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Discussion in 'GT5 Drifting' started by nk4e, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. gabrielnuguit


    I'm new to Gran Turismo 5, still sharpening my skills on drifting. Enjoy this my Evo on Special Stage Route 7![​IMG]
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  2. Rhastabudz


    Merry Xmas everyone!! I'm just starting out in GT5 with my only purchased car being my RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02. Straight from the dealership I totally decked this car out with every single upgrade. 600 Hp and 1k weight is amazing when racing but I can't quite make the drifting workout due to the fact that I no idea how to tune it! I've found a few setups and can't wait to try them now that I have made an account here to view. Anyways let me know if you have any ideas and I will post my setup once I figure out what works for me!

    -- RhastaBudz

    RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02
  3. duchesne_813


    new drifter. any advice?? sure would be nice.
  4. driftmonkeyok


    Hey im new to drifting on GT, anyone can add me im a friendly guy
  5. SnipesR1


    Hi all im new to the forums but have been around the GT5 drift scene for a bit. anyways i go by this tag in game to, well hope to see an tandem you guys in game till then later
  6. Weiga-


    I've been a lurker for 1 year or so, and I'm new to the Drift scene on GTP, heres a video of me (14years old at that time) driffting on Apricot Hill, how I loved that track..

    I wish I can join a drift team and have fun online.

    See ya ingame.
  7. protomor


    Hi! I'm new. Got a G27 for xmas and want something to give me the similar to feel in real life.

    Gamer tag is protomor

    Here is my real car.
  8. Wienish


    Let's see what we can do over here!

    My name is Wienish, I'm new to the forum, and also new to the drifting section in GT5. I had a racing duo with a friend of mine in another game, GTA IV.

    I'm driving the orange car and we didn't exactly practise that much. Just put out a course and did it, that explains the damage as well haha.

    Back to Gran Turismo. I like speed, I like drifting, I like funny cars. Screens will come as soon as I know how to put them online (so if anyone could help me)..
  9. white_panther


    Hi, my name is EJ and it has been a long time that I have been reading the forums. I have recently started trying to do some drifting, but I really can't, not sure why. I use a G25, and I have almost all the game complete. working on getting my 60 gold tests.

    Any help or tips would be great.


    PS: my psn is white_panther.
  10. Jeta


    Hi all!
    My name is Tiago Cunha. I start drift on a car simulator, the Live For Speed. I start whith mouse but then I bought a Logitech Driving Force GT. Last week I bought Gran Turismo 5, my first Gran Turismo game, and my first cars game on PS3. I drift in Drift Mode, but in normal race I can't drift.

    Sorry my english but I'm Portuguese.

    Tiago Cunha

    PSN: gam3rportugal
  11. Wienish


    I've managed to get some pics on my computer :D:D


    Ohh, and sorry for this one:

  12. xCrack_stylez-


    Hey everyone.
    im new to the whole GT5 scene.
    you'll find me online hosting the

    Drifting OZ on tusukuba (Australia)
    Fav. drift car is the holden commodore ss '04
  13. powellx234

    powellx234 (Banned)

    Sup people!
    Started drifting in gt5p but gave up cuz i didnt have a hope. Anyway, ive been drifting since i got it (xmas) and im pretty good at it. I can go the whole way around tsububa in my s13 with my dfgt. My fav cars are s15, fc3s, s13 and srt10. nearly 800 horses will turn the earth! Lovin gt5 and gona stich with it. Lookin for buds that play gt5 so hit me up. Psn is same as my name here! Cheers:tup:
  14. cateater


    hey everyone. i'm pretty much always on every night. if you want to go driving just add me. my main car is a maroon metallic gs300/aristo. i'm also in a kpgc10 skyline, kpgc110 skyline, smiley celica, caterham seven and a green is300 sport cross wagon.

    psn is
  15. AnthonyB


    Hey, I 'm new here.
    I'm Anthony.
    I use the DFGT.
    I currently really suck with it. I don't know how to use it for drift(Trying to find tips)
    I'm currently using the Silvia S15 Race mod.
    Thats about it.
  16. grey real steam

    grey real steam

    United States
    Hey all,
    long time lurker, been drifting since gt3. I'm usually online racing around or drifting on various tracks. I'd be down to join some of you in some races, or just drifting

    psn= grey_real_steam.
  17. dr_gonzo


    Pretty new to GTP, but liked the drifting in GTPSP and trying to get into it here.

    First of all tried practising technique in a classic

    Tsukuba Circuit SilEighty by richjcahill, on Flickr

    and then after a bit of time, and some hints from here I tweaked the suspension settings and added a tiny bit more power and best of all a new coat of paint.

    Autumn Ring Mini SilEighty by richjcahill, on Flickr

    I think this will be the beasty I'll try to tame.
  18. cally-dave


    United Kingdom
    Afternoon everybody!

    The names Dave, originially from the UK, but now residing in Southern Ireland, in the mighty Co. Kerry!

    Been stalking this site since GT5's release day back in November, and only just got around to signing up :)

    I love all aspect fo GT, from doing laps of the "Ring, to kicking back with a bit of B-Spec :D

    I have just bought myself a Lotus Carlton from the UCD (took me fecking weeks to find!), as it one of my dream cars, and made the decision to make her drift spec 8)

    I have treated her to an engine overhaul and had the chassis sorted (you just can't trust previous owners!) And finally specced up the engine to about 600/700bhp.

