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  1. speed123


    Can you explain more about what you did in terms of deleting saved parameters? Seems like I get kicked out of the game on half the tabs I try to click on.
  2. GBO Possum

    GBO Possum Premium

    United States
    These issues found on the "beta" aka "demo" on a PS4 Pro. I hope this helps.
    1. My Profile has lost its "Garage Photo" which I set up yesterday
    2. Game Stats says I have driven 49 miles total including today's Daily Workout of 47.1. The Daily workout chart shows over 100 mies yesterday. Achievements/Distance Driven says 96. That's at least 3 different version of the truth
    3. Game Stats says I have taken 11 photos and that there are 39 in the Gallery. The actual Gallery contains 30 Scapes photos and 2 Race Photos. The actual "My Library" contains 38 actual photos in Scapes and 6 Race Photos, all mine. Achievements/Photos Taken has me at Level 1 with 11 photos taken. So the real number is 44.
    4. Game Stats says I have 0 Custom Liveries. I know I have made at least 4, and Liveries Created under Achievements credits me with 3. I can find 3
    5. Game Stats says my level is 9. Earlier today I saw that I had progressed to 11
    6. Game Stats says my Prize Money is 38,920 Cr. Prize Money under Achievements says 91,520
    7. Yesterday I reached Level 1 in "Play Time", which is 6+ hours. Today, my Play Time is back to 4 hours, and my Time Driven is back to 1
    8. Earlier today I had 5 "Likes on Photos". It's back to zero under Achievements. Looking in the Gallery I can count up the 5 likes spread across 4 photos
    9. Today I did my Marathon miles and was awarded a blue Subaru WRX, the same model as the WRX I won yesterday. The game seemed to realize its mistake and spun the wheel a second time, awarding me an NSX. Yesterday's WRX which I had painted red and adorned with decals was replaced by the blue one with no decals. My livery designs are still in My Library, so I was able to restore my livery to the blue WRX
    EDIT: "notes Regarding Game Content" has an incorrect link, listing the US site but hyperlinking to the JP one.
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  3. DominicWTW


    There are issues with my game save file.
    I have played since last night and I have closed the game and re-login to the game for several times, it work just fine until now.
    Just now I re-login to the game and all my progress is gone.
    The cars earned, credits and drivers levels are gone.
    Only have the first car left.
    The progress at the driving school and missions are being reset.
    Looks like the save file is being overwritten by some previous save files from yesterday.
  4. P0T5

    P0T5 (Banned)

    United Kingdom
    Finished 4th in that 30 lap race yesterday, got 1st place today...

    Did some other stuff cash was around 940K

    Signed off PS4 turned it back on after a few hours i'm down to less money than I had yesterday 690K

    Checked my gold list i'm back to 4th "sliver" but when you click on the event and check friends times my PSN name is 1st with my finish time of 1 hour 2 mins ?

    Is this a glitch or have I got to do it all over again lol
  5. GBO Possum

    GBO Possum Premium

    United States
    When I go into "My Library"/"Scapes Photos", I intend to save the photos to a USB drive.

    I selected the first photo, pressed "triangle", and the menu offers me "Export to USB Storage Device", but when I choose that option I get a simple screen saying "Which USB storage device do you want to use?" with options at the bottom:-

    "X" Enter
    "Circle" Back

    No actual USB devices are listed. Pressing "X" has no visible or audible result. Circle takes me "back" as one would expect
  6. VBR

    VBR Premium

    Game wouldn't fire up, just got a black screen. Then after several tries it fires up, but doesn't connect online. Then after several more tries it fires up & connects to online, but nothing shows up in the lobbies. Gave up in the end.
  7. GBO Possum

    GBO Possum Premium

    United States
    I continue with my Photo Mode for Slideshows (or the lack thereof)

    One of the lovely features in GT6 was its "Slideshow", in which the photos in the gallery were selected in a random sequence and presented with the zooming "Ken Burns" effect.

    I can't find a slideshow function in GTS, nor even anything which comes close. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's AWOL.

    I tried displaying one photo at a time with manual control, however the photos are overlaid with the controls (L1=Previous, R1=Next). Kind of ugly, very manual and not good for PS4 screenshotting.

    That said, there's an interesting detail in the Scapes photos. The menu (triangle) brings up an option "Open Scapes". If you choose that, a confirmation dialog box come up "Are you sure you want to open the viewfinder and shoot again using the same (camera) settings?" This is great, since who can remember all those detailed settings!! I LOVE this feature!!

    Here is where you can (if you're quick) capture an uncluttered image. Re-take the photo and quickly, before the photo gets overlaid with save instructions, take a PS4 screenshot. The only "clutter" is the GT logo in the bottom left corner.
  8. Wiki


    I get error [CE-38700-8] when accessing Main Menu (upper left corner) and also when trying to claim my "bonus" (lower right corner), game crashes takes you back to PS4 menu.

