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This is the link to the original file
the robin I have is just the current driver model with a skin I created and I used the driver no helmet mod. So what do I need to do? And how could you help? I can compensate you for your time. The car now has been upscaled to 8k and I've done a lot of paintwork upgrades from what the original mod looked like.

i need a good quality Robin model in fbx or obj
Pretty good this one. I think they've updated some executions from the ByKolles as well. The tire compounds are currently different(Soft-cold, soft-hot, medium and hard, I think ByKolles only have soft and medium currently). The model in this one has I think the underbody plank visible, I think that was missing from ByKolles car





at a guess will see an update for the kolles.
Is there a way to reign it in a little, at least to get to the point where the speeds are comparable to real life?

No, it's so far over the top that you couldn't see it with the Hubble. Best thing is to take it as a fantasy car (it's very nicely balanced), and race only against itself. Be careful where you race it, tho; it chews up real estate like they were giving it away.
Some new screenies of Toronto 2019 - It's almost done! Added night lights because why not? Probably my best looking and best performing City Circuit so far, and the fact it's based on a real track is just a bonus. Plenty of hours have gone into this one!!!

Can't wait...looks awesome!:cheers:
Yeah, that's the problem with each deeloo mod I've seen. All models look like that displayed, I'm still using it...

You know what's the saddest thing for me? it has an incredible inner roof texture, but I can't export it.
I wonder if it would be doable for encryption modders to make a "CM preview-only" lod consisting of the actual exterior, and the interior mostly ripped off. That way I could deal with getting all cars to look the same in CM.
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big thank you to everyone involved in the new Bentley, its glorious! Been hitting it a LOT on the discord server and the help and feedback there is awesome as well!Helped me fix the rain tyres settings so I stopped ice skating ;)

Enjoy the glory of my ****ty driving skills, sol, csp and that Bentley!

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Im back with making skins. expect some more again in the future, even though this thread has gotten way too big over the last year for me to whats up :D
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Which GTRLM mod is that for?

Also URD has released some teasers of 2 cars that are coming. (on twitter)

Let's just say....we are getting a hypercar and a new GT.
Good god, that urd bmw looks... interesting. And i don't mean the mod itself, just the car. But still, three superb mods (one from vrc two from urd) - i can't wait!

Id honestly be surprised if they get released before the end of the year, considering theres been no update shots of the aston gt3 & dtm car. They say they are still coming, but its been well over a year since. They should join the patreon scammers list, enough to hype everyone up but still too scummy to release to public 🤬:irked::grumpy:
Which GTRLM mod is that for?
Id honestly be surprised if they get released before the end of the year, considering theres been no update shots of the aston gt3 & dtm car
It is for the URD mod, and i agree, if Ales sells his models to the teams or something its ok, but then he shouldnt tease it to get people excited.
And it shouldnt be hard for someone like him, who made great mods, to find people who make sounds and physics for him.
Anybody know if someone is gonna convert the GPL/RF2 isle of mann tt track?

Wow, I hadn't seen that the GPL version had made it to rFactor2, might actually be forced to buy RF2 now. It would take one of the top track builders/converters to take this on, plus to get Jim Pearson's permission for the convert but would instantly become one of the best tracks in the game. Plus with the new CSP physics fix, the size of the map wouldn't even be a problem.
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