Expectations for Forza 7 going from FM6.

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  1. 24Lemons


    Sorry if it has been mentioned already but I really hope they get rid of the fake barriers that blight the tracks. They have been put in presumably to stop people cutting corners but they completely ruin the authenticity of the real world tracks. Its a bit like trying to stop collisions by giving all the cars fenders off a dodgem car!
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    I can't recall, but weren't you able to hold the right or left trigger, and it fast forwards or rewinds the feed? I could have sworn I did that a lot when trying to capture a good photo in certain area's. The whole save issue makes no sense to me, such an odd decision on their part.

    The way Xbox records is not a Forza issue.

    I prefer to start from a standing lap. Gets me warmed up for the track, and helps me realize were I should be improving. I agree that they definitely need to include more information in the replays, but it looks like they're already working towards that.

    I dunno, I think the simpler the better. I'm not finding it absolutely necessary for them to recreate the car and its aids entirely. Seems to be something wanted by the minority though, so its not like its outlandish.


  4. Sambert

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    This is my main concern. As much as I enjoy elements of Forza 6, the lack of feel stops me from spending more time with it. Hope they can nail it down for Forza 7.
  5. Dsavage27


    I'm agreeing with everyone else, turn10 needs to offer more then just a graphical showcase for Forza 7. That's what Forza 5 and to some degree forza 6 was. We need a fleshed out career mode with a variety of events, I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again they need to focus more on the motorsport aspect of the game too. Meaning less big trucks and oddball cars unless of course it's those formula Mack type trucks and some offroaders, more group 4,5,6 and groups A-C cars, more disciplines of racing like FIA rallycross, drag events need to make a return, sprint racing, formula trucks etc, they need to rework tuning and customizing as it's been the same for nearly a decade. And give us more freedom in free race mode. Plus dynamic time/day/weather implementation.
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  6. bremics


    I firmly disagree, you want nothing but race cars then get PCARS2.

    With GTS new focus, Forza is now the only car collecting game on the market. I love those silly cars.

    If all you want Forza to be is just like every other racing sim, then what's the point?

    Forza obviously can improve its career mode and will continue to improve it's physics as it did from FM5 to FM6.

    Dynamic weather and time of day will likely not be in FM7 as there's no way that they will be able to maintain 1080p/60fps on the standard Xbone edition without lowering either the graphics or grid count substantially, neither which seems likely.

    With Xbox Play Anywhere it's likely that as with FH3 it will share it's online with Xbone/Win10/Scorpio, which means having different grid sizes amongst editions will be unlikely.

    FM7 will be the same as every other Forza sequel in which it will be the same core game but with improved graphics, physics, core gameplay features (bigger grids for example) and more cars/tracks.

    If they surprise us with something different, nice. But I'm not expecting them to change the formula and if you are, you're likely just setting yourself up for disappointment.
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  7. Dsavage27


    By no means do I want them to drastically change the gameplay element they're known for as been said it is a car collectors game. All I mainly want them to do is focus a little more on motorsport, add a few extra features or change a few things that's been same ol as we are approaching the 7th iteration. They can still be Forza without copying other games like PCars they just need to improve a few things going forward.
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    I really have a feeling Forza7 is going to be one of the best in the series and cannot wait to get information on this game!
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  9. queleuleu


    Absurd expectation : a new engine. All these gorgeous details on cars seem flat because of the lighting engine.

    Realist expectations : more grip, a true gear change animation, a less action movie soundtrack.
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  10. JR98

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    I'd love to see something like Groove Music implementation on Forza 7, like in Horizon 3, so we can set up our own custom race BGM's for racing.
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  11. Losco


    You can do it in FM6, if you upload your music into OneDrive and play it from Groove (no subscription required).
  12. JDMKING13

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    I wish turn 10 would just give us a small taste for whats to come in FM7!
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  13. Speedster911


    They will. Right around or at E3 like they always do for FM.
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  14. deththrasher


    Please, please PLEASE let us choose which AI the cars drive individually like Forza 2/3/4 online lobbies.

