Gran Turismo 7: One Year Later...

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It's simply the best. Driving, listening menu music, race music, sounds, landscapes, day, night, events, cars, tracks, rain, wind, mist, race strategy, car settings, liveries, the beauty in menus, the beauty in races, the beauty of the game intro, The Beauty with capital letters. CONGRATULATIONS, we are waiting excited for the endurance races, thanks Kaz.
The campaign is arguably worst of the series, cohesiveness of new features, menu usability, and AI sucks, and the game economy is dreadful.

However, this has by far been the best feeling GT game, both in terms of driving feel and menu+garage coziness. In the ~5 or so months I got to play I developed some really cool relationships with cars like the Integra, AE86, Suzuki Swift, and Silvia that I never would’ve been able to form in past games due to the combination of the livery editor and returning visual mods.





New custom race features and time+weather conditions really made this an unbeatable casual driving experience. Better yet, they put my exact car in the game, allowing me to experiment with IRL aftermarket wheels and/or wraps for down the line:





I haven’t been able to play since August due to moving and losing access to my friend’s PS5, but it seems GT7 has largely maintained a status quo of monthly installments of 3-5 cars, sometimes a track, and a tiny handful of events with repeated or recycled formats for the base campaign. So it doesn’t seem like I’ve missed much of anything new beyond a couple interesting cars and the new but temporary Sophy event.

The skeleton and core functionality is built fairly well, it’s just been frustrating how PD has connected everything and continues to seemingly ignore the most easy parts of the game to improve (quantity and quality of race events, and overall usage of all car classes and their accessibility). Luckily post-launch car and track content has been slowly getting better, and it’s still possible for offline events to follow suit whenever PD get their heads out of the sand.

I’m bummed about how the game released, but hopeful that PD can still mold the malleable parts into something a bit better in the near-term. I’ve got some real life to deal with for a bit, but I’m hoping to be able to pick up a PS5 for myself and hop back in around late spring or early summer.
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I'm still enjoying this game today, admittedly I don't play it as much, but I'm still putting in the laps every other day. I obtained the Platinum trophy back in July of last year, but still feel the game has appeal.
Yesterday i launch GT Sport after one year later and i made some comparisons:
1) Graphics: GT7 is more polished and completed with more detailed car models.
2) Sound: Better in GT7.
2) Content: GT Sport win with a big difference in this sector with so many events by car and and type.
3) Online: Still both have road to improve (customization and stabilty)
4) Car prices: It's crazy if you want to replicate the reality of car market in a game!! And as Kaz said "the game must target to be a car fan joy" NOT ΥΕΤ!!!
After one year we recieved some nice content (cars and tracks) but there are many to come to make GT7 a great racing game...
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Best gameplay in the series, worst game design in the series. Interesting mix of attributes.
If it didn't feel so good to drive, I've no doubts this game would've been completely abandoned by everyone within a month or two.

It's a shame that, bar a couple, the same complaints from launch are the same complaints people have today. I don't understand how they continuously miss the mark with what the game needs. It's not hard. It just needs reasons to drive the cars we already have.

It's the last hurdle and PD constantly crash into it over and over without ever jumping it.
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I got the game at launch and on day 1 I was amazed by the visuals driving feel, and thought this could possibly be the greatest driving game ever. But I was so wrong, it took just 2 days for my feelings to completely sour as I realised the menu books were not just the tutorial, but the entire career mode. Since then the game felt nothing but empty and soulless.

It's so frustrating because the game had the foundations to be amazing, but the lack of any sort cohesive event structure/career and the broken economy completely ruined it.

I feel that Gran Turismo 7 has amazing driving physics and feel. The perfect balance of simulation and arcade, but then has the game structure of a free-to-play mobile game with daily login bonuses, random wheelspin rewards, and advertising of credit top-ups.

I completed the menu books and missions within a few weeks, and then the added 1 hour race mission series before losing all motivation. I haven't launched the game at all since the Watkins Glen update in June. I'm just not motivated by random one-off races and hollow grinding for tick-box car collecting.

A few months later I actually went back to GT5 to finally complete my old career save, the UCD is frustrating (especially waiting for the Formula Gran Turismo to cycle through) but it was just so much more engaging to be going through progressively more difficult championships and having to think about car choice and strategy again. The special events such as Nascar and Top Gear were also great fun.

