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Are these PS4? If so how did you get the motion blur effect?, dosent seem to work for me..Thanks.
Seems to me there is more motion blur effect since the 1.4 patch. I've also found you seem to get more blur by moving away from the subject and then zooming in with the camera.
Are these PS4? If so how did you get the motion blur effect?, dosent seem to work for me..Thanks.
Yes, those are from the PS4 version. The first one is taken during replay (messing around with FFW) and the rest are purely photomode pictures. It appears they added shutter speed(?) as a default option with the 1.4 patch - if I'm not mistaken.
Motion blur has some issues however - such as it does not blur objects that overlap the car - as the grass in this shot shows...


Also same issue with water spray - was able to lessen the issue with some post editing by softening the transition line between the motion blurred spray around the car and not blurred spray on the car in these following shots....

Sorry for the double post. :scared:
Look at those awesome liveries and difderent cars. The most I've counted is 20 cars in one pic. So where is this 45 car grid I've read so much about? Pics or it's not true. :sly:

It is very difficult to get all cars in one picture due to the photo mode not having a free camera and restrictions around the car. This is the closest I have got. Click link below pic to zoom in 👍

My own thread with pcars is very quiet 💡 So I will post a few of my favourite recent ones in here. If you like them the rest are in here 👍

I will keep my eye on this thread as it seems more active now and I will post a selection of my best ones of my thread here as well in the future.

Great pics, well done @ everyone! :gtpflag:- With the update and motion blur it really makes a difference to the photos. I see massive improvements in quality from the first few weeks.:cheers:

Project CARS_20150621191945.jpg
Project CARS_20150621190922.jpg
Project CARS_20150621191811.jpg
Project CARS_20150621185119.jpg
Project CARS_20150621184456.jpg
Project CARS_20150621182239.jpg
Project CARS_20150621182027.jpg
Apologies for the multiple cross thread post.

A quick question for discussion.

Why don't we all post in the general photo pron thread?

It's still possible to get great shots on PS4 and XBOne and with only a handful of us posting here wouldn't we be better off doing it collectively? It also is a chance for GTPlanet users of the same game to share photos across "systems" as we can't necessarily race together. As long as we note each post we make saying which system the photos are from that would be enough of an excuse for an imperfect composition.

I also wonder if the thread was in the main Project CARS section would it get a lot more interest with greater visibility (which is really what you want with photos). The other user gallery threads could stay in the photomode section with a sticky in there saying the main thread is in the general section with a link to it. It would be a positive away from some of the more moany chat threads.

Could we even merge the XB1 and PS4 threads into the original one and maybe change the title to show it's for all formats?

Everyone, @Terronium-12 what do you think?
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Some more BMW Historic Group 5 shots

^Challenging for 2nd place^

^Now in a tussle for 1st^

^Taking the line and the lead^

A Little Classic Lotus

^First lap - AI randomly brakes hard directly in front of me - no where to go!^

^Over the crest at Zolder^

^Awww Bugger!^​
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Some great pics being taken.

I've not actually been on for awhile, has the updates improved photo mode?
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