    Pretty please?
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  15. Dsavage27


    This is a must. Can't be that hard to do.
  16. Hillcrest34


    Being able to change the interior FOV would be nice, otherwise there isn't really much point in getting it
  17. Speedster911


    I swear.. THIS! And proper wheel rotation and gear shift animation for each car as it is IRL. They are really lagging behind in that department.. PCARS cockpit immersion almost destroys Forza's.
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  18. PJTierney


    This isn't an expectation list, more of a wish list (that I posted on the official forums).

    Once the game's formally announced I'll make a new thread and turn it into a checklist so help people decide if the game is worth buying.



    Hello everyone.

    Here are my thoughts on what I would like to see in the next Forza Motorsport title, based on my experience of playing other games and making note of various features that I would like to see in future titles.

    Working in the games industry myself I am fully aware that it will not be possible to implement all of these for various reasons (budget, manpower, licensing, return on investment etc.) but I will suggest them nonetheless as there may be a few in here that the general playerbase would enjoy. Hopefully a few of these will make their way into the next title.

    • Where possible I have quoted a game (in brackets) that contains an example of such a feature, along with a link to a screenshot/footage if available.
    • [h]Items marked in yellow[/h] are ones that are critical to my own personal future enjoyment of the Forza Motorsport franchise.
    • Each item has a [_] checkbox attached. As information about the next Forza Motorsport title becomes available I will update this list and mark off any items which are confirmed to exist in said game. Items marked with ✔️ are confirmed to be present in the next title and items marked with ❌ are confirmed to not exist in said title unless stated otherwise.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    Single Player Campaign

    • [h][_][/h] Co-Op Campaign (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Ability to "Blueprint" Single-Player events and take part in custom Single Player events created by others. (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] License Tests (Gran Turismo 4)
    • [_] Career progression unlocked via a "Star System". (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Limit initial stages of Career to slower cars before unlocking access to faster cars later on. (Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels Expansion)
    • [_] Multi-race Championships with point standings. (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Driving Missions (Gran Turismo 4)
    • [_] Drift Challenges (Driveclub)
    • [_] Hotlap Challenges (Driveclub)
    • [_] Drag Racing Challenges
    • [_] Add ability to let your Drivatar drive a Single Player race instead of you. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Events tied to specific manufacturers, drivetrains and regions. (Gran Turismo 4)


    Single Player Free Play

    • [_] Ability to select cars used by individual Drivatars.
    • [_] Ability to allow Drivatars to use cars from your Garage.
    • [_] Have all Drivatars in a race be pulled from your Friends/Club list if possible.
    • [_] Add ability to view the driving habits of your own Drivatar, with suggestions on how to improve various aspects of their driving ability.


    Additional Single Player Features

    • [h][_][/h] Racing Challenges, teaching the fundamentals of how to overtake, defend and race cleanly. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Driving Tutorial videos (DiRT Rally)
    • [_] Painting Tutorial videos
    • [_] Tuning Tutorial videos


    Tracks / Environment

    • [_] Point-to-Point stages (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Off-Road courses/stages (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Courses specifically designed for Drifting.
    • [_] Dynamic Time of Day (F1 2016)
    • [_] Dynamic Weather (F1 2016)
    • [_] DLC tracks available to all players for free in Multiplayer Hoppers. (Gran Turismo 6)



