New to the GTP_WRS? Introduce yourself

Discussion in 'GTP Weekly Race Series Time Trials' started by Sjaak, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Sjaak

    Netherlands The Netherlands


    :: GTP_Weekly Race Series ::


    New to the GTP_WRS? Introduce yourself!


    Say hi to the WRS community
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  2. Sphinx

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom England

    Hi, I'm Sphinx.


    Hi fellow GTPers I'm Craig. WRS is all new to me.
  4. Stotty

    United Kingdom London

    <--- Stotty.
  5. 01GTP

    United States East Canaan, CT

    Hi Sphinx and Sjaak,

    My name is Kenny and I'm an WRS addict. :sly:

    Glad to be here and looking forward to some GT5 combo's.

    EDIT: Missed a couple of you already.

    Hi guys!
  6. Luxy


    Hello WRS'ers :)

    I'm Luke, and I learned everything I know about racing from the Weekly Race Series ... well, almost ;) I've been around since the WRS started in GT3, but I haven't participated in a while. Looking forward to some new combos and new faces :cheers:
  7. kart racer


    Hey everyone.This is totally new to me.Looks like fun.Hope I don't do to bad.:)
  8. Mr P

    United Kingdom Manchester U.K

    hic! Hi guys I'm Ron and I'm an alcoholic :cheers: ... oops wrong thread :p

    Looking forward to this ;) :tup:
  9. Vaxen

    United States Sunnyvale, CA

    Hi guys.

    I never got plugged in to the GT4 WRS. I'm looking forward to participating in GT5 (and prologue). :tup:
  10. Jake

    United States Fairfield, CT
    PSN:GTP_Jake / XRef

    hey all! Happy to be here and I am looking forward to running many races with you.
  11. peterjford

    United States Orange County C

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Peter and have been an occasional participant in the WRS since GT4. My GTP registry name is GTP_Im_Sorry. It was sad to see the GT4 WRS end but I am looking forward to the new challenge with the GT5P WRS.
  12. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    I'm Steven/bigracer. I am also a Gran Turismo addict. Thank you Jerry, Sjaak, Kevin, Hugo, Bert, Jerome and ... (Vaxen, sorry but I still don't know your first name) for doing all this work in order to make us happy puppies on GTP and while using Gran Turismo :tup: :tup: :tup:
  13. Vaxen

    United States Sunnyvale, CA

    My first name is Dan :tup:
  14. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Hello Dan, and thanks for sharing that.
    I also forgot to mention Colby who has apparently been appointed Mod without any noise. Let's make some noise for all those making our GTP experience happening !

  15. Hyper-Dan

    United Kingdom Norfolk

    Hello, I think most of you know me by now, :sly: New to the WRS though. Look foward to taking part.

    :cheers: Dan.
  16. Camo_Fly


    Hi guys I'm Jeff. WRS is all new to me :)

    Looking forward to this :lol:
  17. Jump_Ace

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Portland, OR

    Hey all! My name is Jerome, I've been WRS'ing since week 5 of GT4, I hope to see a nice blend of new faces as well as old friends :) I can't tune worth a -! So many thanks in advance to those that can and share the wealth! Thanks again to my bros that helped put this all together, way to keep on rollin'! ;)

  18. Bleached

    Online Now!

    Name's Andrew, did a couple GT4 WRS'. Hopefully I can be a regular in GTP WRS.
  19. Stevisiov

    United Kingdom England, Warwickshire

    Hey guys. I am Stevisiov I steered clear of GT4 WRS because I am not really up to scratch on my time trials, but I think I will give this a shot anyway. :D

    Online Now!
    United States Dallas,Texas

    Hi, I'm ron stuart.:sly:

    Don't I know you from somewhere? :lol:
  21. 2k2 Z28


    Hi all! I joined the GT4 WRS in week 156, thanks in large part to my friend Kevin pointing me in the direction of this site. I wish I had known it was here all along!!!

    I've learned a lot from everyone in my short time here, and looking forward to even more with GT5P :tup:


    - Drew
  22. NielsG

    Denmark Aarhus, Denmark

    Hi, I'm Niels.

    A casual racer from DK. :dopey:
  23. WayneGTC

    France Paris - France
    PSN:GT5rs_Wayne - GTP_Wayne

    Hi fellow members :sly:

    This will be my first WRS series & am glad to share this with you all :tup:

    :cheers: Laurent
  24. GTP_Tzayed


    Hey fellow GTP WRS'ers,

    This is my introduction. Name's Adam, from Bethlehem Pennsylvania - glad to be here. Hoping for many many more wonderful events!
  25. GTP Grevling


    Hey guys
    I`m Ole B from Norway
    I must say you got a great job with this
  26. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands Under your bed

    Hey, my name is Lars and this is the first time I have entered the WRS. Looking forward to some nice races. :)
  27. Marcio Cardoso


    Hi all.
    I'm Marcio (obvius), from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and I'm happy to be here
  28. 94LOOD


    Hello everyone!
    My name is Mike and Week 1 was my first stab at the WRS. Totally new to all of this so if I have any "dumb" questions i apologize in advance :-)
  29. GTP_awd208


    Hi all, First try at this type of event. So any dumb questions i'll ask Hyperuk at work, because I am as dumb as I look. Cheers Leigh. :dopey: :tup:
  30. Racer_LP

    Belgium Bruges, Belgium
    PSN:GTP_Racer_LP / Racer_LP

    Hi all,

    My first name is Stijn. I haven't competed in any of the WRS series here yet, cause I didn't know about GTP till after I sold all my other GT's (from the first GT till GT4). I really shouldn't have done that :ouch:

    I do have some experience with WRS series from my time on (playing Tourist Trophy), where I competed the last 8 months or so before GT5P was released in Europe. Had lots of fun there with really great riders, but I haven't played TT anymore since I got GT5P the time here was just too awesome :tup:
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