Poll-I Don't Play GTSport Because...

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I Don't Play GTSport Because...

  1. I just can't afford a new PS4 at the current moment

  2. I have a PS4, but need to buy a better TV for display

  3. I have read some various negative posts about the game

  4. I am waiting for the brand new GT7 to come out on PS5

  5. I have been waiting for any of the bugs to be worked out

  6. I bought GTSport, but no longer play because of bad drivers

  7. I don't like the online type venue and prefer older GT titles

  8. The game and additional equipment is way to costly for me

  9. The game doesn't have enough cars and/or circuits I like

  10. I am currently still working on GT6 and/or other GT titles

  11. I am a die hard PS2 PS3 retro gamer and prefer GT3-4-5-6

  12. I prefer other driving game titles over the GT series games

  13. Other reasons not listed in this poll, please explain in a post

  14. I'm waiting for prices to come down for game and equipment

  15. I have GTSport, play it all the time, and like the game a bunch

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  1. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    Multiple choices are allowed in this poll. Also feel free to post other reasons or even positives why to upgrade to GTSport now.
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  2. Aphelion


    The biggest reason for me is that my room/gaming setup is basically unsuitable.

    When I was playing, i was usually playing GTS during the day and then a different game at night with freinds. However, my current setup means to do that i need to completely reset half the room just to switch games. I ended up just not being bothered most days and now I just dont play at all.

    I do also misa the old formula. I really think that the new one works, however I usually play GT for relaxing, car collecting and run races with cool cars that ive upgraded from scratch. I feel like with GTS I simply have to be too focussed on it, when most of the time I want to relax.

    GTS is awesome in my oppinion, its just not quite my thing.
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  3. VBR

    VBR Premium

    United Kingdom
    I don't play GT Sport because of several reasons. Firstly; the forced on vibration understeer effect, it ruins the whole driving experience for me. Secondly; still no Shuffle racing, even though the majority of GTP members want it back. Thirdly; being forced to buy a PSN subscription just to race online, which I could do for free in GT5 & GT6.

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  4. super_gt


    Why thread about GTSport is in the GT6 section?
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  5. VBR

    VBR Premium

    United Kingdom

    As in, upgrade from GT6 to GT Sport.

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  6. GTV0819


    Me, because I don't have a PS4 (tho my sibling has one), am waiting for GT7 to come out for the upcoming PS5 and that I still love to play the retro GT5, which remains my favorite GT title to date, even if it has its own flaws.

    Btw, the real reason I really got into the game is because of the personal hobby about the game that I enjoy which made me play it a lot and you guys know what that is. :lol:
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  7. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    Thanks VBR... Exactly ! :cheers:
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  8. nostradavor2


    Tbh I don't have money to spend on setup I'd like for gts. But also I really don't mind it.I still enjoy gt5 and gt6 very much.If I haven't give away my ps2 I'd probably still play gt4 too. I miss having online races but it's not a big deal.
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  9. Thematic


    I'm definitely tempted. But my existing setup (pedals, wheel) still works and, especially important earlier, it is not directly compatible anyway.
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  10. HarVee


    United States
    No PS4, I don't want one.
    Waiting for true GT(7) game for PS5.
    Forced online connection.
    eSports does not interest me.
    I'm mostly a PC gamer now.
    I discovered Assetto Corsa.
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