    • [_] Ability to categorise owned cars into custom groups, and to re-arrange said groups. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Ability to drive convertible cars "with the roof down".
    • [_] Ability to view detailed car specs without having to "get in to the car". (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Key components (engine, chassis, oil etc.) deteriorate over time and can be maintained/restored. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Ability to buy "used cars" at a lower price than new versions. (Gran Turismo 4)
    • [_] Ability to sell cars "back to the game", and have them appear in the "used cars" buylists of other players.
    • [_] Individual affinity levels for cars with small bonuses (such as discounts on upgrade parts or small CR rewards) for higher levels. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Ability to add/remove license plates. (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Ability to manually deploy KERS or any other electric boost system on cars that allow it. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Ability to manually deploy DRS or any other aerodymanic control system on cars that allow it. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Ability to set differing strengths of Traction Control on a scale of 1-5. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Ability to set differing strengths of ABS on a scale of 1-5. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Ability to manually adjust Brake Balance while driving. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Ability to set Assists to "realistic", whereby Traction Control etc. is only available on a car that would have it "in real life". (Project CARS)
    • [_] Award exclusive cars for reaching maximum manufacturer affinity levels.
    • [_] Ability to use car horn in races. (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Ability to flash lights in races or toggle high/low/no beam. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Have separate PI rating systems and Classes for race cars and non-race cars.
    • [_] Ability to set starting fuel level. (Gran Turismo 6)


    Photo Mode

    • [_] Increase height limit on Photo Mode camera to 4.0m/12ft.
    • [_] Ability to save photos to USB.
    • [_] Ability to save photos at 4K resolution.
    • [_] Ability to save preset filter settings.
    • [_] Ability to upload preset filter settings to the Storefront.
    • [_] Ability to view/download the photo settings used when viewing a photo in the Storefront.
    • [_] Ability to use preset "high camera locations" around a circuit in addition to the standard camera controls. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Ability to take photos of cars in pre-set, non-driveable locations. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Ability to remove visible car damage when taking a photo. (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Ability to remove the driver from a car when taking a photo.
    • [_] Ability to play a slideshow of saved photos. (Gran Turismo 4)


    Livery Editor

    • [h][_][/h] Ability to import Designs and Vinyl Groups from Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 3.
    • [h][_][/h] Ability to set usage rights when sharing a design or vinyl group.
      Examples include "allow others to edit and re-publish shared content", "allow others to share content on Auction House", "do not allow content to be edited or re-published".
    • [_] Ability to categorise saved Vinyl Groups into folders.
    • [_] Ability to view saved Vinyl Groups in a grid layout. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Ability to paint cars in a plain studio with neutral lighting (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [_] Ability to create and paint windshield banners.
    • [_] Ability to paint on side/rear windows.
    • [_] Ability to mirror specific layers or groups, both horizontally and vertically.
    • [_] Ability to paint on top of carbon fibre surfaces.
    • [_] Ability to save colours to a swatches pallette.
    • [_] Additional typefaces/fonts, such as DIN Pro, Futura Bold and Gotham.
    • [_] Ability to paint sidewalls of tyres.
    • [_] Ability to set individual layer groups to gloss/matte/metallic finishes. (Driveclub)


    Auction House

    • [_] Add Auction House (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Allow for cars to be set to "Buyout Only".
    • [_] Ability to list auctions with a minimum bid of 100 CR.
    • [_] Ability to list auctions without a buyout price.
    • [_] Ability to list auctions with a minimum buyout of 100 CR.
    • [_] Ability to place a custom bidding price on an Auction.
    • [_] Ability to "back out" of an Auction and redeem credits before the Auction is over.
    • [_] Ability to automatically re-list an Auction if it does not sell.
    • [_] Ability to automatically sell a car "back to the game" for a small CR amount if it does not sell at Auction.
    • [_] Limit a seller to a specific number active Auctions at a time, and show this number in the Auction House menu.


    Storefront & User-Created Content

    • [h][_][/h] Add Storefront (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Add Storefront user search menu.
    • [_] Show number of downloads alongside each item in search results and Recommended Designs/Tunes. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Show descriptions alongside each item. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Add ability to filter for content created by "Legendary Painter", "Elite Tuner" etc.
    • [_] Add UI icon to show if a an item is an official contest winner.
    • [_] Add ability to sort search results and Recommended Tunes/Designs by Popularity, Downloads etc.
    • [_] Set default Recommended Designs sorting to the following, in order: Featured, Friends, Followed Players, Most Popular over Past 30 Days
    • [_] Add "Featured Content" area to show content from all users (across all cars) that has been selected as a Featured Item. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Add UI icon to show if a selected item can be edited or re-published.
    • [_] Add UI icon to show if a selected Tune has been used to set a high leaderboard position, such as Top 100, Top 1% etc.
    • [_] Ability to change a shared item's description without having to unshare the file.
    • [_] Ability to set tunes to be shared "unlocked" so that users can modify them after they have been downloaded.
    • [_] Ability to add Blueprint events to Storefronts.
    • [_] Ability to view Storefronts on Forzamotorsport.net
    • [_] Ability to search for Liveries/Tunes across all cars, and not just the car you are currently driving. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Limit maximum number of designs to 50 per user, or an unlimited amount per VIP user (Forza Motorsport 4)



