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  1. risingson77


    Just got my copy of GTA3 a couple of weeks freakin' RULES! I am Mr. Vehicular Homicide...I jus' run people over...why waste bullets, right? :mischievous:
  2. frentzey


    I spent my whole 5 day weekend playing it and this is impossible - I am a heretic - I popped in GT3 and I was bored, had to turn it off after two laps! GTA3 has converted me to playing a game for mayhem rather than seriousness and its a lot more friggin fun. I need to go out and buy this game sometime, maybe when the semester is over. My favorite bit is taking the big vehicles (semi, bus, fire truck, and police bus) and doing insane stunts - THIS GAME IS THE GREATEST!:smilewink :smilewink :smilewink :smilewink :smilewink :smilewink :sleep:
  3. MazKid

    MazKid Staff Emeritus

    I got it too, and it's fun. I like driving around and shooting at other cars and when they speed off, I give chase and do the PIT manuverand make them crash. I also like having major wars and blowing up stuff.

    BTW, my parents got the game for me on my B-day, and my mom is now just finding out about the blood and stuff, but I just think 'its a game, just for fun, and I'm not going to go around shooting people and stuff.'