If a game has you going back to a 12 year old predecessor just a few months after launch there is clearly something very wrong.

(GT5 @ KartSpace, 12 years ago)

I'm sorry, but 7 is by design the absolute opposite of any numbered title GT experience I ever played.

If your game RELIES on updates to stay alive, then it was built wrong.

As a passionate life-long GT enthusiast since I was 3 to 4ish... this year with GT7 has been very dissapointing. Especially since returning to older titles like GT3 & GT4, which even today are groundbreaking, refreshing and have near infinite replay value.

I've even been playing Racing Lagoon which I actually never played before, so no nostalgia factor here, but RL has more unique innovations and superior game structure than just about anything even 25 years later.

But 7... I have to actually negotiate with myself each time I contemplate playing it...


(Also who in the **** releases NASCAR tracks without NASCARS!? These photos are from GT5 launch week in 2010, thats 13 years ago btw)
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This will be an unpopular opinion, but I wish they went all out on Sport mode and improved upon that. I've been playing GT for the past 15 years (and even more casually) and I've never cared for career, caffe, car maintenance, wasting credits on car parts and tires, etc. Have more weekly races and make them pay out drastically more credits (because they are actually challenging, unlike chasing AI), a few time trials every week or two, and an ocassional challenge mode like Hamilton DLC we had in Sport. So yeah, I basically wanted Sport 2, but I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Sophy could change things, but no matter how realistically it behaves, it's still just an AI, that's not fun for me.
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I played the game for 1 year straight. I did and won all events, cafe, licenses, missions…everything. I had Platined the game a long ago. I played on sport mode with a respectable record and also in the buggy lobbies. I collected up to now 425 cars and the ones I still missing are around 12 Millions in value. I did 26 engine swaps…

Today I played the game once again. Grinded, wasted 15 roulette tickets in no sense(got 2 pagani invitation. 2!!!) and found no events for the year anniversary.

Today is the first day I feel like dropping the game for good. Ok that’s the new grand valley track but I spent the last two weeks over it! Simply the game does not gives you inputs to go on. You just have to play some days more to receive nothing back and find that last car is missing in your collection blocked behind a stupid roulette ticket you should grind to get and you will regret to open.
Its done well for 'GT:Café' But never felt like a numbered game.

They had turned around the ps3 game issues of dyson sounding engine noises and standard cars, but its like no one got hired to make the single player races and events, and even if the few people doing it (couldn't tell via the credits who) have made something like they've never played the old GT games. To organise events by circuits is a terrible idea unless its an optional filter.

The Café side I like, but I've said before that it shouldn't have been the main part of the game. Even after 30 books it should've been a tutorial part at best. A more preferred single player should've been open ended early on and let US decide what we want to do. Also to not have 'catch the rabbit' races in every event.

I have been on and off throughout the year and enjoying more online but there's a lot missing or stuff that I would've done different.

Sport mode needs to stop using the same tracks and combo's and multiplayer lobbies need more features.
PSVR2 Is a great experience and even that still misses race information!
Grand Valley is back and they changed it! (I like the new setting but would've preferred the old one still)

I'm waiting for them to return Red Rock Valley but it's now 'Red Rock Rally'!

We've got probably 4 more years of this so will have to hope for the best.
A year later and I have mixed feelings about the game. It's the "best playing" GT game in terms of physics, really enjoyable both with a controller and a steering wheel, but as for the actual game itself, it's not doing so great at maintaining my interest. My biggest criticisms are the in-game economy, lack of interesting and varied challenges/missions and course selection.

Once you play through and complete most of the "content", there's not much else to do unless you play online, something I don't have much time for anymore. There has only been one additional set of Mission Challenges added, all the way back in April of last year, 11 months, so it's almost been a year since then. Perhaps "The Human Comedy" can be interpreted as a reference to how comically long it takes them to create new challenges that don't involve chasing and catching rabbits, like a majority of the additional World Circuits races have been.

