Best Rally car for Special Condition?

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  1. Greycap

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    I used the Impreza Rally Car prototype in all races except the Ice Arena Hard Reverse. I just couldn't turn it fast enough so I tokk the CZ-3 and caused the AI a bad headache.

    What comes to the high horsepower, you'll do fine without it but if you still want to use it just be sure not to put the pedal to the metal in 1st or 2nd gear.
  2. crash486


    Just a newbie to PS2 and race sims
    1) I agree with comments about penalties, bit harsh you getting a penalty when they hit you
    2) Have done most of the rallies but can't get the feel for Ice Arena or snow
    3) Noticed that you don't get tire wear in rallies so I chose some qualifying race tyres and they helped with those tough road rallies

    I did some practicing.Grabed a Toyota, went to Dirt&snow, did some tracks then I noticed if you go to the standings and select a result, when you press start you get a pass code ..what is it for ?

    Probably the wrong thread but
    Can you assign the handbrake to another key, I find it hard to use circle while on the throttle. One last question, can you determine when you use Nitrous or is it just a general setting.

    Thanks in advance
  3. goldenllama


    I used the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 Rally Car 86. Stage 4 turbo, auto 2, SB-4, SRB-6 and smoked everything.
  4. meister_dan


    Toyota RSC Rally Raid.. No mods. (for dirt and tarmac except Tsukuba wet)
    Impreza Prototype.. No mods. (for snow)
    Chaparral 2J (Tsukuba wet Easy to Hard)
  5. 3-Wheel Drive

    3-Wheel Drive

    One thing I hate about rallying in GT4: You have to seperately buy dirt tires for rally cars. THEY'RE ****ING RALLY CARS! They are DESIGNED for dirt! If anything, the dirt tires should be standard, and regular tires should cost extra! :grumpy: :grumpy:

    P.S. I tied the Peugeot 205 rally car, as it seems fairly popular. I attempted Cathedral Rocks I Hard, and I CANNOT prevent the car from spinning out while turning on pavement. Can anyone help with that?
  6. Greycap

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    Yep, you can assign the handbrake to whatever button you want.

    I didn't really understand your question about using the Nitrous but you can use it whenever you want. The button for it can be changed too.
  7. SirBerra


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    Dodge Ram Pickup was used to win most races. I used the Mitsubishi Super Rally for the few I couldn't win with the Dodge. I needed the Super Rally for St. George, Amalfi, Grand Canyon. For Hard Tsukuba I used that 2-seater Suzuki.
  8. stefan.urlus


    I used the Subi Spec-C, with orig turbo and some sweet upgrades, was a bit of a cake walk, except against the R8 in Tsukuba (Wet) - Hard, for that I used my pesky Judd Race Car

    personal preference rules the day, but go with a car you can handle on the tarmac and then learn to adapt to its rally handling ... you will have to one way or another!!!
  9. TripKore


    ive been using my 96 mitsubishi 3000GT for all easy/normal rally races so far. snow and dirt. havnt tackled the hard races yet, but im sure it will be easy seeing how i keep winning by 20+ seconds
  10. TheMoose


    I've won all the rallys except Grand canyon hard & ice race hard & used the 01 Subaru Imprezza rally car prototype on all of them.
    It seems to have the right balance of handeling & power.
  11. Jonas_AH


    I have almost won every Special Condition race (expect Tsukuba Wet on Hard) with the Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car (no updates). Works very well for me :tup: Still having Grand Canyon on Hard and ½ Ice Arena (reverse) on Hard left. :ouch:
  12. Tappajakoala


    All normal rally cars in GT4 are great when set up right.
    It just need right style to drive for wins.
  13. FrankBBonga


    For the ones like me with less style,Ford RS200 Rallye Car: That is the one that resolves after trying several others, and the Impreza Rallye Car Prototype until you get the RS00.
  14. Thirdeye


    United States
    I like the Evo Super Rally Car, and the RSC Rally Raid, the handling on them are great. Sometimes if I can't win though, i'll just slap dirt/snow tires on a fully tuned skyline :p
  15. luftrofl


    You can win with any rally car really.

    You shouldn't have to rely on horsepower advantages to win races, it's cheating.
  16. ving


    love the escort rally car :D
    for ts wet just use a LM car :)
  17. jedi09


    United States
    I used the subaru impreza rally car and beat most of the hard rallys with it but I finally decided to get the lancer evo super rally car. I beat every rally with that car. It was soo much easier.I put a stage 3 turbo, turned asm off, put tcs to 10 and that did the trick.
    -tip: you can hit the walls with the back of the car and get no penalty. As long as the front doesnt touch the wall
    oh ya, use nitrous to quickly get the lead at the begining of the race, thats the easiest way to lead.