    • [_] Provide Leaderboard API so that community users can create websites/apps to look up leaderboards outside of the game. (Forza Motorsport 5)
    • [_] Compile all Leaderboard times for a class into an "Overall Position", showing a user's combined laptimes for all tracks. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Allow for leaderboards to be viewed on Forzamotorsport.net and/or Forza Hub. (Forza Motorsport 5)
    • [_] Ability to download tunes directly from leaderboards. (Forza Motorsport 6)
    • [_] Add UI icon to show if a user set a laptime using a Controller, Steering Wheel or Keyboard.
    • [_] Add offline-based "local leaderboards" where a user can compare their personal best times at a circuit in multiple cars. (Forza Motorsport 2)
    • [_] Add ability to set a Leaderboard time as a Rival, and use the exact same car/setup to challenge them.
    • [_] Club leaderboards, where the fastest laptime from a club member is treated as that club's laptime, allowing for clubs to compete against one another. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Ability for players to create and distribute custom Rivals Mode events. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Ability to view and compete in any publicly listed Custom Rivals Mode event. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Ability to race against multiple Ghosts at the same time, such as Session Best, Personal Best and Specific Rival.



    • [h][_][/h] Give each driver a "Skill Rating" calculated based on their overall pace level, use this rating to influence matchmaking, and show this rating in Lobbies. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [h][_][/h] Give each driver a "Sportsmanship Rating" calculated based on their ability to drive/race cleanly, use this rating to influence matchmaking, and show this rating in Lobbies. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [h][_][/h] Add corner-cutting penalty system to punish users that repeatedly cut corners. (F1 2016)
    • [h][_][/h] Add "illegal overtake" system to inform users that they must give back positions gained by contact or corner-cutting. (F1 2016)
    • [h][_][/h] Automatically and immediately ghost any driver that makes contact with another car or object at a force above 2G.
    • [h][_][/h] Automatically and immediately ghost any driver that enters within a 1m/3ft radius of another car while driving at a speed that is 50mph greater than said driver. (Gran Turismo Sport)
    • [h][_][/h] Automatically and immediately ghost any driver that is facing the wrong way.
    • [h][_][/h] Automatically and immediately ghost any driver that driving at a speed of under 20kph.
    • [h][_][/h] In Public Hopper races, ghost all drivers that fall more than 2km behind the race leader.
    • [h][_][/h] Add UI icon in lobbies to show if a user has received a "Vote to Kick". (DiRT Rally)
    • [h][_][/h] Kick a user if they have received at least 5 "Kick Votes" in a room with 16 or fewer players, or 8 votes if in a room with 17-24 players.
    • [h][_][/h] Add a "Lobby Browser" to show and filter all joinable user-created lobbies in a list. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [h][_][/h] Add "Expert Hopper Lobbies" which require a minimum Trueskill Rating and minimum Driver Level to compete in. Damage would be enabled along with any penalty systems in place, and most assists would be disabled.
    • [h][_][/h] Add "Competitive Hopper Lobbies" where users can increase or decrease their ranking by finishing races. (Rocket League)
    • [_] Increase minimum race length in Hoppers to roughly 10 minutes of driving time, or 5 laps on an average length circuit.
    • [_] Allow users to search for Hoppers which have an average Driver Level of 100 or higher.
    • [_] Add post-race commemorations to show notable feats achieved by players. Examples could include "Fastest Lap", "Most Overtakes", "Cleanest Racer", "Most Clean Laps" etc. (Overwatch)
    • [_] Add text chat to Private Lobbies (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Add ability to create Practice/Qualifying sessions Multiplayer Lobbies (Gran Turismo 6).
    • [_] Add ability to join a Practice/Qualifying session in progress and start in the Pit Lane (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Add ability to tune a car while in a lobby. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Add ability to limit all players to the same car/tune that the host of a private Lobby is using.
    • [_] Award additional XP for Clean Racing. (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Sort starting grids in Hoppers based on "Skill Rating", with higher-rated drivers at the front.
    • [_] Allow users to save and load Lobby Settings as preset files. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Allow users to disable any "sticky grass" and remove any on-track barriers in Private Lobbies.
    • [_] Allow users to download the Livery or Tune of another racer directly from the Lobby screen. (Forza Motorsport 6)
    • [_] Add UI icon to show if a player is using a steering wheel, controller or keyboard.
    • [_] Add UI icon to show if a player is playing on Xbox One or PC.
    • [_] Add ability to save preset Lobby Settings.
    • [_] Add ability to upload preset Lobby Settings to Storefront.
    • [_] Allow users to create private Multiplayer Championships that run over multiple weeks. (Project CARS 2)