The economy is whack with no adjustment in sight. Grind your time away or top up at the PlayStation Store with microtransactions that have extremely poor value. PoDi seems to have forgotten about the time they charged for DLC back with Gran Turismo 5 and how everybody was on-board and unopposed to the idea, so long as the pricing is right. Since Gran Turismo 6 had all of its additional content added for free, the ideology has stuck since then, through GT Sport and now GT7, but the reasoning behind GT6 was because the game launched unfinished and also released on the PS3 when the PS4 had just launched at the time, so "free" content updates were a way to keep the game relevant and maintain interest despite the fact GT6 also introduced microtransactions as a franchise first.

Instead, the in-game car prices are set according to "real-world values" so that players can "appreciate just how valuable the cars actually are" or whatever Kaz said. My opinion of that is PoDi thinks their car scans/models are more valuable than my time is, but so long as I open up my wallet, I can exchange real money for a few cars to play in a videogame to save me hours if not days of my time trying to save enough Credits to drive the cars I want. In addition, you're at the mercy of the Used/Legend Cars rotation cycle to get the cars you want on-time before they disappear and perhaps never return again for months (or as of the typing of this post, ever again, indefinitely, like what's apparently happening with the Suzuki Escudo).

I get that the game needs to continue making profits in other ways besides software sales but microtransactions with poor value are not the way to do it in my opinion. I would be on-board with paying for DLC once again but the majority of players probably wouldn't be, seeing as how "free" content updates have been the norm for nearly a decade now, they'd view it as a "paywall".

The selection of cars is great so far, but they should be prioritizing courses, seeing as how (excluding additional layouts) I can count on my fingers how many new courses were added to the game; they probably consume a lot of time and resources to develop, test and release, but that's why I think they should be a priority. The game shipped with only three new (returning) locations and a handful of layouts. Grand Valley has returned just in time for the game's first anniversary, but had they delayed the game into launching in late 2022, perhaps it probably would have made the list for the game's launch.

All in all, the time that I have put into GT7 I have enjoyed, but I hope my criticisms can get ironed out and fade away so the game can become a a much better and improved experience that I can enjoy moreso than before. PoDi has a lot on their plate; with the ongoing continuation of the Vision Gran Turismo project, ventures into eSports (GTWS and whatnot), VR developments and now diving into AI technology, hopefully they keep to mind that GT7 is a videogame(-as-a-service) which players spend money on to play and enjoy.
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I absolutely love GT7, despite its quircks. Gt2,3 and 4 were much more impactfull for me, but that has a lot to do with my age and live at the times these games came out. I find it absolutely brilliant that PD always manages to create something so unique. Hate or love it, it is unique. And the feeling I get while playing Gran Turismo has always been unique. And GT7 is no exception.

I consider it a piece of art.
It's awesome but we only just now got the ability to change the HUD. And still no button assignment to toggle it.
It’s amazing how everyone who started this game felt the incredibleness of it. The joy and wonder and all the new things they did right. But then the game suddenly drives off a cliff and that experience ends.
It's amazing how right you are. I love it and will likely never stop playing them, but the decisions they've made with this game, like the roulette system, always remind me of how awkward the gaming aspect of GT7 is.
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If they just put more effort in career mode it would easily be the best gran turismo, becouse its so much better than previous games in all other aspects, hopefully that pontential comes in feature, with vr added its completly different experince, this is still my favorite gran turismo game overall, could not go back to previous games with how bad the car sounded in previous games, i think it has improved a lot since launch but could benefit for even more improvments
Honestly it kinda feels like the game just came out. I haven't had a ton of time to play it and I haven't even completed all the default races yet.
Still play it every day (apart 6 weeks when my PS5 died by lightning).
But, to be honest, I was pretty dissapointed how unfinished game was at the release and today when game is much better, still they didn't fix penalty system, still some MP features from GTS are missing, I was expecting to see new Gr.4 and Gr.3 cars, I defenitely expect more tracks, I was hoping they'll bring back Shuffle Mode to MP, more longer races in SP like LeMans or Spa, more missions...
I still can't understand why they don't make better daily races with weather.

I was hoping PD and Fanatec will work more on FFB so I don't feel like an idiot for spending huge ammount of money on official wheel to find out that unofficial wheel works much better and they will use unofficial wheels for GTWS. But hey, it's PD and always expect unexpected and never expect to read explanation for their actions 😁

And yes, I will continue to play it every day....