    I'd like to add I noticed some sound bug when other cars Drive-by, they're too quiet in both gameplay and replays.
    I'm convinced I saw someone talking about this in some other thread.

    Cars from previous builds sounded louder and reverberated more on track. (is it just me?)
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  9. GBO Possum

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    United States
    This is a small one, but could point to some other underlying issue

    The color swatch next to my car is incorrect

    The steps I went through are as follows
    1. Received a blue Subaru WRX
    2. Painted it red and added a few decals
    3. Set up an Arcade/Custom Race (3 laps at clockwise Dragon, 20 cars)
    4. Watching the "ticker" at the bottom of the screen I saw that the color swatch for my car was blue
  10. Wiki


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  11. GBO Possum

    GBO Possum Premium

    United States
    I have a PS4 Pro which doesn't crash in those menus. In fact, it has given me ZERO GTS crashes. Got lucky I guess.
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  12. Amaru


    In Japan this is the normal button layout; O= accept & X=cancel.

    I guess for this very part they've forgotten to adjust it to the EU/NA button style in non-JP regions.
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  13. Gr8_Lakes

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    United States
    Just want to state that this isn't a problem on all T300 wheels. My T300 wheel is working fine and I'd hate to see the FFB strength reduced.
  14. Nigrick


    Are you running on latest thrustmaster firmware? Im thinking maybe it is drivers issue?
  15. Napalm_LT


    I have very strange bug - I can move only if it is a rolling start. If I completely stop while racing, I can't start to move (gears and accelerator working, but car doesn't move). The is no problem with offline, because I can restart race, but I can't try Online (can't leave pits during practice, also can't start race - I am staying on the start line). it would be fun, if it wouldn't be annoying.
    Daily races also doesn't work for me - I can do practice and qually, but after "matching the players" I allways have error.

    where is that 30 laps race all are talking about? I did everything offline, I could do: first row of licences, 8 mission races an 3 track exploring in Compaign mode (everything else "is locked in that version"), also did all 5 races in Arcade Single player.
    THERE IS MY LAPS RACE !!!! (I am shouting :mad:)
  16. Prestonmania


    Stage 7 of mission challenge is available, there you can find some races including that 30 lap race you mentioned
  17. realbano


    The game crashes when i finish drift event in arcade and use my Evo with custom livery... If I use the standard GTR Rally Car it works fine
  18. ricky_soares


    I also found issues with game saves and sync information. They are similar with the ones posted by GBO Possum. Were the game stats and my profile are incorrect.
    - It said that i am level 9 when infact i am level 13;
    - also the information regarding credits, photos taken, distance driven, custom liveries is incorrect. The only correct information is the driver rating and sportmanship rating.
    Don´t have the exact numbers since i delete the Demo/Beta.
    Also another "interesting" thing. I delete the save data in my ps4, and when started the game it said it found data stored in the servers and if i wanted to download it, witch i did. The data that was restored was from monday (I did this on wednesday) when i was level 9 and the rest of the game stats and my profile ( i am not 100% sure) match the ones on monday that weren't saving and sync, like i mentioned before. But the driving rating was correct and i recived the cars from daily chalenge (tuesday and Wednesday).
    Then i delete the save data from ps4 again. This time i said that didn´t want to restore the data and start a new game. The thing is, it wasn´t a fully new game: they gave me the first car, and the credits exp. and miles were from a new game, but i had the driver rating from the last game, in my profile it said again that a was level 9 and other information was also from that monday save restore, and it give again the cars from the daily bonus. So there is issues regarding online saves and sync of game stats and my profile.
    First time poster on GTPanet, i apologize for my english.
  19. fikridroid


    Yeah, in fact I got the same distortion when viewing any cars in brands central (last checked with Charger and 911 GT3)

    Looks like it's the common issue then, I racked up my credits up to 229,030, mileages to 3,680 and exp level 12. Now it goes down to Cr. 154,330, 1,750 mil, and lvl 10 after the server maintenance (thankfully my mission, driving school progress, photos, replays and livery has remained intact) :banghead::ouch::(
  20. Skygrasper550

    Skygrasper550 Premium

    So after downloading the demo for a whopping 2 days, I started it up just now and proceeded to go the Options menu to set up my controls. But every time I go to the Options menu, the game crashes. Literally every time. Even managed to freeze my PS4. Ugh.
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  21. Dansolo


    From the interior view of the Nissan VGT Ground Combat Fighter (Nissan Concept 2020 VGT) when playing Drivers challenge number 6 in the gran turismo demo on PS4 Pro, you cannot look backwards. Part of the screen freezes until you let go of the rear view look.
  22. sems4arsenal

    sems4arsenal Premium

    - Rolling start had an issue in one of the Sports Mode races. I was way behind the guy in front of me.
  23. Akrotatos


