Best way to earn money?????

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  1. lbsf1


    United Kingdom
    how i got the f1.

    get ford gt le man

    do the 35,000 race on daytona ( its the first one in one of the catogories)

    5lap race

    the car is very hard to controll at first expect 1 spin in about your first 5 races then you will get used to it, i don't bother tinkering with setups but full power lightest possible and take off abit of rear downforce and i get laps of 42.0

    buy the end you never want to see daytona again.

    the f1 car isn't as fast on daytona as the ford gt le man

    im english so if the game is different in america then soz
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  2. Guffaluff


    The B-Class one where you have to overtake everybody in one lap on the Oval. Piece of cake and you get 15k in a minute. It´s the easiest way I know of.
  3. Radiospank


    agreed i can only get 3rd on stardard physics tho. still 3 mins adn u get 45 k
  4. pilotofthestorm


    Agreed. Std physics, S-6 in the F-40 with the tune suggested elsewhere on this forum. Much more fun than the Daytona Oval. Tried this last night, in 2.5 hours I easily got enough cash for the F2007.

    It was rewarding to go from 3rd's to mostly 2nd and 1st.

    So long as you are close to the GTR and Viper down to Spoon curve then you'll get the TVR before the finish line. I found I could still get 3rd with a penalty. If you take the TVR at the hairpin/on the run down to Spoon then you'll easily get the R8. Following the GTR Black Mask on the approach to 130R and out braking the GTR Black Mask is key for 1st.