    Clubs & Other Community Features

    • [_] Add Clubs (Forza Horizon 3)
    • [_] Allow users to share cars to a Club Garage which can be used by all club members. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Allow users to modify any designs or tunes on a car which has been shared to a Club Garage.
    • [_] Allow users to create Private Lobbies limited to Club Members, which show up on the Club's Lobby page (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Allow users to create and maintain Driver Profiles where they can show off their racing accomplishments, photos and favourite cars. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Implement a Timeline feature where users can keep updated on the activity of their Friends. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Allow users to privately give or sell cars to each other. (Forza Motorsport 4)
    • [_] Allow users to privately give editable liveries, tunes and layer groups to each other. (Forza Motorsport 4)


    Spectating & Replays

    • [_] Show Race UI such as position, laptimes etc. when viewing a Replay or spectating a race. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Ability to view Live Timing on a Replay or when spectating a race. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Ability to view Replays using cameras placed in the same locations as real-life motorsport events.


    Other Features

    • [_] Ability to analyse Telemetry Data outside of a race. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Ability to export Telemetry Data to USB in a format readable by MoTeC. (Gran Turismo 6)
    • [_] Show time gaps to drivers ahead/behind when crossing a sector. (Driveclub)
    • [_] Add a flag system resembling modern motorsport (F1 2016).
    • [_] Add a "Live Track" system that allows a track's surface to evolve over time. (Project CARS 2)
    • [_] Add an Overhead Radar and left/right car proximity warnings to the race HUD (Gran Turismo Sport).
    • [h][_][/h] Weekly #Forzathon challenges. (Forza Horizon 3)


    Business Model

    • [_] Provide a "Complete Edition" of the game at launch that covers the cost of all future DLC for the game's lifetime.
    • [_] Extend "early release access" to 14 days ahead of retail release for Complete Edition users.
    • [_] Allow Forza Racing Championship finalists to beta test the game and provide feedback on any corner-cutting exploits they may find.
    • [_] Allow all VIP users to play the game 7 days before release.
  19. SlipZtrEm

    SlipZtrEm Staff Emeritus

    Some good stuff in there, PJ. :tup:

    My personal list has a lot of that stuff too. One thing I am against is the deterioration of a car's engine/chassis a la GT6. While I appreciate the ownership aspect the feature provides, it's exaggerated for effect, and crucially makes setting up online leagues a huge pain. A car gains horsepower after an oil change or the first few hundred miles: it means having to balance cars while taking that into account, or keeping a "fresh" version of the car.

    It's so frustrating in GT6 when I enter a three-race series only to find the car is ineligible part-way through because the PP rating has gone up due to mileage!