    The achievement for likes on photos isn’t keeping track of the likes. It still reads zero for me and I have somewhere around 10 likes.
  24. Factor41


    United Kingdom
    Still seem to be having the same issue with Logitech G29 pedal calibration that I experienced in the closed beta. Playing the Dragontrail Seaside race in Arcade mode with the AMG GT3, the pedals seem to be doing a weird continuous auto-calibration. Every time I start the race, it's absolutely fine and I can get full throttle with a gentle push, but as the race progresses, it seems to require more and more pressure to get 100% throttle. By the end of the third lap, I'm having to stand on the pedal to prevent it slowing on the straights and have no precision in feathering the throttle - it's all or nothing. Such a crap idea - why would you ever want it to adjust mid race? Just let me calibrate my full throttle position manually in the settings and leave it the hell alone!

    Other than that, just had the documented crashing when viewing the profile (which seems much better now they've rejigged the servers) and have had a weird background image glitching while waiting for Sport races to start.

    Pretty disappointed with the content so far given that they've had the best part of six years to put this together. I'm hoping the demo is all a big polker-faced bluff on PD's part and when the release version comes, it will have a proper GT mode and hundreds of normal cars, where I can buy an EK9 and tune it up to progress through the early championships, then switch to an RX7 or a 350Z for the RWD championships; maybe an Evo V or 22B for the 4WD. And it'll have Grand Valley. And Deep Forest. And Trial Mountain. And all will be right with the world once more. Missions and licences do not make a Campaign mode.
  25. EmArA


    The pictures show it all...see yellow and red markings. I wish i snapped another picture later on but it does not matter now how much money i had and the level i was at.
    Thankfully the cars haven’t disappeared but the medals earned during the events are now gone.
    Anyone else had this issue?

    First pic also show the only event/race that i haven’t played but for some reason all the ones in the driving experience are showed as not entered so all gold and silver medals are gone.
    Did not get any server discconection and i always manually upload the save data to the psn cloud after every time i play (options/upload while standing on the gt demo from the ps4 main menu/XMB or whatever it is called on ps4) but still this has happened the next time i played.


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  26. Mysticblaze21


    I love the game, but it needs work. By work I mean bugs, and needed online features such as "Party" for "Sports Mode". Would love to race an actual good online race with friends instead of randoms only. Yes friends would have to meet same qualifications that are implemented via the matchmaking system.

    Sports mode needs more than three races and is God awful for loading times as well.

    The manual save needs fixing along with servers and connectivity issues. Five minute black screens are not acceptable.

    Where are the tune shops with Turbos with stages, Super charging, port polish, triple plate clutch, engine balancing, ect? The prebaked is kinda cool, but not the same.

    As for the Livery editor, please allow my design for all cars I get. I don't want to remake for every car. Also how about "Mirror Duplication " per/ all layers.

    As for progression, please allow my career stuff ,cars, money, exp, everything to transfer over to full game (if we should call it that), If I get it. If issues are fixed. I don't wanna redo stuff I spent hours on. It can be done.

    Plase fix as I want GT to keep the crown. Bad enough "Career" is laughable and driving school is a waste of time. If you cannot race you will lose. You will learn that way. Plain and simple.

    I miss the car wash and oil change as well.

    I hope Polyphony see's and addresses this. I wanna remain a fan. GT on PSX was the start, I don't want this to be the end.

    I am sure many of you have experienced the same if not more. Please state them so we can get this sorted out REAL SOON.

    Thank you.
  27. GBO Possum

    GBO Possum Premium

    United States
    Livery editor/Scapes

    I used the Livery Editor to put the driver name/flag on a white car and a car number.

    Car number is fine.

    Driver name/flag doesn't show up in Scapes. The flag is replaced by a stylized globe, and the name disappears. I tried both black and white names on a white metallic colored Megane (which was awarded today, thanks!).

    The Sound Volume of the Demo races is controllable. That's good.

    What I don't like is that the Demo race sounds control is the same one that sets the "Menu Sound Effects". I'd like to turn those pesky :banghead: menu beeps OFF and be able to set the Demo track sounds :D independently. Or maybe link it to the Menu BGM volume.
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  28. Robin Pirard

    Robin Pirard

    Most of the time I didn't encounter any issue accept one time I lost my progress from the day before.. no problem started over.
    One issue online during a lobby. When I set the min weight for example to 1250kg then it appears to be the max weight and lowering weight is possible. If they can fix this so it works like it did in gt6 I'll be satisfied.
    Love the demo.. Game looks very promising.
  29. staNfUrBushie


  30. Lee x sensai

    Lee x sensai

    Look like the driver tossing the wheel out from the window.
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