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Bathurst (Mount Panorama) Version 1.0 by the Reboot Team


Perfect, difficult to argue against laser scan.
If anyone here has the VRC Formula North American 2012 or 2018 OVAL version, can you try and run a race and let me know if the game becomes unplayable? It's weird the Road versions are fine, but the OVAL versions cause some kind of crazy shyte.
Hey Teddie,

I dragged myself away from the fantabulous, gorgeous, positively WONDERFUL Bathurst (thank you Reboot team!) to see if I could help you out... tested both the 2012 and 2018 VRC Formula NA cars at Indy - and honestly had no problems at all... well other than when the AI punted me into the wall at turn 1 at 220 Mph... (ouch... )

Oval spec cars only - didn't try the road spec machines...

Back to Bathurst, Indy is sooooo last week...! :)
Sorry for the off-topic: My wife has been complaining that I've been very inappropriate lately with things I've been saying, etc.

Anyway... This Reboot Team Bathurst gives me a BONER!!!!!
Perhaps she needs wet effects... (LET IT RAIN BRO!)

on another topic, I believe "preview" versions of CSP are purposefully "bugged" for some things.

1.6.2 = perfect exhaust plumes, disc brake smoke
1.6.3 preview X = black exhaust, black tire smoke, no brake smoke

as well, rain works but not on carbody (but did in the last rain "preview"). I dont need rain, but I need to verify its working on what I will release!
This "reverse, introduced bugs" has been true for me on every "preview", and will probably pull my patreon support for CSP

anyway, expect a ext_config for ASR 1991 cars soon (F1 thingies, exhaust plumes and sparks so real you will drive just for the replays)
Bathurst (Mount Panorama) Version 1.0 by the Reboot Team

IMPORTANT - stFlow Shader is needed for this track, its available here -

Hey Everyone - OK so here it is after teasing you guys for so long, IN ALL ITS LASER SCANNED GLORY - i personally rate this as my favorite track. So much love and attention to detail has gone into this conversion from ACC. Thanks to everyone in the team for your contributions. I'm sure you will all agree its flipping great to finally drive a accurate and well optimized Bathurst (on par with stock Kunos tracks) in Assetto Corsa

PS this is not based on any other version, everything is direct from source - Thanks to @Lernatix for the initial work

Track is fully feature complete and is also rain FX ready (though there may still be some updates to come as this is still wip

Lastly Enjoy and please share away - just please use the provided link so any updates and fixes can be kept in one central source

View attachment 953106 View attachment 953107 View attachment 953108 View attachment 953109 View attachment 953110 View attachment 953111 View attachment 953112 View attachment 953113 View attachment 953114 View attachment 953115 View attachment 953116 View attachment 953117 View attachment 953118 View attachment 953119 View attachment 953120
hnnnnnnnnggggg. excuse me while i touch myself...

SO godamned good!
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Here we go with Porsche 961 LM

version 1.0

♣ Car model converted from pCars. All specs according real data. Max speed, lap time matches real lap time of Porsche 961 in Le Mans 1986. ♣ Working AI. Sound from 959 Sport is fine.

⊗ No shift animation. ⊗ No interior lights. ⊗ Physics can be changed in future

It drives well. Probably some understeering? Anyway i think need to make some tune on suspension, and probably add some torque on high revs.

bring me some coffee ^_^
for futher development if you are interested in this model. Thank you.


PS I have just realized that ingame skin is without Rothmans logo. Stupid modern days with censored everything

Is it possible to borrow some better assets from another car to put in the cockpit (eg the gear knob and other angular origami parts)?
Lots of untextured (pure white) elements in the cockpit too. Were these just missed? The white window webbing looks particularly odd, and can't be edited by simply changing the ksAmbient unfortunately, as it can't be isolated from the rest of the model.
Also, there appears to be a tacho needle floating a few metres above the car.
Flames are nowhere near the tailpipes either.
Rear lights don't work too. Brake lights do, but are very dim.
Nice car, but needs some TLC perhaps, and probbaly not a v1.0 just yet?

