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To bring the zin5ki porsche_964_gt2 nearer to a real 911(964) Bi-Turbo I edited the gearbox and power of the car. In real life the base for the 911 Bi-Turbo was a 3.6L engine and not the 3.8L used in the RSR nor the 3.2L engine used in the Turbo S-LM. I found a torque-speed diagram which shows values for the latest 964 Turbo modification. I used it as a base to calculate the needed torque values for my *.lut file.



Boost value is set to 0.89 bar.
I also found information concerning correct values for the gearbox ratio. The car used a G50/52 gearbox
1st gear 3.154
2nd gear 1.789
3rd gear 1.269
4th gear 0.967
5th gear 0.767
Final drive 3.44, 9”

Before the car had an annoying long transmission. Now it seems to be better suited. If you want to try you can use the file I attached. Zin5ki has given his permission to share my modification with you.

Please let me know if you like it.


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Any chance to have a working link of the VirtuaSimulazioni's Formula Renault 3.5 ?
Do we have any type of extension and other similar stuff?

I know that a "1.2" version were released but the link isn't working anymore.
Thanks in advance!
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has anyone made any real-life inspired skin for this? I think its a pcars2 conversion View attachment 1197587
Yeah. There’s one based on the Vanwall/Bykolles LMH that’s on Racedepartment.

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OK cool, because I use F5 normally, I'll try to use photo mode then, cheers bud.
You wanna be using the CSP photo mode and not the old AC one. And F5 camera still works (it's all I ever use) but the photo mode just gives you more options to mess about and set up lighting angles and remove dirt and drivers etc - oh and you can change ppfilters too
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First off, I'm a longtime lurker on this channel who just wants to say THANK YOU for all the amazing work you guys do on AC mods. It feels like Christmas on a regular basis around here.

I have a question I'd hoped someone might be able to answer. Over the years with AC and CSP I've found I can usually come up with solutions to mod-related issues like this through either logical thinking, trial and error, or luck (or following this forum), but I'll be darned if I can figure this one out. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue and/or might have an idea what was going on.

What's happening is that, on Kunos' MX5s (and derivative cars...and seemingly nothing else), I'm occasionally getting this "shaded" rearview mirror when using CSP's Smart Mirror/Real Mirrors. It seems to happen most often when there's a lot going on graphically (night lighting, rain, etc). Sometimes it kind of "pops in and out" during a race. The side mirrors are unaffected.


However, the mirror generally clears up and looks fine when I glance over:


I use a single monitor and have a fairly high-end system that can handle a pretty good graphics load, and have most of CM's bells and whistles turned on. My Smart Mirrors settings are pretty standard:


If I uncheck Real Mirrors, everything is OK...but I really like using Real Mirrors. Adjusting them with the app on the fly doesn't make any difference, nor does changing seating position, etc. And again, it seems to happen only on the Kunos-based MX5s -- ks_mazda_mx5_cup, ks_mazda_miata, ks_mazda_mx5_nd (mirror image is visible but very faint on this one), and related variants like ks_mazda_max5_racing.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could shed some light on this!
Maybe there's a bug that makes it so the game incorrectly assumes the mirror isn't visible at the moment, unless you glance over and stare at it directly.

Try turning "Render only visible mirrors" off and see if that fixes it. If so, maybe whatever point the game uses to check if the mirror in question is in view is misplaced in the MX5? No idea how the system works but that would be my guess.
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Good suggestion -- tried it, but no luck. And I don't recall ever having this issue with the MX5 Cup (one of my longtime regular rides) until maybe a couple of CSP versions ago; can't recall exactly when it started happening. Also, I'm noticing that the mirror seems to become "translucent" when this happens -- colors and bright lights behind it kind of show up "through" it.