    I don't know if the ability to sell cars back to the game and have them enter a used car dealership for other players is necessary: isn't that more or less what the auction house is about? Though, I suppose that isn't actually confirmed for FM7 yet...

    I'm under the impression the lack of USB support for photo mode is a limitation imposed by Microsoft, no?

    Oh yeah, and I'll add one more:
    • No more silly 10-replay file limit!
  20. longshot1314


    United States
    I'm actually really curious if Volkswagen will be back or not for FM7
  21. PJTierney


    Slim chance, but better than none.
  22. bremics


    Exactly why was it removed again? Did Turn 10 ever say? Other than licensing issues?
  23. PJTierney


    In Forza Horizon 3, there are still some cars that cannot be removed from your garage, leaving you with only one way to get rid of them: the Auction House.

    If said car is a Barn Find it will most likely never sell, which means you're stuck with it forever.

    Potentially; I know that USB support hasn't been available in the Xbox version of Pro Evolution Soccer for the past few years, yet it is available in the PlayStation versions. In those games you can import custom texture files to create accurate football kits.

    Turn 10 hasn't said anything publicly. From what I gather, Volkswagen simply didn't want to renew whatever licensing agreement they had after Forza Motorsport 6. I don't know if Microsoft did something wrong (adding an unlicensed car to the game etc.), the money wasn't at an agreeable point for both parties or whatever.
  24. Speedster911


    Great list!

    Nothing on physics or audio though? Boooo! :grumpy:
  25. PJTierney


    I am happy with physics/audio the way they are; it's Multiplayer and Community stuff I'm most concerned about :scared:
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  26. ImaRobot


    United States
    I'd have to agree. Physics have been progressing(slowly, but still) with each iteration, and the audio is immersive enough that the "negatives" aren't really an issue. If they can work some magic and make some changes to these departments, I'm all for it, but I'm not specifically worried about it.
  27. Northstar

    Northstar Premium

    United States
    Lately a bulk of my FM6 time has been spent with the Porsche expansion and it makes me want something similar for FM7 where they give you a timeline of a brand and some background info for each car. Granted I'm not so sure a brand specific one would work simply because there really aren't any older manufacturers left that aren't already well represented. However I think doing something similar with a series/discipline could work rather well, they could even do it for (presumably) both expansion packs.

    Wishlist for idea;

    American Open Wheel Racing - It's been around under one banner or another since motorsports began so there's obviously quite a bit they could do with it.

    NASCAR - This probably won't happen considering FM6 had a NASCAR expansion, but one that covered the entire history would be interesting.

    Sports Cars - It's also been around since racing has so there is plenty of material.

    BTCC - It's been around since 1958 and would give them a good reason to add some British tracks that aren't Brands Hatch or Silverstone.

    I would say F1 as well but so long as Codemasters has the license it would be pointless.
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  28. DeckedGlobe


    I really hope that they include the fujimi kaido mountain course and some other originals back into the series in the next one. Ever since the first forza it's been my favorite course. Just imagine in the dead of night on a wet fujimi kaido, 24 cars barreling down the narrow winding road, the more skilled far ahead while the less experienced slamming into the guardrail while some Initial D eurobeat plays through some squeakers headset.

    Also I've found it very annoying how recent installments always have like 40 different car brands but each one only contains 2-8 cars each and then they add more with an expansion pack for around $14.99 which always contains a few cars that almost nobody would want to pay for like an Aztek. Why don't they give most of the cars right off the bat then have some of the best ones or ones that come out after its release date as DLC?

    But mostly I want those tracks, recent forzas are really lacking without them
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  29. fikridroid


    Yup, really missing the licensed race OSTs since Forza 3 and 4
  30. Speedster911


    Good stuff there - FM2 - 4 had the best soundtrack in my humble opinion. And I really wish they would unveil a new engine. The high-saturation model just doesn't do it for me anymore or the semi-warp speed FOV.

    The wheel and gear shift animation has been by biggest gripe since FM3 but they just don't consider it important enough to fix or improve.
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