GT Sport's Next Content Update is On Its Way

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I can't talk for everyone, but I can't thank PD enough for the free content they've been releasing post launch. GT Sport is a highly addictive racing sim and satisfies every racing itch I have at the moment. Sure there's quirks but with every update they appear to be addressing them.

Thanks PD for rolling out more reasons to boot this game up and invest more time on the track!
I think it's a Clio of some variety.

The top left is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV

Middle-Bottom to me looks like a Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ variant of some sort.
After Close inspection I would have to agree.

Been waiting for the new Mégane though.... :(


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Why can't you just use the existing May update thread?
It's a week old, eight pages long and full of bitching about everything from GT Sport to PD, to Sony, to each other's expectations and hype. And each other.
Drives me nuts GTP insists on creating new threads for stuff that is already being discussed.
Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. It's case by case: the Ford Mach 1 story yesterday went into the existing Ford Mach 1 thread - as the previous story did.

There's no upper limit on thread numbers - and this update is being discussed in three other existing threads too.
Because that thread also has 7 pages of just wish lists and people's hopes and dreams. New thread is better to discuss the content update.
Gotta let them dream!
So many broken hearts if that article linked to that thread.

Looking forward for people’s guesses on the silhouettes. I’m always really bad at it.
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United Kingdom
I spy an r92cp a sauber c9 and possibly a 787b? Last one isn't quite as clear, could actually be the Porsche gt1 or McLaren Lt instead, interesting stuff though

Edit: Fiat gonna be the new sambabus

Edit of an edit: the c9 actually looks like it could be the c11, hasn't got enough of a front end and air intake, looks like the lower front end of the c11
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Top left looks like an Evolution III or Evolution IV. Leaning towards the III;


Compared to the screenshot, there's no highlights for the grill ridges (which the III doesn't have), and I don't think the highlight bounces the light correctly for something circular - foglights for the IV and vertical air dams for the III. Evo IV fits more with the other cars that have included, but the III is part of my favourite phase (I, II, II) so I know which I'd prefer!

The splitter is also straight in the screenshot as opposed to the IV's curved.




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Think the c9 could actually be a c11, longer and lower nose

I'm thinking they'll go for what was in the game before. I just google the C11 and I think those intakes inboard of the headlamps would show up in the silhouette.
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Look at the
I'm thinking they'll go for what was in the game before. I just google the C11 and I think those intakes inboard of the headlamps would show up in the silhouette.
look at the nose scoops though, those aren't c9 scoops