed it back over and walked away.

While the track was NOT scratch made by me at all, I also dislike you expecting money for others work...
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
In BLM Lights I made an option so that you can enable wet-like effects to roads by adding sections that modify some materials commonly used for tracks and curbs (you can also add defined materials for defined tracks).

I was thinking I could do the same for the new RAIN_FX CSP extension, so, in case there already isn't a rain_fx section for a track, I make a new one (that will be deleted when exiting or reopening AC) using common roads materials.

would somebody be interested into this option?

This would be fantastic, I've basically given up with track extensions at this point as it seems everyone and their dog are making them and I just don't care enough about grass and billboards to bother working out which ones are the best. I can see it becoming even more confusing once the rain CSP hits public release so having a more advanced version of the 'wet' function in BLM lights would be a brilliant time saver.

hi ladies and gentlemen,
As you know, I like to modify the data of outrageously overpowered cars to make them more realistic (but i'm not an ayatollah).
This is the case of this Aston Martin which came out for assetto corsa with 5 ( yes five! ) turbos, 600hp and other nonsense ...
Here it is with data and performances corresponding to those declared by the site. She is much more civilized and can be driven more easily. But the drawing is a little bit dated. If you have any cars in your garage that need rework, let me know and I'll be happy to try to make them more realistic (as i'm an old retired man, i have time for that).

Aston Martin V8 Vantage 1977:


Obviously, all credits for the author, have fun, Mike

I see you made the same mistake I did and downloaded the Vantage model with the horrible wheels and fat tyres. If you want a normal looking one then here's a temporary link to the standard V8 Vantage KN5 that I recently did some shader work on, just rename and copy over yours and it should then work with your physics set. Feel free to update and upload with this if you prefer, I'm not bothered with being credited, link will be active 14 days. Link and pic below, you should be able to make any skins you want using the CM painter but if not, let me know and I'll upload as well.

EDIT: - Link removed as it was rubbish
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