    If you are having a lot of problems, you can exit the race and keep restarting until you race against a car that isnt as good(lower aspec points)
  18. InZan3


    a nice little mine´s skyline @ 802 hp should do the trick.. and remember ass first in the corners :D
  19. jzz30degogo


    these 5 lap races are such waste of time. just wall ride that sht /
  20. Bman529


    I won everything with the RSC Rally Raid by toyota. i just bought nitro and tuned the nitro to highest level.
  21. BarrettJ1971


    i used the Imprexxa prototype until i won the Escort rally car and easily won everything else with that. Except Ice Arena--still struggling with that.
  22. phonypoly


    I used the Dodge Ram in all easy and normal rallies, with 440 Hp or more and nitro. Set Ballast at 30/50 for a little rear weight and all the other goodies as you prefer. However, on the dirt and ice tracks, you will need to remove power, to avoid too much wheel spin or set traction control on high. I did some on auto and i noticed that the darn thing tends to over-rev too much before switching gears. so....
    All of the above races rewarded 200 A-Spec points.

    I just did Amalfi/hard, @ 672HP, Umbria is just too ...hard, after 5 trials, i give up, same with Ice Arena. These races are just....too..:censored:
    I'm not gonna get the EVO Super Rally Car just for that and get what... 10 points? I'm sure i already have enough cars that i can win it with. I wanted to know about a car that will award 200 points, but....who cares about the ****** points, i don't have time nor patients to try 99999999999999999999999 different settings with the RAM or any other car, so i can get 200 points, after all, what are the ******* points for? Do i win anything if i get high points ? .....:censored: the... :censored: who programmed these races! :tdown:
  23. InZan3


    amlfi is just a buetiful course.. just love it :D did it with my yellow saleen s7 worked fine
  24. ket01084


    You're right! This is the best car for Special Condition Events, it has good power and decent stability. I could finally win all Special Condition Events. Rally Yosemite I and II, I won it by a large margin by just knowing how to drive on these courses.

    Now, I know that the Subaru Imprezza Prototype doesn´t suck, it is a really good car, and it helped me win the Rally Grand Canyon Hard. Since it is a very squiggly course, the Toyota RSC is at a disadvantage; another disadavantage is that the course is very narrow. I could win with the Subaru Imprezza by passing Early the computer rally car, I got a penalty, but I finished ahead of the car. Then I just kept my distance and won.

    With the Subaru Imprezza Prototype you can also win in the Ice Rally and Yosemite Rally.

    GT3 :) 100%
    GT4 :idea: 99.6%
  25. Mr_Singh


    i am **** (mind my french) at rallyies which car would recomend
  26. Flerbizky

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    Man... This has been beaten to death multiple times :-)

    Anyway - As I've said before - I used the Mitsu Galant VR-4 souped to around 280Bhp.. Works like a charm and doesn't cost an arm and a leg... IF you, in the later stages, gets a little behind, the Toyota RSC you win pretty early in SS will do you just fine...
  27. slimer90210


    I also won every dirt/snow race with the dodge ram. Mine was fully tuned everywhere but the engine and had about 530hp if I remember correctly....
  28. Soda666


    Lol having excessive HP isn't cheating. If anything it just proves that the individual doesn't live by their PS2. If some one can win an insanely difficult race with a very low power, cheap car it just shows they have a lil bit too much time on their hands. Real life skills are fine, but being a master at a game controller is unhealthy.
  29. fbccars924


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    ^ actually It shows they have patience to learn the racing lines and get used to their cars. Its not a matter of time its a matter of patience. btw alot of players here dont use controllers. They use racing wheels.
  30. Parnelli Bone

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    "Lol" I will take up this discussion, as I am certainly a proponent of underdog racing versus overkill racing.

    Having excessive horsepower is cheating. If you have tons more power than the Ai, and proclaim yourself winner of every race while not actually working on your skills, you are a cheater, especially if you then start saying how much the Ai "sucks". There is actually nothing wrong with being a cheater, as Gran Turismo really is just a game at the end of the day. But be honest about it. If you're cheating, at least fess up and admit it. I have cheated Mission 34, for instance.

    In real-life racing, if you were to enter some race with hundreds more horsepower than your competition, or sometimes even slightly more, you would be forced to detune. If you defied this ruling, your team would be fined or banned. Those who have a passion for racing (as a spectator or a driver) understand there's a reason for this, and will try to mirror this in their game.

    Ha! I wish I had a little too much time on my hands! :lol: I work, though, and when I'm not at work, I do other things (other than gaming, that is) although lately I have been gaming more than usual 'cause of GT5. I'm not gonna go there, as I dont' have to prove anything to you or anyone else.

    On the contrary, I find that when I do start gaming, I want it to be as fulfilling and exciting as possible. I can't speak for others here, but that's how I view it. I don't wanna be bored by my videogame. :shrug: I am a recovering drug addict and gaming is one heck of a substitute for what I used to do, if that makes any sense.

    I realize not everyone takes gaming as serious as I do, but you shouldn't assume all of us who actually care about our gaming experiences have no life, or have "too much time" on their hands. Thank you and goodbye.
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