Added Rothmans logos + custom livery icons :



Easiest thing I've ever done for AC lol

Coupla more skins for the 961 (think these are the last - didn't race much that one) :

Daytona 1986 (missing one logo I couldn't decipher)


Le Mans Presentation 1986


+ custom livery icons

Good evening members...
Hopefully the new Bathurst track is not released whilst doing this update for the community... There's just a few updates, like:

- liveries have been given black window-frames
- liveries have also been given a resolution improvement
- fixed rear brake/tail lights (not the best, but works. Needs modder update here I believe)
- fixed exhaust flames (to be installed separately, by unpacking data-folder in CM) and replacing the flames_ini file (backup if necessary)
- NEW livery #59 Brumos Porsche winner Daytona 24hrs 1975 (911 Carrera RSR 3.0)




Driving this mod is quite a bit more than just a bit of fun... Can anyone advise what can be done/adjust so I don't end up blowing the engine every 7laps... Have fun!

edit: link updated 29Aug2020 (to include lights_ini file - oops!)
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United Kingdom
Bathurst is stunning, amazing piece of work.

Just a quick one.
I have managed to do my first modification using blender. A lot of head scratching and some help, thank you.
I Can work with this for sure.
A lot of fun.

View attachment 953140

View attachment 953141

Great work Safi... That's turned out rather well... 👍 Interested in some panel-beating work on weekends? Humour of course, take care... Impressive results, something I look forward to, migraines and all.
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Has anyone noticed lately, after doing previews for cars that some liveries seem to have some dark smoke lining to them?
Hi gents and gals,
Tonight, 2 very well designed japanese cars separated by 20 years.
First the older:
Subaru Legacy RS 1992:

All data's and perf from:
It was very hard to find the gearbox and final ratio but finally i found that.
Detailled transmission here:
Flat Four 1994cm3
16 valves
manual 5 speed
6.7s 0-100
7.05 kg/hp

Respect for the author

And the youngest:
Lexus GS 350

Engine manufacturer: Toyota 2GR-FSE
Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke
direct injection
naturally aspirated
Valves per cylinder: 4
Valves timing: Dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence)
Cylinders alignment: V 6
Traction: 4x4 full-time (all-wheel drive permanent, automatically varying torque balance 50/50-20/80)
6.1s 0-100
5.54 kg/hp
With active GPS (for tracks with maps)

All data's and perf from:

all credit for the author.


Have fun, Mike.
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To be able to delete it after 5 minutes, did you not have to buy it first yourself?
That being said, I am also surprised and curious to know why some of us here have bought the game. That a console only new player with no wheel does, I fully understand, but the veterans here, I do not understand the appeal. Just so you understand, I regularly play PC2 and even still PC one. I enjoy AMS2, so I have no axe to grind with SMS, I actually think the SMS engine is superior to other engine in many aspect.
But PC3! I am curious to know and understand the appeal for guy's (and lady) like us.
folks like a simcade with actual singleplayer content. i think that my main problems with most sims is that there is not much to do singleplayer wise other than hotlapping and driving against usually meh-tier ai(ironically pcars3 apparently has bad ai). if it wasnt for ac's lively modding community, i wouldn't have stuck with it for so long.
Hi and sorry for the auto-quote ! :) :embarrassed:

Obviously all my congratulations by words this time (I just put some wheels on the track few minutes ago... hardware problems but what could be a tremendous joy if some pain missed before !? ^^) but... a VERY SPECIAL AND WARM THANK to the girl or the boy who done the replay cameras, they are simply awesome ! :bowdown: 👍 :eek:

Just a little critic about the groove and the brake traces before the last corner of the track... they could be more anticipated in my opinion, I don't know if someone will share this point a view on a really minor thing !?

THANKS A LOT again to @Jimlloyd and all the people involved in this track, also all my respect, You brought to us another masterpiece !

Cheers ! :cheers:
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I think we really miss some open wheel mods in assetto corsa like ( formula 3000, A1GP, superleague formula, japanese super formula, formula bmw, 2005-2010 GP2...)
I’m working on a Super Formula extension of the Lotus Exos T125 but I still have to work in the aero bits.
Great work Safi... That's turned out rather well... 👍 Interested in some panel-beating work on weekends? Humour of course, take care... Impressive results, something I look forward to, migraines and all.

Thank you. As of last night i'd worked out how get bits removed and added.... went fully into it then went to take it on track and it crashed back to CM....

Ended up starting out all over again and with a few tips and help did one piece at a time and made sure it always loaded onto track...

So now i might just for good measure add a MASSIVE spoiler onto a really inappropriate Japanese car......

And then never do that ever again....

Got to be be done once though...:lol: