GT Sport vs. Forza 6: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Sound Comparison

Neither captures the true excitement of that engine. Just go over to youTube and check out "2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: The Most Powerful Sedan In The World! - Ignition Ep. 122". It makes them both sound extremely dull in comparison. Though Forza at least reproduces the whine of the supercharger at an appropriate volume level. The actual exterior sound of the car is downright ferocious, something they both miss by a country mile.
A beta was scheduled to take place in the first and second quarter of 2016 before a full release on November 15th, but Sony later announced that the beta had been cancelled so as to prevent the game from being delayed to 2017. But as of August 30, it's been delayed to 2017 to further polish the game.
I still think the GTSport sounds very digitized.. It's getting better though... But for those people saying that GTSport feed sounds better then the Forza feed should get their ears checked... Either that or try being a little less biased... And for those that are saying that "Forza has never done interior sounds well"... smh... Seriously? And there is a massive difference in the two views sound. Simply start the video on the Forza interior view and then click to the exterior view, it's a LARGE difference. And when you're driving an American Muscle Car the sound inside the cockpit is still very loud. It's a damn Dodge Charger Hellcat not a BMW 5 Series!... Anyway the best sounding Racing Sim is RaceRoom by a large margin... That game leaves both Forza and GT in it's dust when it comes to audio...
car audio from Watchdogs 2 - pc

GT Sports needs to match this at the bare minimum - an open world game
The shifts sound better than what GT sport currently has