    I have done some testing and I am fairly happy with her tail-happiness attitude :D

    I will get a few pics up when I get chance :D

    Might have to sell a car or 2 tonight to buy the other Carlton that just popped up in the UCD to keep standard, or even spec her for speed and cornering.... hmm....

    Anyways! Looking forward to my broadband improving early next year so I can get online for some sideways action with some of you instead of just downloading the updates :p
  19. Ryou


    I'm SuperGTRacer and I'm kind of new to drifting. I drift in a Toyota Celica 1600GT (TA22), and yes I know it's not JDM. I'll be uploading pictures of me drifting sometime.
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  20. iNs3CuRe


    Hey everybody, im new to gt5, never played the other gt series games. I really like drifting although i still got to practice a lot. I can drift preety good in LFS wih my g25. I dont like the thing that you cant setup the g25 on the ps3 like you can on the pc. because i have my FFB settings set to lowest and i still have to fight wih the wheel to countersteer etc. Btw i curently drift a nissan s15, if you want to add me on psn: OnoMaToPeja_
  21. .dot


    .dot (Poland, PSN: dot_gt5)

    Hi all. Since I've started to play GT5, decided to create an account here. Actually it is not a first simulator game that I've played so far. My drifting career has started in Live For Speed game. I am really proud of being a Team Falken LFS member. LFS sim has changed my life a lot. I've met great people who were drifting with me around LFS scene and lots of them actually became my real friends that I talk to everyday on teamspeak. Our team started July 2nd 2007 so its been over 3 years so far. I actually joined a year and a half ago but nvm. Maybe some day you will see our teamboard or something in GT5 forums :). You can visit our website if you wanna know some more info about our team, community etc.


    So ye, I use a Logitech G25 Rev. 1.01 wheel + some joystick for an ebrake. You may see my gaming setup or some drifting in my (actually old) onboards. > Videos section in our website "dot3e" user on Youtube.
    I'm looking forward to meet some nice and friendly people in this community and have fun with them going sideways! I've taken part in many drift competitions, also organized couple of them myself so I am up for something in GT5. You may usually find me on some drift servers or our lfsdrift.net server with my m8s. For sure, I will try to continue my attention about drifting in real life!

    I hope I will enjoy my stay here.


    Falken. dot
  22. AfterMathRacing


    Hey, I'm not so new in drifting. I have managed to master a couple of maps:
    Tsubaka Circuit
    Autumn Ring Mini
    Autumn Ring

    I use maybe 3 or 4 cars to drift (depending on the track):
    Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR ‘08 (fully modified)
    Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) ‘08 (fully modified)
    Amemiya FD3S RX-7 (fully modified)
    Toyota SUPRA RZ ‘97 (fully modified)

    important message: (If you are looking for a crew to join message me AMR_iiNSANE for information on how to join. You have to tell me what your good at as in what types of races: Super GT, Rally, Drift etc. I'm the President of the crew but I do mostly all the recruiting in the crew. Message me ASAP and we'll tell you a name you will get.)
  23. desmosabie


    So I tried drifting a few times, bought an AE86 83', set it up how I saw around here. Best I could do was about 100 points. I gave up after 10 minutes, car just drove me nuts, sold it. Jumped in Vette Grand Sport, no power, sport hard tires, all the weight out, BOOM, 5000 points 2nd lap. Got some drivetrain and suspension, netted 7000 points. Somebody in open lobby said its cause I dont know how to drift, well, ok if you say so pal. So, I thought Id say hi here in hopes of finding someone else who drifts in Vettes, Vipers, Lambos, Ferrari. Anybody drift a Porsche ? I do, dont know that I would call it "drifting" though technically it is, I enter and exit slideways, but its more about getting around the track fast an fun. (I know I know, RUF)

    Like this drifting RUF

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  24. Stigsblkcousin



    I'm somewhat new here. I'm a pretty good drifter with the DS3 and still learning with the G27, also I'm i big photomode buff. I've only played online once, for I have few GT5 friends(and I can never catch the ones I am friends with).

    I would love to make friends to drift with and take photos of.

  25. Ryou


    I also manage a drift team


    ^ Clickable Image
  26. nk4e


    Looks like our team section is growing. Lets hope for some Team challenges soon! :tup: Welcome to GTPlanet! :tup: Please use the search bar and follow the AUP.
  27. MOLEFB


    hello..... im MoleFB... new to the forums but not to gt or drifting. the one thing im really diggin about gt5 is drifting with others not just by myself..:) im hoping to use this forum to meet some cool peeps to pratice tandem/ competitive drifting with. i have already meet some clean drivers i just need to get my mic so i can chat with them.......

    Crab Walkers
  28. eXJaGGeD


    Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to the site but not to drifting in games. Earliest game I can honestly say I tryed drifting in was Rush 2 for N64 it was always fun to slide around the corners in that game. :p

    I usually drift in the D1 Cars(Gotta love cars with a Livery) with custom tunes to suit my taste and RX-7s and S15s. Just recently bought a 22B from the UCD and have it tuned really well so far.
  29. momentum


    Hello, i just got online and am interested in learning the ways, anyone willing to teach i would love to hear from, i can drift alright and end up in the grass now and then, trying to get a good handle on it. My friends and i have been doing it alot in real life out in the snow this winter and i have fallen in love!

    my psn: Mattersville
  30. -dp-


    Hi guys, I'm very curious about the drifting in GT5 and I am fascinated by all your drifting skills but before I get myself to drift anything / anywhere, I must tell you: I do not own a wheel. Also unable to purchase one in the near future so I'm stuck with the DS3 controller.
    So my question is: is it even possible for me to make decent drifts ??