Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Ticket opening day;


Tad bit more than the last batch I opened. Parts warehouse has over 12mil in dust collecting inventory now. Still waiting on a Himedic swap.
Sunday tickets day or crap collection day as it becomes 😂
For some reason i can't upload the picture but was 3X3* and 4X4* tickets.

All in all was 5k ,a Tesla signature , & 5k from 3 stars .

4 stars was the Toyota van 😕 10k again 10k and again 10k .

Hopefully i live in a ground floor so there's no high place to climb and jump 😂

Could be worst ?
I doubt that there's worst from that .

I saw two invitations among the 4* ones that i don't care a Citroen and Aston Martin.
DW 4* -> Sport Exhaust for Nissan Safety car (worth 10.5k) so it is confirmed, back on the poo train.

But I shouldn't be surprised, it's sunday, and sunday was always the lowest day regarding DWs. (4% of the global ticket value for sunday, if ticket value was evenly spread among weekdays, it should be around 14,3%)
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Today's 3 star DW ticket gave me 100K credits. Not bad...paid for the engine rebuild I did yesterday on my grind car.

Speaking of which, I only use the one car for grinding Sardegna and it's the only thing I use that car for so the odometer should theoretically be a count of how many times I've run the grind race. According to my math, I've done it 173 times for a total of 126 milion credits. That seems a little on the high side for some reason but I guess it must be something in that range. 75 hours of grinding...so far.
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Well today's 3 star DW ticket had a prize wheel consisting of 2 cars, a 500K pile of gold bars, and a 1 million credit pile of gold bars (which I don't believe it's even possible to win with a 3 star correct?) plus the classic little 5K pile of loose change...which is what the wheel landed on of course. That's a given. But loading up the wheel with a bunch of primo prizes including one you have literally zero chance of receiving and then giving you the one ****** thing is really the special sauce that makes the whole roulette ticket thing such a universally beloved aspect of the GT7 experience.

Finally, just short of the 2 year anniversary, the GT7 gods blessed me with a Bugatti invite...
This gives me some hope. I figured PD is punishing me for taking a year away from playing GT7 but at least the damn invitation has made the 'wheel of despair' three times in the last month. Just like you, I hate seeing one menu book not finished. :irked:

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